Episode 73:

 Travel Agent Update. 18 months on, what's happened inside Kristy's Travel Business - "TravelMoore" 

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 We spoke with Kristy in August 2021. Now - 18 months later, it's awesome to check in with Kristy and hear about the progress she has made.

When we first chatted on Episode #46, where she shared what it was like starting her business only a few weeks before the world shut and the pandemic hit. To hear the work she has done, the intentional direction and also surrounding herself with others that 'get it' and encourage and support one another is SO SO good to hear! Here is the link to the podcast episode #46 https://www.travelagentachievers.com/episode46

If you are in a place of either overwhelmed, lost or want to do things differently in 2023, make sure you listen in and share this episode.

Kristy is like you and I. A Travel Agent with a passion for helping others. She also has learnt to educate herself with business skills and also lean in and trust the process, but investing in herself has undoubtedly seen her soar.

Everyone in the world wants to be successful in their travel business, soaring high, to achieve a common goal called success. The perspective of success varies from person to person. For the record, the people before us have different views on success. When we harvest success, it boosts our confidence, and we get to have them on our shelves to show off. It helped with clarity.

Being a successful travel business agent, especially when we gain clients’ trust, gives credibility to our business; we all know that credibility is defined as the quality of being trusted. It is one of the key distinguishing characteristics in helping our business attract both employees and customers. Credible individuals possess and nurture specific qualities that earn them a reputation and respect.

Aside from that, it would help if you also made an impressive and perfect marketing plan; it helps us as advisors to our clients; they provide a deeper understanding of the marketplace, business offering and positioning, enabling more thorough and confident recommendations and planning. Building an impressive marketing plan must involve a lot of knowledge and understanding of an individual business.

Get yourself organized. If it's not part of the achievers or the travel business accelerator, then start somewhere. And I think that that's the big thing that I'm now seeing is I want advisors to be working on their business still, but to make life easier for them in the future. And indeed, that's what you've done; you continue to implement your businesses soaring and growing and continue to go to further heights wherever you want them to go.

Furthermore, respecting yourself, I think, is a big thing, and being really consistent with what you are doing will play a significant role in achieving your goals.

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Quotes from this Episode 

“People are going to look at you and think that you're too big for your boots, and you're obnoxious and all these other things that get in your head. Don't talk about it yourself in case other people are looking at you that way.”-Ros

“Reflecting back on your journey. And that's part of the submission questions is asking you about your past and what you've achieved, and who you are, and all those sorts of things. So you need to be able to confidently talk about yourself to submit. Right, so then you go through to the next phase. Right, and you have done incredibly well. So the next phase is then becoming a finalist and winning.”-Ros 

“Go for it, like really put yourself out there and submit now it does take time to put your submission in.”-Ros

“We all have different things. And, we all have self talk and self doubt that comes in, that's just, who we are as humans.”-Ros

“When we do ring that bell, everybody's there to celebrate us. If we are having a bad time they are there to help us.”-Ros

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"Update on a Travel Advisor 18 months on, what happened inside Kristy's Travel Business with Kristy Moore.

Roslyn Ranse: Hi, Travel Agent Achievers. Welcome back to the podcast. Today we have another special guest with us. Somebody who has been on the podcast before Episode number 46, Kristy Moore. Kristy has her own travel business, Travel Moore. If you want to check her out and see what she's up to. But I've invited her back today to give us an update on what's been happening inside her business over the last 18 months since we spoke. So we all know things have been shut down, and Kristy chose to work on her business during that time, and she has come through and absolutely soared. She's got some great news and special information to share with us. I can't wait to share the conversation. Let's get into it. Welcome back to the podcast. Kristy. I am so delighted you are here once again with our Travel Agent Achievers community. Welcome.


Kristy Moore: Thank you for having me, Ros.


Roslyn Ranse: You're excited to be back; we spoke back on episode 46. So I think we've doubled that, but that was 18 months ago. Can you believe how far and tight?


 Kristy Moore: They all like it was 18 months ago? No. Yeah.


Roslyn Ranse: March? Yeah. March 2021. We recorded that episode. It's now November, so almost 18 months. I'm going to take it; you know that it is? What's been happening to you? At that time? We were still locked down when we recorded that episode. So everything was very quiet. You had people do some domestic stuff. You were working in a very special niche at that time. You're writing a book. The colouring book came out. There's been a lot that's happened, but it was very quiet then. Please give us an update on what's going on the Travel Moore.


