The resources, advice and accountability you need to grow the travel business you deserve.

Join our supportive community of travel advisors learning how to level-up their business, step by step.

You’re a passionate travel professional and care deeply about creating incredible experiences for your clients. But you’re fast approaching burnout.
  • You’re feeling overworked and underpaid
  • You’re drowning in day-to-day admin tasks
  • The business is taking control of your life. 
  • You feel lost and stuck.

You’re probably even wondering if those dreams you had about starting your own businessmore freedom, flexibility, family holidays, additional incomeare even achievable. 

I get it, and over 15+ years in the travel industry I’ve experienced it firsthand.

But I also know with the right systems & processes and a community of experts and colleagues to lean on, the business you dream of can *absolutely* be a reality. How do I know this? Because I’ve achieved it myself and I’m passionate about sharing every step of the process with you, too.

Just Imagine:

  • Attracting a consistent flow of bookings—effortlessly—without marketing overwhelm.  
  • A streamlined business system and booking process for consistent and exceptional client experiences.
  • Working with clients you enjoy, who value your services and refer you to their friends!
  • Being able to delegate tasks outside your expertise or time constraints, freeing you to focus on what you do best.

This is the reality I’m going to help you realise when you join

The Achievers Mentoring and Mastermind Experience.

Proven strategies, essential tools, ready-to-use templates, ongoing accountability and a community like no other to support you in achieving the success you deserve.

With a practising award winning, Million $+ advisor  and business coach to guide the way, you’ll be able to:

  • Create a travel business you LOVE.
  • Grow faster, smarter and more profitably.
  • Be inspired by like-minded peers.
  • Get the tools, tips & guidance you need.
What you get inside The Achievers

"The Achievers" is not just an online course. It is a mastermind with other highly ambitious and proactive business owners like yourself. You’ll receive ongoing coaching, monthly accountability, and all of the tools, resources, systems and processes you need to succeed.

Over the next 12 months, you’ll…

  • Strategically work on 1 area of your business each month across the areas of Sales, Marketing, Operations and Clients.
  • Create a plan for what you want to achieve in your business, and receive monthly guidance and accountability from Ros and her team to help you get there.
  • Join monthly Masterclasses with guest experts who’ll provide strategies to help streamline your business.
  • Hop on monthly check-in calls to see how you are going, address any challenges you’re facing and receive the support you need to move forward.

No more struggling. No more second-guessing. No more wasting time. You are NOT Alone. 

Here’s what’s coming up in the next 3 months

SALES: "Preparing for a big sales month" (Learn what to prepare, how to get your marketing ready, hear from Industry as to what they are doing and get ready.)

OPERATIONS: "Defining the roles to assist you and your team." (Staffing has never been more 'on-trend' Let's define the roles YOU need help with, what tasks and how to hire for the tasks YOU want help with.)

MARKETING: "Branding - You are the EXPERT" (You know you need to put yourself 'out there' to attract the right clients, but HOW do you do it, our Guest Expert this month is also going to show you how to organise your assets and get the images you need.) 

Ready to hit the runway?

As soon as you sign up, you get access to:

EDUCATION: Here's how we help you learn

- Access to the Travel Business Foundations program providing step-by-step training to help you streamline all of your systems and processes. 

- Monthly 1-Hour Masterclasses to deep dive on an area of your business and give you one actionable strategy and the steps to take for implementation.

- Access to business operations printable worksheets and templates. 

- A complete resource library of step-by-step training and how-to videos. 

- Guest Expert Sessions on specific topics at least 6 times / year.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Here's how we help you grow

- Monthly 1-Hour Check-in calls with Ros and fellow mastermind members to hold you accountable to your goals and address your challenges. 

- Private online community with fellow mastermind members to ensure you’re surrounded with other go-getters to celebrate wins, brain-storm when you’re stuck and propel you forward. 

- Access to Ros’s team for support with implementation questions following all live training calls. 

- Bonus “Virtual Planning Sessions” throughout the year and discounts on other workshops and events.

Enrol in "The Achievers" today!
Yes - This is exactly what I need
When you join The Achievers and start taking action, here’s what you can expect.


Feeling stressed, overwhelmed or lacking direction and motivation
Having a clear plan with a supportive team & community to help you get there

Approaching your sales and marketing at random with no strategy
A proven and tested marketing method that attracts the right clients

An endless to-do list and tasks that keep slipping through the cracks
Organised! Systems, tools and team members in place to support you

"The Achievers Mastermind" ANNUAL

$2495 AUD

What you'll get:


  • 11 x Monthly Masterclasses (specialised topics every month)
  • 11 x Monthly Group Accountability Sessions with Ros
  • Guest Expert Sessions on specific topics. (At least 6/year)
  • Access to Ros' book of contacts on areas you may want to dive into further. 
  • Video 'How To's' Resource Library
  • Access to ALL past monthly training and bonus sessions
  • Private communication channel for Mastermind members only 
  • BONUS - FREE Access to Content Planning Masterclass replay and workbook 
  • BONUS - Discounted Pricing to In-Person Travel Agent Achievers Events
  • BONUS - FREE Access to replays from 'live training' weeks and additional online workshops (normally $97-$197) 
  • BONUS - Additional training videos made by Ros' team on specific resources and tools we use in our businesses. 
  • BONUS - Virtual Group Planning Sessions in addition to our regular calls throughout the year
  • BONUS - 2 MONTHS FREE (compared to monthly plan)
Best Value - Pay In Full - $2495 AUD
Click here for 12 x Monthly Payments of $249 AUD

I'm Ros.

Just like you, I understand the challenges of owning and running a travel business—I’ve been doing it for 14+ years! (Wow, what a ride it’s been!)

I've built a business from nothing and grown it to sell millions of dollars worth of travel. But I’ve also had my fair share of setbacks and have had to rebuild many times over. 

What I’ve learned throughout my years of business ownership, and in my previous role as a Director of Sales and Marketing, is that I achieve more when I’m surrounded by the right people who can challenge me, coach me, and encourage me to succeed. These people have supported and held space for me when I was on shaky ground and picked me up and listened when things were tough.

Having people around you that 'get' you is one of the most empowering things and I'm proud of the community we have built inside Travel Agent Achievers.

Should you choose to join us, I’ll be there to support you, push you (a little) and guide you on your journey. I’ll believe in you—even when you don’t believe in yourself—and help you see what you can’t when times get tough. 

I love nothing more than to see others succeed and begin to realise dreams they never knew were possible.

I can't wait to hear your story and work with you to build the travel business I know you deserve. 

Not yet ready for ongoing support?
It's ok. The next best step is to join our "Travel Business Accelerator" program. This is a self paced program that you can start with the basics and join us in "The Achievers" after you complete the program. Grab the details -->.
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