Episode 46:

Inside a Travel Advisor's Business during COVID. Sharing Breakthroughs, Wins and Progress made.

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There are times in life when at the time we may not feel as though we are making progress, however, when we look back at actually assess where we are at,  many things may have shifted and progressed. This episodes guest is SMART! Not only taking a risk and launching her travel business shortly before COVID hit the shores of Australia. 


Kristy, did not back down or give up. Instead, she started working on her business.  Putting systems in place, finding her niche to ensure that she and her travel business is ready when we can travel again. AND putting herself out there. 


AMAZING is an understatement for this woman. 


In this episode, allow me to turn the spotlight to one of the members of our “Achievers” Mastermind. From Travel Moore, Kristy. Tune in to hear an inspiring story of someone who took a chance, has taken the risks and implemented despite the problems going on all over the world. 


In this episode, I want you to know that you are not alone. Realise that we have the greatest gift of time now to get organised in our business and take action. 


Be the Travel Advisor that clients are looking to turn to. One that is an expert, knowledgeable and ready to take care of them.


Yes - business can be challenging. No one ever told you that having your own business would be easy. But with the right support and guidance, you will come through this time stronger and more resilient than ever. 


By taking action, self-education and training, I know that your business will soar even higher. To ensure that you are moving forward in your business and also getting additional tips, help, support and encouragement, make sure you join The Achievers Mastermind. 


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Quotes from this Episode

"There's so many different loaves of bread and different companies that make bread but they're all there on the shelf together and they, you know, everyone's got their own favourites and things like that. So there are enough clients out there for us all. And by coming together, we get to support each other they get to lift each other up" - Kristy Moore

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Show Transcription:

Announcer: Welcome to Travel Agent Achievers! The place to learn how to grow your travel business and have fun with it. Join Roslyn and her guests as they walk you through proven steps to a fulfilling and profitable business. 


Ros: Hi, everybody. Welcome back to the Travel Agent Achievers podcast. I'm Ros your host. And today I have a very special guest coming to you on this special episode. So this episode is really about spotlighting a travel agent and it's something that I want to do a lot more of moving forward because I believe that there is enough work out there for everyone. Collaboration over competition, you know, you hear me say that all the time. 


But this is something that I want to share the successes of others, I want to share those people that have come into my life as well and have really worked hard, they've seen an opportunity they've put in the work and the effort, and they're able to now see the fruits of their labour and the things that they've done to achieve all of their goals so far. Now there's special guests that I have for you today. 


Her name is Kristy Moore of Travel Moore travel business or travelmoore.com.au. Kristy I have known for over 12 months now. She is one of our Achievers mastermind members. But not only that Kristy has faced challenges in her life, but also over the last 12 months and the biggest one you are going to hear very, very shortly. And welcome first of all, Kristy to the Travel Agent Achievers Podcast. I am so glad that you are here with me today.


Kristy: Thank you Ros. I'm very excited to be here and very honoured as well. 


Ros: Again seeing you laughing and smiling and even before we started this podcast, you said to me Ros, I listened to this podcast, you want to share where you actually listen to it?


Kristy: Majority of the time I do listen to the podcast in my quiet zone in my space. My daughter knows not to interrupt me. It's my time and I love having something gone and listening to Ros just soothes me.


Ros: You crack me up. I love that. You said that man. I don't have a bathtub in my house anymore. But I think I'm always just running around. So I love that it's your quiet place. It is an area that you can just take time out for yourself. And also that you have a beautiful daughter Kayla, how old is Kayla?


Kristy: She's eight but as she keeps telling me she's closer to nine now than I because my birthdays in June. 


Ros: Ah, you're at the half half ages. Mom, I'm seven and a half. I'm now seven and three quarters. I am almost eight. Yes.


Well, welcome to the podcast. Kristy. I want to kick off this episode with a little bit about you. Now before we tell people about your background, can you just tell everyone when you started your own travel business?