Kristy Moore: Okay. Well, I think the first thing that happened not long after that podcast episode was that I found out that you and I actually had a connection way back when I was 18. Yes, So that has been special. And you know, you were there right at the beginning, not knowing it, helping, guiding me back then. And literally, we've come full circle, and you're still there, and one of my biggest cheerleaders, I've got brothers. So thank you for that. That's very special to me. But that was one of the big things.


Roslyn Ranse: It wasn't a pretty pivotal moment when you connected the dots. And it was through an off-the-cuff comment of where I used to work and how you came along to like a careers week and the conversations we had; I'm probably not very proud of that—trying when you say that I talked you out of a career. I'm not very proud of that. But I am proud of where you are now and how your career has evolved. We followed remarkably similar paths in the hospitality and tourism industry. And you got into travel quite early as well, which is really exciting. But I just wanted to say I am so proud of you from knowing you when we were 18 and you were in high school, you know, everybody out there listening. So I was working at a hotel school, very fancy Swiss Hotel School in Sydney, and I was a marketing coordinator then, and one of my responsibilities was to look after school leavers or those considering making a choice or decision about their career. And Kristy came along to a week-long event where I was fortunate enough to stay in a hotel with her and a bunch of other Career Week students who came in from all over Australia and New Zealand. I think we even had people that came in from Singapore for a couple of them. And they understood and learnt about what the hotel and hospitality and tourism industry were about. We went along and saw a number of hotels and it was a really cool week. I didn't realise it though that you were a bit of a rebel back then, Kristy, and you still are now.


Kristy Moore: Yes, I was a little, I was 18 when actually did,12, So I was a little bit older than the rest of the kids. So I was sort of a bunch of 17 year old’s out of home for the week.


Roslyn Ranse: I did not know about that; everybody and I do not contain, condone that sort of behaviour, isn't it? But, yes, but I would never have picked you to be that rebel, Rebel Without a Cause back then. But you made some wonderful decisions, your career has been absolutely exceptional. I'm honored and proud to be a part of that journey with you. And to have come full circle, as you said, through that conversation that we had, we showed some pictures, I still know a number of those people that you went to that careers week with. And it's an honour and a privilege for me to see their journey and yours. So that happened; what else has happened for you?


Kristy Moore: Well, everything really, well, I guess we were still in lockdown. And for the majority of 2021, we were in lockdown. At the end of 2021, things started to get, I guess, with the vaccinations, there was some hope that we were going to open, but I guess, at that time, things were sort of just plodding along. Because there wasn't much more we could do. At that time, it was just more promoting the colouring book and sort of just taking what was available, because it was very slim with bookings at that point in time because we were locked down. But there were still a few people travelling here and there interstate where they were allowed to because there were pockets of that. But, basically, it was quite quiet still for the whole of 2021. Come to the beginning of 2022; I attended one of Roslyn's planning days that she had in Sydney, which was fantastic. Again, we had just come out of lockdown. At that stage, the world was sort of opening up, but there was still that wave of COVID that was around still, sort of just before Christmas, it came in those waves, and it was still sort of there. But we went to Planning Day, which was fantastic. It was the first chance that I finally got to meet a lot of the achievers in person. And just being in the one room was magical. But I guess where I'm going with that is on that planning day, we had to set some goals and some figures for ourselves and things that we wanted to achieve this year, which is 2022. And I  set my sales targets for the year. Again, we just opened up; I was still quite new, even though I was sort of two years old at this stage. The last two years didn't really count. So I was still quite new to the business. And I set some goals. Well, I'm so proud that I'm by being part of the achievers, which we get to learn from you, Ros, and we, all, we're so grateful for you, sharing your knowledge, which is amazing. And by allowing us to soaking the Ros' and soak your team as well, it makes us able to grow and bloom, I guess. And I'm proud to say that just in October alone, when I did my sales figures just recently, I made for that whole month, what I set out to make for that whole year at that planning day, I've still got the booklet and the figures that we did, and I look often enough to look back at it. And yeah, that's how far I've come really in the last 18 months, you know, and that's a true credit to being part of the achievers. If anyone's out there listening and you're on the fence. Just do it. Because you know what, what you've learned from Ros. And it's not just for my business, I must say; I implement my husband's got cabinet-making business. And I implement a lot of the things that we've learned through the Cheevers into his business as well. So there is a lot of great business knowledge there as a whole. But yeah, anybody sitting on the fence out there, thinking, is it worth it? It definitely is; your business can just, my business has just grown and blossomed by being part of the group. And it's not just us, it's the whole community together. 


