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FREE - The 4 Step Plan to Assess Your Clients, Your Value and Execute it for Future Bookings

If you are wondering whether or not to charge fees, this resource will help assess the value that you offer to your clients. Then come up with a plan that works for YOU moving forward.


FREE - Questions to Ask Yourself - Understanding Your Ideal Clients

Working with your favourite people makes your life easier, more enjoyable and less stressful. Grab this resource to clearly identify who your IDEAL clients are, understand who they are so you can serve them better and get more leads for your business. 


FREE - Outsourcing Tasks - A Checklist to determine your next hire

50 things you can outsource in your business to help make you more efficient, doing the things you love. Work smarter, not harder. Get the help you deserve on the things you don't like or want to do. This checklist is a real eye opener to the possibilities available to you. 


Access what you need to show up, sell, and serve more clients!

Get Set to Soar - Live Experience

A Day like no other, giving you the opportunity to work with Publicity, Sales and Business strategists to help you with your specific Travel Business. This Live Event has limited places available as it is in depth, with access to get direct help where you need it. 

Make decisions around who you want to work with, how to find the right effective message and sales strategy that works for you and put together your plan that you WILL take action on to achieve the results you desire this year.  A fun filled and action packed day, defining goals, putting a plan in place and knowing WHAT to do for your travel business in the coming year and as we welcome our clients once again. 


The Ultimate Travel Booking Process

From Enquiry to Returning home - The  "67 Steps to Handling A Travel Booking"  is the fastest way to come up with your own customer journey! We've done it for you. Easy and Fast to modify and Implement. We give you the steps we use in our travel business and extra resources on ways you can also implement these steps effectively in YOUR travel Business. Each step is outlined with details. A PERFECT WAY to ensure that every client gets the same experience and YOU don't miss a detail. 


Systems to Scale

This is 1 module extracted from our 'Travel Business Foundation Program'.

The most timely resource to get you thinking about and working ON your business.  It also includes video and worksheet resources to help you RIGHT now get organised and help you process your bookings without the overwhelm or having to keep everything in your head or inbox.

NOW is the time set up and organise Systems for your travel business to avoid overwhelm, save time and money making sure that you are working on your business and not in it. 


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