Kristy: Yes, I started. I opened the doors to travel more on the 24th of January 2020. So just over 12 months ago, and it was literally the day before COVID was announced in Australia. 


Ros: Holy Dooley, you opened your doors the day before COVID hit Australian waters and just before the whole world shut down. What an incredible challenge for you. Now, before we talk about the challenge, just with your travel business, can you give us a bit of an insight on your background? So what has led up to or what led up to you actually starting a travel business? Where did you start?


Kristy: Owning a travel agency has always been a dream of mine. since I was in high school, I always wanted to own my own agency and I did go down that path after high school I did start out in the travel industry. I did the deployment of travel and tourism and got an internship which then led into full time employment. And then four years later life just took me in a different direction.


And I got into education and training which had always been another passion of mine. And that led then into me travelling around Australia. So I had gone from being a front office receptionist at one stage to then travelling and checking into all these wonderful hotels and getting to see this amazing country of ours.


And then had my daughter whilst I was pregnant, the company I was working for actually went bankrupt so I didn't have a job to go back to after maternity leave. So that first 12 months was just great.


Getting to, you know, be at home and be a mom and really sort of focus on that. And then after a little while, I realised that I needed something for me again, yes, it was great being Kayla's mom. But I just didn't want to be Kayla's mom. And I wanted to be somebody as well. 


So I went into opening my own business, I used to have a baby and children's retake. And that was great. But after eight years in, in doing that, again, I just got to the stage where I wasn't happy anymore. It wasn't giving me the joy that at first didn't, and I was searching, I knew, you know, I still had at least 20 or 30 years to give. 


And I started searching for what I could do. And that's when I realised Wait a second, I can make this dream that I had 20 years ago come true. So I started looking at the mobile agency, the different companies out there. And at first, I was having trouble sort of finding someone to take me on because of the fact that my industry experienced that the stage now was over 15 years old. 


So I didn't have any current experience. But I had current business experience. So in the end, I did find an agency that liked that part of it. And yeah, opened my agency on the 24th of January.


Ros: Again, for everybody out there. This is another person that I immediately click with because of our hospitality and tourism, backgrounds, hotels, events, training and education. I think there's something in the water. I was just talking about this with Whitney Schindler of Masters in Travel. A few weeks ago, our podcast episode came back and there were so many alignments. So I hear that with you as well, and the passion for education, your passion for learning, as well, Kristy, but also your tenacity I'm not giving up here. And this is just what I want to do. 


So you actually written inside your yearbook back in year 12, that you wanted to own a travel agency, is that right? 


Kristy: Yeah, we had to write where we wanted to be in 10 years time. And so I graduated in 2000. I was in New 12 in 2000. And so my statement was owning my own travel agency. That was my goal that I had because that's something that I've always wanted to do. I grew up watching, you know, The Love Boat, and I wanted to be on those cruise ships. I wanted to help people get onto those cruise ships. 


Ros: So yeah, I think mine was more Gilligan's Island. That probably says a lot about me getting lost and stranded on a deserted island. Yeah. Okay. And this is The Love Boat.


Okay, so you you've, you made this shift, you took a bet on yourself. But it was pretty much calculated because you knew that travel and tourism was your passion, you'd had some experience in before, you'd also been running your own business previously. So nothing was really new to you. Right? You knew that you had to uplevel your skills in the booking systems and those sorts of things. But there was nothing really. Yeah, new, I would say new because you've done things before, and you're just ready to go for it. 


So I know he spent quite a bit of time planning and working out what it was you're going to do with travel more, you made the decision to open the doors, then COVID hit, when you and I had been working together for a couple of months already before COVID hit. So over those few months. Like how did that feel for you? You're about to start an agency and I know that at the time you and I were talking about what are you going to do? And you said I'm going to book family travel, right?


So those few months like how did you feel when COVID hit your business sort of was bought to a massive halt? What was going through your mind at that stage? Were you ready to just go right and closing the doors? That's it. I'm done. Or what do you think what did you feel?