Roslyn Ranse: We've got some incredible people in the community, ; everybody as a different niche. Now I was just over the weekend looking through social media, and a number of them were all cruising on the same cruise. Now we're all, we're all across different consortiums and agencies and what would traditionally be seen as competition previously, but one thing that I do love about the achievers is how we are all together. And we are all on the same journey. It doesn't matter who you make your booking through, who is holding your back office, or whether you are doing it on your own. I love that community and how we can safely ask questions without judgment or without going. Oh, I can't believe you don't know that. I mean, there's none of that that goes on. It's just complete support, even down to helping with writing emails and things. At the time, somebody's struggling with something and then somebody else will pop in and say this is what I say. We all have our strengths and one of the things that I love about the community and also for your contributions, Kristy just sharing them their knowledge and expertise because we all do things differently, but we're all in it together. So one thing that you said there is coming to the planning session in January was that it was a risk to run a live event. So for me, I was quite anxious and nervous. And people going to want to come together and do things in person, rather than doing it all online? Like we had been doing it, the world had only recently opened up. I know that travel back in December,  one of the first countries to open was Fiji and a lot of people were still quite nervous about travelling and navigating the processes, how are we going to do it? What do we need to have? What are the restrictions? How does it all work, but to come together at a live event and for yourself in that planning phase? So you had spent the last 18 months working for yourself by yourself, you were at home, We were all coming together as a community online, and doing some virtual training, but also virtual planning and implementation. So to be there in the room? Did the conversations change for you?


 Kristy Moore: It was just the buzz afterwards. And I actually went home and I actually did get COVID When I was in Sydney; I'm from Victoria. So I spent was


Roslyn Ranse: From our event, everybody just wasn't.


Kristy Moore: We were pretty sure it was from Luna Park. But it wasn't no one else was sicker at rather than reading. So it's definitely not there. But yes, so that first week, I was quite sick afterwards. But it took a while to soak every thinking. But it's hard to explain, you sort of had to be there to it. There was like an energy in the room. And just everybody coming together. Finally, you know, like, as you said, We'd been sort of, doing a lot of zooms. So it was like we knew each other tthis past for that past sort of two years, but um, to finally be in that one room. And to Yeah, it was, it was like everybody was absorbing everybody's energy. Yeah, it was amazing.


 Roslyn Ranse: With that planning session, then actually looking at your past performance and what you wanted to achieve for 2022. Did that feel unrealistic? At that point? You've just said that you set a goal for the whole year. And you looked at your stats in October, which is what I encourage everybody to do look at your numbers on a monthly basis. How are you performing? How many bookings Have you processed, you know, what quotes have come in that haven't been actioned or didn't go through? There are a lot of different statistics to look at that you can quite simply, but for you looking at your past performance, and what was then projected to come or what you wanted to achieve, was that a scary process in itself, the taking out what you've just done.


Kristy Moore:  Yeah, because it was just, you know, to me, it was just a brand new business starting out. I didn't didn't have the client base to sort of go back to that other travel agents had from the beginning of COVID. Because at the beginning of cupboard I just opened, so I didn't have a huge, a huge basis. So it was scary, sort of putting fingers down thinking, Okay, well travels back. It's open now. where can I go?


Roslyn Ranse: Now, there's a couple of things that you have done, Kristy over the last 18 months, the first thing you just mentioned is client base, and we'll talk about that as well. But you sold in Octoer, the amount that you had projected for the whole year,like you did that in one month. So one month's worth of sales. But you've also put a lot of effort and work into your own visibility, and getting out there and becoming known as a specialist and an expert in a particular niche, which we had spoken about when you and I first met back in 2019. And it feels like it feels like forever ago who knows those years have all just passed. But I love that I've known you for a while now. And I've been able to watch that journey. But for you. You were quite focused on one particular thing. But you started entering awards. Yeah. How did that come about? And what is that? Or how have interring awards helped you in your business? Now, let's not talk about the wins or anything like that, but just having a look at your business. So entering awards, what's that done for you? And why did you do it in the first place?