Kristy: No. And I guess at that stage, nobody knew how long this this COVID thing we didn't really know what COVID was realising when it fit. And I remember actually doing a training course at Travelport and to learn about Galileo again, to bring my skills up to date. And that's when it had just sort of started taking hold here in Australia. 


And I remember our training lady asking us to sign a release form to say that we hadn't been overseas in the last few weeks. Like I really don't want you to sign this and it was still really unknown. And I guess when at first it never knew that it was gonna kind of last this long. You know, 12 months on we're still in the midst of it all. It hasn't sort of really settled down at all. 


Ros: Yeah, yeah. Okay. So you, you started and you did a bit of training. What can you I mean, what did you want to focus on back then? What was your heart telling you to do?


Kristy: Yeah, as you said, families i've you know, I've got my own family myself. I wanted to help people like me, you know, that helped the school moms help the people that was in my community and in my networks at the moment, I wanted to help them to travel. And I had always loved helping people. 


Customer Service has always been part of my background and everything sort of I've done. And just really wanted to share my experience and my passion with everybody else. I remember when I did tell, one of my friends that I was moving back to the travel industry. It's like 50 of your face lights up again. 


And so I just wanted to share that I just wanted to let people know what's out there, Australia in the world is an amazing place. 


So I just really wanted to help people get to see that. 


Ros: Yeah, that's so true. So it wasn't just about, you know, travelling around Australia, which is what you'd also spend a lot of time doing. It was International, it was the families that you wanted to work with. But I remember I was also talking at the time, and we were talking about your personal life experience, and things that you know, were part of your orbit, and particularly with your daughter Kayla knew, I remember saying to you and we had talked at the time, and you're saying, Well, I know that like when I travel with Kayla, I've got to think of all of these different things. So do you remember that conversation and the things that happened from that?


Kristy: A little bit. My daughter, Kayla is autistic. So travelling anytime for anybody just has not necessarily difficulties. But there's you know, routines are changed and is the main one routines are really big in our house. 


So when we travel routines, do go out the window, but I'm letting her know mainly about what's coming up. I'm really open and honest with her. She knows a lot of a lot about everything that happens. But she needs to know. She needs to be in control so that she can understand the situation. But again, there's certain she has a lot of sensory issues. So going to a beach for us is normally nightmarish because she doesn't like the fact the feel of sand on her, which most people don't mind, but I'm having intimate meltdowns and things like that. 


So it's about knowing what's the right things, and the right places to take her. There's no point taking her to the beach, if it's gonna land in a meltdown, because then the holiday is not enjoyable. We don't get to have those wonderful experiences. And it turns into not wanting to do that sort of stuff anymore.


So it's just about knowing what's what's right for her, in particular for me to be able to make those calls. Okay, well, we'll go here rather than going, you know, to down the road down there, because that's going to maybe cause symmetries and triggers. And we don't want that. So yeah. 


Ros: So talking about the family travel, and I know that we spoke about Kayla at the time and the things that you needed to think about when you were travelling with her and you wanted to help others as well. So help other families travel. But as COVID hit you were unable to do that, because no one was able to travel, nobody could leave their city, state home, etc. So for you, one thing that I love about you is that you take action, right, so we'd spoken about this, you found a course. Right?


Kristy:  Yeah, it was a qualification which gives you once you complete the qualification, you become a certified autism travel professional. So being a professional and being an autistic Mom, I thought this is going to be great. And I mainly did the course purely for personal reasons. I'm just so I could help myself and my daughter.


Yeah, so I mainly did it for personal reasons. And it wasn't until you know, a couple of months after completing the course that I realised that it wasn't very big here in Australia this qualification and in fact, I was the only one in Australia with it. So and after doing some some work with with you Ros, especially with niching, ideal clients and things like that, I realised that this now is my niche. 


It's still talking about families, it's still talking about groups and all that sort of stuff. But it's niching it down to that special target audience. And it's an audience that I get to not only use my professional experience, but I also get to use my personal experiences as well. 


So I get to bring both my loves together the Autism Awareness sort of stuff and my travel and get to mix them. 