Kristy Moore: And I think it was more for the marketing side of things. I'm using it as a marketing sort of tool. But for confidence boosting too because when you sort of get to write awards questions, I guess it's a  reflect, you get to reflect back and see what you've done a lot of often there's questions about, you know, tell us about your achievements. And I'll just get the history. So by just sort of going through the application process, you actually sort of get to put your business under a microscope. But at the same time, you get to see what you actually have done. Because often we don't, I guess, celebrate the small, small victories because to us, we don't sort of see that people on the outside do see it.


 Roslyn Ranse: That's the big thing, I think, with business owners, or small business owners in particular. And then, if I was to niche it down even more to travel business owners, we look at our business everyday, and tell me, do you have a to-do list right now? You and I are recording this episode at 10 a.m. you and I here got it to-do lists, right? And do you just tick it off and go? Yep, that's now done yet. That's now done yet. That's now done. Most of the time, yes. All of us do that. That is just our natural, we've got to get through today. And because things are so busy right now, it's take it off, and move on to the next thing. But hearing you just say that with the awards process. And this is one thing that I love about the achievers, and we have an accountability session every month as well, where we all get to look back at what have been our wins for the last month. Because as small business owners, I don't think we do that enough. I don't think that we celebrate the good things that happened. And when I got your text message saying Ros, O M G, I've just achieved this amount of sales in one month that I'd projected for the whole year. Like that just blew my mind. And I was happy dancing, the tears were welling up, I ran out to my husband and I went, you are not going to believe this the message that I've just got that is celebrating the wins. And actually looking at your business from like a helicopter view to sa, look how far I've come. So that's part of the awards process. Right? And that's one thing that you have done over and over again. How has that helped you with your confidence?


 Kristy Moore: It made me realise that I am the expert that I'm claiming to t I am. And I guess it's always that little person on the shoulder that imposter syndrome, that does sort of hold us back. But it has allowed me I guess, to stick into who I am as a business owner and where I want to be, personally and professionally, I guess it allowed me to sort of open the door and say, yep, I'm here. I'm ready to play now. Yeah.


Roslyn Ranse: That's right. So what was the very first award submission that you put in.


Kristy Moore: The first one I ever did would have been for the Ocimum awards. And the first time that I entered it because I think that was one of the ones that I knew about previously, with my old business, I had looked at it for a little bit in my old business and never went around doing it. Never thought I was good enough, up aginst these big businesses and things, but I'm


 Roslyn Ranse:  Seeing the syndrome started to come out.


Kristy Moore: So I knew about this, these awards. And when it came in for the first time, you know what, they had a category for sort of new Id just starting, and it's like, that's where I was in business. It's like, well, I need to get known I need to get my business name out there. COVID was around at that stage, but it was more to sort of keep my business name front of mind for people, whilst we were dreaming about travelling, they were ready to win, when the world did open up again, and they were ready to take that step, they would remember me and my business.


Roslyn Ranse:  Yeah. So that was the first one. Yes. Okay. The marketing process for you was thinking this is going to do something different; the confidence is starting to build because you've seen the wins on the board, you're like, hey, I actually did do that; you're reflecting back on your journey. And that's part of the submission questions is asking you about your past and what you've achieved, and who you are, and all those sorts of things. So you need to be able to confidently talk about yourself to submit. Right, so then you go through to the next phase. Right, and you have done incredibly well. So the next phase is then becoming a finalist and winning. You have won some incredible awards over the last couple of years. What have they been, and what are you most proud of that? You know what they have done for your business?


 Kristy Moore:  Yeah, well, I guess the most one of the most, one of the most recent was the National Travel Industry Award in Sydney because it's industry based. I guess that's my most special at the moment. Yeah, and when You know, being nominated and ust getting a finalist in that, everyone has sort of told me like, Oh, how did you do it, you know, your first try. So the thing we've been trying for years and still never been a finalist, so it was a very big honour just to be a finalist in the awards. But to actually hear my name as the winner. I think I was in shock. Afterwards, I was quite speechless. But that is a very special award. For me, because and I guess, what also makes it so special is because I really thought I had no chance in that because with the finalist interview, as a finalist with that one, you had to be interviewed by a judging panel. And I thought my interview went down. Yeah, bombed out.