Ros: Yeah, that's right. I mean, there's so much heart there. And it's one of the things that I love about you not only do you take action and you always move forward and you've listened and you've learned and you've put things into place, but there's just so much heart there as well. And I know when we take care of somebody who travels that we need to care like we need to believe that this is going to be the right thing for them, but I know that for you, in particular, you've done the research, you've got the experience, you've got the qualifications, you are continuously learning yourself, not just within Travel Agent Achievers, but other areas of opportunity as well that help you improve your skills. 


But that is something that your clients, they benefit from that. And I know that they are coming to you, they are continuously coming to you. And they will continue to come back to you because of your care, your heart, but also your knowledge and experience. 


So I just wanted to acknowledge that, you know, you're doing an amazing job. And in the face of adversity with COVID, shutting down, you just took it upon yourself to go, Well, you know what I need to invest in myself here, I need to invest in my own education, I really need to work out what it is that I want to do. So that when the world does open up again, and it will, that you would have a clearly defined path that would help you and it's not just about finding your ideal niche or your ideal clients. 


It's also about having the business practice in place as well. And I know that you've got business background and helping your husband with his business as well. But you needed to do all of that for yourself, too. 


So congratulations on all of that. Now, when it got to a few months later, you've already had your qualification, you have had incredible exposure as well, really highlighting your expertise and your field of genius over the last six months too. 


But I can see that there was a transformation in you that you made the decision that you had to go public with this. And you had to get publicity to really build your name, your business and your niche and get more eyes on what it was that you were doing. So how did that feel to try and get publicity?


Kristy: Well, at first, it was quite sort of daunting, because I normally don't like talking about myself, I love listening to others and helping others that I normally don't like sort of sharing about myself. And that was the first thing that I had to sort of, I guess overcome and realise that I need to share my story in order, which will in order then help others and by doing all the trainings and the courses it does, it grows me personally. 


But then that also then translates to helping the clients and the customers down the track too. Because the more that I know, and the more that I can do, the more that I can help and give advice or give recommendations and that sort of stuff. 


And by getting and being new, I guess that's being back in the travel industry. Everybody knew me because of my old business. So I needed to get out there and let them know that I don't have this old business anymore. The baby business, I've got this new travel business, I need people to know me for that now. And yes, I'm making connections, and I'm very big on networking, I love networking and meeting people. 


Ros: And I see that you are part of networking groups, you join associations, you are out there. And even though it might feel a bit uncomfortable, you do it anyway. And I love that you feel the fear, you feel the anxiety that might come with it, but you just get on with it, because you know that this is going to help you in the future. And you're great around other people.


Kristy: Thank you.


Ros: So you've, you've joined different networking groups, you are part of different associations, you made it known that you are a specialist in this area. And one of the things that I love as well as that you've involved Kayla, as part of the process. So can you just share one thing that you've done there with Kayla, that not only will help you know your relationship with her, but also your clients? And you've done something specifically for travel? So what have you done?


Kristy: Yes, well, I've designed and come up with a colouring book, which helps to teach children about Australia, but it also is to keep them entertained on on travel, so to keep them entertained while they're in the car or while they're on the plane. But also educate them about Australia because at the moment we can only travel in value. 


So teaching them what's out there. And it all came about during COVID because everyone was home learning and doing homeschooling and there was so much information going around particular about literacy and numeracy skills. And what I found was there's nothing there was nothing sort of out there about geography. It was all literacy numeracy best. 


Ros: Yeah, I love geography is a key that was part of my HSC you know, subjects. I loved it. Yeah. 


Kristy: And that's what gave me the idea is to help to educate the kids on what's out there places that they can go on visit that they may never have seen before or even knew about before. So I through networking I was able to find an Illustrator. So she was in one of the network groups that I was a part of. And she's an award winning child Illustrator. 


So I took my idea to her and I basically said, we've got a character and the character is called Kayla the koala, which is based on on my daughter, and I'm lucky enough to live in a beautiful part of Victorian the masculine Rangers. And we do have our koalas in our trees over summer and things like that. And Kayla absolutely loves koalas. 


So we decided that she was going to be the character, and she was going to adventure around Australia visiting her favourite places. So basically, I'm early said, I want Kayla, you know, skydiving over the Sydney Opera House or feeding the penguins at Phillip Island, and cat from cat and Fox, the illustrator brought my idea and vision to life. 


And now we have a Yeah, a colouring book, which is a five size, so it's easily to go in the handbag, and has the tear out sheet. So you can take one at a time. And it's something fun for the kids to do. But they're also being educated at the same time about learning about these different places, all around Australia. 


Ros: I am so proud of you for taking action on that. Because this is not only, you know, a tool for families and that you can give to your clients, or that you're teaching them about geography. There's all of that learning that I love there. But it's also been an additional source of income for you, as well. Right. 


So thinking outside the box when you haven't been able to travel. This is just as another small piece that you can add to your puzzle and say, well, I've also got this now. And it helps families, it helps travellers and it keeps them occupied and entertained. I know when I received mine in the mouth. Thank you, I was so delighted to see the journey that Kayla took around Australia and all the different places. 


And my son Jackson, who's six, I mean, we used to travel all the time, but I was always looking for something that would keep him entertained. That wasn't the iPad. And he's at a point now where colouring and using his imagination and creativity skills is really important to me. And also he enjoys it too. 


So I know your colouring book is a firm favourite in our household. But it's something there that you can also use as an add on to your services as well. 


So that is awesome that you've done that. Did you think about that at the time as well? Not really?


Kristy: Well, it was just more or less sort of going to be something for my clients. But as COVID continued and continued, because at first no one knew how long it was going to be Wait, I think everyone was assuming it was going to be a couple of months, and it was sort of going to be over. And as you mentioned, yeah, it was then it's like, well, this now can become because originally it was just going to be individual sheets. 


And then we brought it all together to make it into a book. And now it can be marketed. It is for sale. And it is bringing in that side income whilst there's no income coming in from travel. And again, I still got to utilise my travel experience whilst doing the book. 


So it all relates together and all comes back together. And it is another way of getting my name and brand out there as well. Yeah, absolutely. So one thing, we will add a link to your website, in our show notes. So if anybody wants to check out the Where in the World is Kayla books, if you want to purchase your own, I mean, it's an incredible piece of marketing material as well that you can give to your clients. 


So check it out, I definitely recommend it if you've got families that are travelling or travelling around Australia to grab a few of these and share them with your clients because it's an additional add on a benefit to them. 


It's not hugely expensive. So it's a great piece of, you know, marketing materials that you can also share with your clients as well. And it's not just for Kristy. I mean, Kristy is able to do that for her clients, but it can be for anyone. And I know that she's more than happy to share the resource with the travel agent achievers community. So thank you for that Christy will have a link to it in the show notes so that everybody can jump on check it out and grab copies and get them sent to you as well. I'm sure you can ship overseas to Kristy, he actually you can, because you won a big contract, right? Yes. I've just recently had 600 books go out to Italy, through a family friend that actually owns a preschool over there. 


And they loved the idea about teaching the kids about Australia. And quite a few have gone to the UK for the same sort of reasons. So yeah, it's going quite well at the moment, which is amazing. 


Ros: That is amazing. So definitely check it out. I want everybody to see what Kristy has done. Maybe even come up with your own ideas, but purchase these sorts of things for your clients and their families as they travel. So Kristy, we've covered a number of different things here about your background.


And what you've done during COVID last year, but one thing that I really wanted to highlight is how you have just continuously plugged into communities. Not only did you put together the book, I know sorry, the colouring book, I know that you've also been co author on a couple of other books that are published as well, in the last few months. 


You're guesting on podcasts, I, you know, getting this sort of publicity is going to help you in the future. 