Roslyn Ranse:  A terrible, it'd been terrible, It had never happened before your internet went out, things just did not go your way today. But you did walk away with that award. And it is an incredible honour to become a finalist. So to become a finalist in any awards. I think the message here is, to go for it, like really put yourself out there and submit now it does take time to put your submission in. And a lot of questions are daunting for people. But becoming a finalist and winning in different categories and winning different awards, what has that done for you, persona? Let’s start there.


 Kristy Moore: Just, it doesn't give you that confidence boost, they a, you get to have them on your shelf to show off, you know, you get your badges on via emails and things like that. So it's sort of a little bit of an ego boost, I guess. But it realised that I could do what I achieve, what I'm setting out to do, I'm reaching the goals that I set it out to make like I was saying before, with my business, where I thought It would be three or four years down the track, things have been fast tracked for me, which is fantastic. So better it makes, I've had that, how it sits back into show that yeah, I've I've done what I want to do not completely done, because there's still a lot more goals out there. But I'm ticking the boxes off on the way. So the awards, I guess, to me, just sort of show that I am going in the right direction. And that there are people out there that you do want to celebrate and do want to add that I do believe in me too, because they are listening and reading my story. And they're the ones that are selecting, the judges and so forth. So I think it just did this validates that I am on the right track, that was the right decision to make to, come back to travel and to continue the business, it would have been so easy to walk away when COVID hit because I wasn't new. But to keep following that dream. So I think just yeah, it validates you.


Roslyn Ranse: I can certainly see that. It also helped with the confidence. It helped with clarity. But what's it also done for your business?


 Kristy Moore: It's been, yeah, just plus your last words, the perfect marketing plan. But no, they've helped. Again, they give credibility. They give credibility to my business.I've had people reach out prior to some awards and things or just saying, I've seen your name all the time popping up, like who are you? I've never heard of you before, where have you come from sort of thing? So, yeah, it's, it's been interesting, definitely, credibility.


 Roslyn Ranse:  Yeah, credibility is a big one there. Now with all of that, the marketing that you've been doing around this, and I love that you don't shy away from when you become a finalist, or when you do win an award, like you don't shy away from that you're like, Here you go. This is what I've just won. This is where I've been recognized that I think he's also really powerful, and I put myself in your shoes sometimes because I look at it, and I'm like, Oh, I don't, I don't want to go out there because I've been told in my past, don't be know yourself and be aware of tall poppy syndrome. And people are gonna look at you and think that you're too big for your boots, and you're obnoxious and all these other things that I get in my head. And I'm like, I don't want to talk about it myself in case other people are looking at me that way. But I absolutely love and I'm taking something out of your book and going what, yes. For the awards that I'm winning and the finalist categories and things I need to talk about that more because it is a credibility thing, but it's also a really good marketing tool, and people need to know that, so that they can see you and go oh, wow, yeah. What you just say Kristy people are asking you, oh, I didn't realize that. That's what you do, or I didn't know that, what? How did you get these awards or the credibility, the marketing, the exposure that's come from all of that, I think has done wonders for your business. So I want to absolutely congratulate you on putting yourself out there. And even when the imposter syndrome comes onto your shoulder, you're like, No, I'm gonna talk about this. I absolutely love that. And you know that I'm your biggest champion and cheerleader. Go for it.