So anybody else who wants to be known, I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, get social, get known, get heard, get out there and just do whatever you need to do to be known as the expert in your field, exactly like Christie has done stepping into her own light, but also sharing her passion for travel, her love for travel, and especially her niche as well. 


So, Christy, things that you've done in the last 12 months, right? I look at you now and say, Wow, look how far you've come. You are now able to book some travel and I see that already. Your business is starting to boom and explode again. Right?


Kristy: Yes, definitely. And the more people are getting confident again, with travelling, it's definitely helping and the border staying open has definitely been.


Ros: That's right. But it's also you getting out there and saying, Hey, I can book your travels, I am Here I am available. I'm the expert in this niche, if you want to take your family to an area or a destination, and you've put together a lot of systems and processes in the last 12 months to really help you streamline your process in the future. Right.


Okay, so the other things that you are now doing so you completed the Rebuild your Travel Business Programme, this was back in August last year that when we first launched it, and you've continued into the Achievers Mastermind programme, what are some of the things that you didn't know about, that you've now changed, or you've learned for your business for yourself that and things and tools that you've, you know, discovered that have helped you move forward since joining any of our programmes


Kristy: Definitely, surrounding yourself with people that have been where you are, and wanting to go with you. So like minded business people, because you all have something in common, and you've got the same goals in the end, and the support from the community and also from yourself Ros, you are amazing, you go above and beyond, for our community, definitely. And I've gained so much from being a part of the industry with and the TAA community. 


And I honestly don't think that without all the support and the advice and and doing your courses, that maybe I wouldn't still be here. Yes, I don't want to give up on my dream, but I'm having the encouragement is a is a great thing and having that community behind you. 


But being a part of it, being a part of something, having the like minded travel agents together is amazing. But also your knowledge that you pass on to us is phenomenal. You know, especially about the niching and finding the ideal client. I knew I've always known about ideal clients and things from my previous business, but sort of taking it to that next level that you know, sort of getting more nitty gritty with that. 


So finding exactly about your ideal client, you know, about their demographics, their pay cycles, and things like that, I never really broken it down to that much thought before.


Having my systems in place now i've you know, always had things there but never sort of put them all together. So now I've got the foundations, I was able to build those, build those blocks, and I am in a position now we're ready to roll when the doors open, you know that travelling is starting to open up again now and people are getting more confident, because the borders are staying open. Because for a while a lot of people wanting to travel but we're still hesitant because of the southern border closes here.


So just the support really and your advice and your knowledge and being able to pick your brain is great. And the way that you're so willing to share and as you always say to it's it's not about competition, it's about having that community, there's enough customers out there for us all and I guess I always think of it as walking down the bread aisle. How many different loaves of bread are there? 


There's so many different loaves of bread and different companies that make bread but they're all there on the shelf together and they, you know, everyone's got their own own favourites and things like that. So there's enough clients out there for us all. And by coming together, we get to support each other they get to lift each other up. We get to utilise each other's you know, we might all have different abilities and different skills and different knowledge level. So being able to help each other, I love helping people. 


But by having the support and having that community, it's really got me to where I am today. Definitely, I've been part of my business to you and your community. 


Ros: We are all in it together. And I do love your contribution. But you also lead the group in different ways as well. I noticed last week, I mean, you were on stage, you flew to Sydney to be part of an International Women's Day event and speaking in front of others, but one thing that I loved was, you just caught up with other members of the community as well. Well, whilst you're in Sydney


Kristy: Got to have a very special breakfast with Kerstin who's also part of the community. And I'm Kirsten is not from Sydney either. So it just it was just really perfect timing that we're both in the same area at the same time, and that we were very lucky that we were able to see each other because you know, we've been part of the group together and zooming for so long to actually give her a hug was amazing. It was Yes, it was phenomenal. It was one of the highlights of my trip, to be honest.


Ros: It wasn't speaking on stage, it was meeting with Kirsten, Kerstin, we both love you. But you're listening to this podcast as well. But I hear you and I appreciate you saying those things. Because I really do believe in collaboration over competition, I'll say it again, you know, we are all in this together, there is enough business to go around. 


But I certainly believe in, you know, supporting one another. And all of this rising together. Travel Agent Achievers was built out of a need in the industry to really get everybody to work together. And if we are going off on our own tangents, and we believe that you know, somebody's chasing my clients the competition gets really fierce, nobody's gonna win. 


So why not all work together so that as an industry, we become incredibly strong, and we can all achieve. 


That's one thing that I love. 


Now, as I hear you talk about finding your ideal client, finding your niche or your niche, depending on where you are in the world. So that sort of thing. And really diving deep into it just hearing you say some of those things and the demographics and I had to dive into, you know, pay cycles, and those sorts of my, my initial thought was like, Oh, my gosh, are we stalkers? Trying to try to really drill down on this person. 


But at the end of the day, no, we're not, we are just trying to find out who is the right person that we can relate to whether it is a group of people, whether it is an experience, or whether it is a destination, there are three different areas that I believe that we can certainly niche in on, and really hone our expertise to take care of that group, above and beyond, because we love it. And it's who we are. 


So I am so glad to hear that you found your niche, because you certainly shine in that space. But it's not just about only looking after those people, because you have a broad range of clients, I know that you've got corporate clients, you've got group travel, there are different things that you can do. But the more the clearer you are with your message to speak to your ideal client, the more business will come to you because it's not mixed messages. 


You're not trying to go out to everybody, the more you go out to everybody, you'll attract nobody. So by really honing in on who you want to talk to, has helped you also get more publicity and gain more exposure. 


And also drive that audience to you as well, which you know, congratulations. It's awesome. If you've done there. When you say about picking my brain? No, I am in the trenches with you as well. And I acknowledge that and I appreciate you saying those sorts of things. And I am here for everyone. 


I was just talking to somebody last week and my heart I care so much about the people that I work with, and the Travel Agent Achievers community and everybody who is listening to this podcast, my heart is here to help and serve. It's always been who I am. I sometimes do it to my own detriment where I give so much there's like, I've got nothing else to give. 


But at the same time when you are stuck or when you are lost or you are feeling as though you're not sure what you want to do know that you can reach out to me and I say that to Kristy but I also say that to everybody is part of the Travel Agent Achievers community because I want you to succeed. I want you to build the travel business of your dreams. I want you to have the life that you've always wanted. And Kristy you came back into the travel industry after a period away. You saw that you were like hey, that was in my high school yearbook. I want that travel business. But what you did was you surround yourself with the people that can help you take that business from a startup through to whatever your dream is. 


So I want to say congratulations to you. Thank you for being a part of the community. Thank you for sharing your experience, your knowledge and knowing you are part of the collaboration. Because your skill set your heart also helps so many other people around you.


Kristy: Thank you.


Ros: All right, guys. Well, that's it for today. If you have any questions around, you know, your experience, or some of the things that we've discussed in this podcast episode around publicity, or finding your ideal client, you know, getting through the tough times, please reach out, I am here to help you. I'm going to add a bunch of links inside the show notes to Kristy and so that you can check her out on Instagram, Facebook, all those places, but also find her Where in the World is Kayla? Travel books, so that you know you can see the opportunities are there. 


And if you want those as well for your clients, then I am sure that Kristy will be there to help you out wherever you are in the world. 


So thank you, Kristy, for being a guest here today on the podcast. I am honoured, and I am very grateful that you chose to share your experience with us. And I'm sure that things that we've talked about today will certainly help somebody else.


Kristy: Thank you for having me. It's an honour to be a guest Ros. I'm a longtime listener. And you know, 12 months ago, I never would have ever thought like I could be a guest on this show. So and I owe all of that to you. So I'm very, very grateful for your community. But for you as well and your team. A shout out to Mayette and Diana, you guys are amazing as well.


Ros: Awesome. Thank you so much, Kristy. Thank you everybody for listening today. I look forward to chatting with you again very, very soon. Have an awesome week. Stay safe. Take care and be yourself. We'll see you soon. Bye for now.




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