 Kristy Moore: Said Ros, but everything that you said that you feel that that was me, though, also, I was, in my younger days, I was very, I've always been very competitive. But I was doing sports and was quite good at it and used to always get told no, well, you can't tell people about it, or you can't do this, you can't do that. And it took me a long time to sort of get over it. It's like, no. So no, that's, that's Yeah,


Roslyn Ranse: We all have different things. And, we all have self talk and self doubt that comes in, that's just, who we are as humans. Unfortunately, I admire people, though, that don't have anything like that. And I see that in my husband, I'm like, how do you not have that? I don't know, I don't know what it is, maybe it's a boy girl thing, I don't know. But keep doing what you're doing. So this also helped you from a marketing approach in your business as well. So you have also slightly changed tactics and direction over the last 18 months, I'd probably even say the last six months, from what I've seen you do as well, in your travel business. So has that been due to the awards process? Or the marketing that's come from that? Where is your business now heading,


 Kristy Moore:  It's a little bit of both, and a lot of and, and a bit of me realising myself worth, I guess, from doing the workshops, growing and implementing things as we are learning. At first, I guess I wasn't really valuing myself, and a lot of us don't, we don't, I know someone said, once that worked out to be $1 a minute, that we were getting paid $1 an hour, $1 an hour.


Roslyn Ranse: When you do the work, you know, the time audit, and how much time you're spending on a booking compared to the Commission, or the amount that you are receiving from a booking fee or something like that. Yeah, we had somebody that said, I was earning $1 An hour and that I was crushed. And I still think of that, and it brings tears to my eyes because we are the experts. And we do know so much. And we put so much time and effort into continual learning that I don't want that for anyone that doesn't even put a roof over our heads. So particularly here in Australia, so your business has changed direction, you've looked at your numbers, you've known what works for you. Where are you going?


 Kristy Moore: So with that, I had trouble at first with fees, I guess, because as I mentioned earlier, we do have a candle-making business and in the cabinet-making world or tradie sort of world, you don't charge for a quote, as such. And so I've always had my husband at the backorder, you can't start charging people fees, because then they'll just go to somebody else. And then again, it wasn't really valuing myself. And when I sort of, put it all on the table, I realised that I needed change my approach to change what I'm doing. And a way that I felt more comfortable was I decided rather than charging, say, an individual fee and moving away from saying the word fee or, and looking at our language like we've been taught, so rather than, it's an investment, but looking more at a yearly sort of package that I could package up and I thought if I can package it up as the as a yearly package, and I started then contacting people that I used to work with when I left to travel, I guess from the corporate world, and I had a lot of friends that do, you know, do a lot of training for work. So they fly sort of around Australia doing bits and pieces. And I thought, well, I'll offer it to this, this sort of group first and the end that sort of took off at first, I didn't know how it was going to work, but it did. So now I'm looking at really charged, changing it up and a little bit with looking at maybe reducing the amount of troops we've offered to end all looking at increasing the actual yearly fee as such, but yeah, so we're playing around with it, but that has worked, which has changed the business sort of dramatically overnight, but also in saying that, yeah, we're doing a lot more sort of group sort of things. We've finally found the groups that have some of them that have come from the award, which has been fantastic. And then it just spread and someone said, all you did this and this, and then it just kept going, which has been fantastic. But at the moment, it's yet sort of changed from the families as such, with the autism, which we're still doing a little bit off, but it has been more sort of the yearly base clients now, which has been great. And we are going to cap it at a certain amount each year. So we've still got room for five at the moment, guys, um, for the rest of this year. And we'll look at that again next year. But that way, again, we can, I can spend quality time, I guess, with each client rather than taking on too much, or sort of saying yes to doing everything. And I guess another thing that  I've changed in my business too, is I do say no to certain bookings, bookings that aren't going to be lining me up or not might not the ideal client where, 18 months ago, when we would have done that last recording, I would have said yes to each, anybody and anybody. So I have really learned to really test that self-value and self-worth. And it was empowering to say no, it actually felt amazing afterwards. And something I would never have done 18 months ago.


 Roslyn Ranse: Respecting yourself, I think is a big thing there around also your time. So being really consistent with well hang on a second, this is going to take me an hour or a couple of hours to do, where is my time best spent? And I know you've done a lot of work on, and you and I work together separately. But we also, you've done a lot of work in actually saying, this is what works for me. And I'm going to implement that. So where you might have an annual investment for clients to work with you. And that is based on a certain amount of people that you can then work with throughout a year and they have a certain amount of trip; otherr people would be looking at a planning fee or planning a holiday session or different ways that I see that there are many different ways that we can be working with clients. And it really comes down to you as a person and what suits you and your business, but also your time. So you still help your husband in his cabinet-making business one day a week. You are also now a member of the board for the Australian travel agents, Co-operative. And you've taken on the treasurer role there as well for the next 12 months. So you've really stepped up. And what I've seen with you, Kristy, is your visibility, the confidence that I can see in you, but also the visibility. So you've actually stepped up your network at different events. When you are at these awards, and events, you get involved, and you offer assistance and help and I have seen where people then flocked to you and said, Oh my goodness,Kristy, you just organise these hotel rates for everybody that just attended this event? And can you help us with our group? And can you help us do other things, so your consistency, the way you care about your clients, you go above and beyond, and I know you and I had a conversation about this and my crazy, don't do that, that's gonna cost you money, you still went ahead and did it anyway? But that has proven that it works for you. And that has bought in more business. So by sacrificing a little bit here has helped you bring on a lot more business and has a wider reach, which I love for you. And I've had people like my friends and clients that have come to me and gone is it alright, If I work with Kristy, I really want her to organise this and like. Absolutely, she is the best person for you to help coordinate a group or an experience or whatever it is that they want as well. So I've been watching and able to witness the growth that you've had, the difference in your marketing approach as well, and the confidence that you have to actually step out there and ask for what you are worth. We're going to work on that to increase that and reduce the number of trips. I know that we were just talking about that before, but also to work with the people who llight you up. Those who gives you that energy and you love spending time with; that's definitely where I've seen a spark in you show up just from even attending an event together. Somebody's asking you to then coordinate their group trip and we've now been discussing that, but to see the energy and the excitement light up in you because you are working with the clients that you love brings so much joy to me, but I think that that's also going to help you with your business and catapulting you to that next stage as well. I already see it happening. So you've just had a record sales month. Have you started looking at 2023 yet? 


 Kristy Moore: Yes, yes. But I do have a Planning Day booked in for the first week of December. I've actually set it aside. I think it's the third. But yet I've got it set aside a day in my diary. So that way it is literally looking at everything financial, social media goals, but basically, yeah, looking at everything for 2023, and possibly even lighter to 2044. Because there is there's things at the moment that are already happening throughout 2023. So you know, I think now that the world has opened up, I have to look at that bit further. Rather than just sort of focusing sort of just on the next six months or next 12 months, I now have to look, 18 months ahead, when I'm looking at planning.


Roslyn Ranse: Really, we're already looking into 2024, and planning out that as well in our travel business. So just as you know, on the first of December, we have inside our Achievers Mastermind, that is our master class, and we are going to be looking at planning for 2023. So that will be our set aside time to work on that. We've also got Claire cope, who is our corporate psychologist coming in for a guest expert session in December as well talking about reflection but also how we can get our confidence and things going there with our mindset. I love that you're scheduling time to then elaborate on that plan that we'll come up with together on the first, so I love it, Kristy! I love that you are learning, you're implementing, you're looking at your sales, you're looking at your fees. Now tell me a little bit more about increasing your client base. So looking at where you were 18 months ago to where you are now, have you started looking at what you're going to be doing for Christmas for your clients or planning out your customer love into next year? What sort of details are you getting from your clients now so that you can celebrate them along the customer journey process,


Kristy Moore:  We've just planned the Christmas card. So they will do Christmas cards with a little nice little chocolate that we've picked out to sort of go alongside with them. So just to sort of send it, thank you for the year. Because it has been quite a bit. Yeah, we started at the beginning of the year. Still in that unknown, it was sort of opening but it wasn't; we didn't know what we were gonna open fully. And, January was still wishy-washy then, February sort of came and ,we've literally then started to see that the light at the end of the tunnel, which was great. So it's been an interesting 12 months or 10, I live in months up until at the moment sort of thing. But yeah, it's exciting.


Roslyn Ranse: Now, you've got a lot of things in place to really take care of the clients moving forward, I know that you are thinking about Christmas already, you'll be thinking about next year, we'll put those systems into place to say right, here's your birthdays that are coming up for this month and sending out gifts or cards or little things to remind your clients of who you are, what you do, and then help you with growing your business through the repeats and the referrals and those sorts of things as well which is exactly where I see your business going and growing, which it already has, from what we were saying before about attending events and people are already talking they're offering you but your consistency through social media and also with getting your message out there your consistency with attending awards. Submitting into them I am absolutely thrilled to see where you have come so far. I know the next 18 months are going to be fabulous for you as well. I'm looking forward to another chat so that we can catch up and share the next Progress for you as well. But thank you for sharing your experience inside the achievers and the mastermind and how it has helped you and working together as well has helped you over the last 18 months.


 Kristy Moore: I honestly wouldn't be here where I am in my business, wouldn't be where as a person, wouldn't be who I am without having spent the last 18 months as part of the Achievers and I truly mean that you know my whole heart; my business. Yeah, my business wouldn't be I wouldn't be able to say those things  I'm making it a month now rather than a year would have taken me  that year to make that figure  I know that my business is in such a better place for being a part of the achievers and the whole team. As you said when we do ring that bell, everybody's there to celebrate us. If we are having a bad time they're there to help us. I think it has got us through the last 18 months and now we are, they're able to celebrate each other and help each other when we do need it but it's a great feeling having you guys in my corner definitely.


 Roslyn Ranse: What would you say Kristy to somebody who is out there right now, and you know we I have personally seen everything go From zero to 1000, again and pre-COVID, I was having so many conversations with travel advisors all over the world that were overwhelmed and had so much business, they didn't know how to get through the days like we have gone from that to nothing. Now back to that. So there have been advisors that haven't necessarily been able to work on their business over the last two years, and they've had to go and get second jobs, but a wanting to come back to the industry, what would you say to them now, because you have learned and implemented and this is one thing that I love about you, you take action on the thing. So if you had an advisor come to you and say, Oh, my goodness, I'm absolutely swamped. Right now. I don't know how to get my business organized and systemised; what would you say to them?


Kristy Moore:They have to visitable join the six week, the stepping stones, but you do you really need to set those foundations in place, if you haven't got the foundations in place, and the systems in place, you are just gonna fall flat on your face, because it is going to be too much no matter you know, even if it is only a little bit of it, it's still going to overwhelm you. So by having the systems in place, and it helps lessen that sort of overwhelm, what you need to do aren't you know, then if you do need help you where you can outsource or get assistance with that, by not having those systems in place, you will just fall flat on your face, you really need to, to start at the beginning and set everything up. Even if it is taking a couple of weeks off to actually work on the work at all, that's what you need to; if you can do it whilst you're getting quiet, it's great, but if not, you need to get those foundations set up first.


 Roslyn Ranse: Yeah, definitely, definitely get them set up, get yourself organized. You know, if it's not part of the achievers or the travel business accelerator, then start somewhere and I think that's the big thing that I'm now seeing is I want advisors to be working on their business still, but to make life easier for them in the future. And certainly, that's what you've done, you continue to implement your businesses soaring and growing,I know that it's going to continue to go to further heights wherever you are wanting it to go. Kristy,I have been wanting to say thank you so much for joining me today. Thank you for being so open about your journey and your processes and where you're at right now, I know that it helps other listeners out there. I know that it helps other travel advisors hearing about your journey, as well as others that are close to us and that are a part of our community because we can all see ourselves in other people. So thank you for sharing that and also your awards, journey and process. And I'm delighted to say that inside our Achievers Mastermind, Kristy is going to give a guest expert session in March next year where she'll be talking further about her journey, where she's been, what she's done, how to get involved in the awards process, because there'll be many more that come out next year and we want lots and lots of travel advisors to get involved in becoming more visible. And showcasing your expertise. You too can also get out there and bring in the clients that I know you will continue to love and you deserve every success in your business. Kristy, thank you so much for being here today for joining me once again on the Travel Agent Achievers podcast. It is a true delight to continue to hear your story to work with you. And I wish you every success over the coming year and catching up with you again very, very soon.


 Kristy Moore: Thank you so much for having me. It's been a pleasure.


 Roslyn Ranse: All right, everybody. So if you are keen to hear more about Kristy's journey, don't forget to go back to podcast episode 46. We'll link to it in the show notes. We'll continue to keep you updated. You can follow Kristy on social media as well as Moore Travel, the link is mooretravel.com.au. So you can check out her website, and see what she's doing across all the social media platforms. But also reach out to us if you need help with your travel business. You are looking to do something different. We are here to help you have an awesome day, and we look forward to catching up with you all very soon. Bye for now. 


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