Episode 43:

Why Your Existing Clients are so important for your travel business

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Existing clients are the lifeblood of your travel business. They are the ones whom have been there prior to the current situation and hopefully they will be the ones there when they decide to travel again. 


If we don’t have clients, we don’t have a business.


When was the last time you connected with your existing clients? When did you show up for them and show them that you're still here?


Even if all your existing business currently looks like a pile of credit vouchers and deferred travel plans right now, I am going to walk you through some different ways to connect and rebuild those relationships that are so important to us now and also in the future.


What are you doing right now to connect with your clients?


In this episode, I am giving you 3 ways to connect with your clients RIGHT NOW to ensure that you are taking a positive step to build or rebuild your business. Including those relationships that are also the potential sales opportunities for you now and in the future.


These are just 3 things you can do in your business right now. 3 things that don’t cost a lot of money. Things that can help you get your mojo back, give you insight into what your clients want, help you define who you want to work with and help you reconnect with and strengthen those relationships with the clients you love and want to work with in the future.


Travel WILL come back! You just need to be ready for it. Are you?


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Quotes from this Episode

“If we don’t have clients, we don’t have a business.” - Roslyn Ranse

“If you try to talk to everyone, you will talk to no one” - Roslyn Ranse

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Show Transcription: 

Announcer: Welcome to Travel Agent Achievers, the place to learn how to grow your travel business and have fun with it. Join Roslyn and her guest as they walk you through proven steps to a fulfilling and profitable business.


Ros: Hey there, everybody.


Welcome back to the travel agent achievers podcast. I'm your host Ros and I am so glad that you are here with me today.


As we hit the ground running this year, I have been thinking about our existing clients. When was the last time we connected with them. When did we show up for them and show them that we are still here. 


For you it may have been early last year, it may have been christmas, it may not have been at all. 


If you have gone into hibernation this last few months. It's absolutely ok. You have needed to do you and what is right for your own situation and business. 

If you have been getting through by just doing what you had to, you know cancellations, changes, chasing refunds and credit vouchers, getting things sorted out I am with you and understand too. Wherever you are, this may still be where you are. 


I know there are a number of travel professionals out there that are forging ahead. That are connecting with their clients and having great success with new bookings. Having really dug deep into what they love doing and who they can serve right now, so if this is also you. Ring the bell - Let’s celebrate! Keep Going. 


I am thinking of several of our Travel Agent Achievers Mastermind members that are doing exactly this and want to shout out to you all and let you know how incredibly proud of you I am. You have listened, learnt, implemented and taken massive action. You are NOT giving up! I love it. 


Wherever you are, whatever you are doing to get through, I want you to know YOU ARE OK.


We all have different coping mechanisms and all have different circumstances. Whichever space you are in, please know I am here for you. I want to encourage and support you and you know you can reach out to me anytime. 


2021 is a new year. 


You know, that fresh start to the year, when we decide to work on our health, get more sleep, drink more water - ok. So that’s me and I have to repeat it to myself each month :-) Especially the ‘get to the gym’ mantra. It’s not working at the moment :-)


At the beginning of the year, we have an opportunity to look at our business. Most people will set goals or ‘resolutions’ potentially having a look at what we have done in the past, what we could do in the future. Setting goals for the year ahead is a great way to reset and kick start your thoughts and mindset.  


I love it when I hear people have a WORD for the year. If this is you, your have a word please share it with me. Let me know on IG what your word of focus is this year. If you don’t know what I am talking about, let me know as well. THis may be something we can explore for you as well. I believe that working on the mind is ongoing, consistent and changing our thought patterns can be tough. But you can do it! 


Right now, if you are looking for direction, looking for help, I encourage you to reach out. 


Reach out to me on Social Media, send me a DM, let me know where you are at, what’s going on for you and then let’s figure out a plan to help you move forward. 


My goal is to get as many travel professionals through this tough time as possible. I want to see you as a business owner and travel professional, recognised for your efforts and see you soar in business. 

For those of you whom have subscribed to the podcast, thank you! Thank you for the reviews as well. I’d love to give a particular shout out to “Thai the Knot Weddings, Thank you! This is what was recently written. “ ros offers so much free advice and wonderful tips to help travel agent business owners. Her FREE templates are great! I look forward to each new episode” 


Well - Thai the Knot Weddings - Thank you. I believe this is Annette, as she also reached out to me and sent me a message saying how each episode is the perfect length for her current daily drive. So thank you Annette! 


If you would like to leave a review, please do so. I am here to help you and the travel agent community and the more reviews and comments we get the wider the audience and more people we can help, so thank you. I’d also like to acknowledge you as the listener here. The feedback, reviews and you reaching out to me also helps me create the content that will help you, so let me know. 

Let’s jump into today’s episode. 


I want to talk about our existing clients, Loving up on them and also showing up for them in the same way that they have showed up for us in the past. 


Whether it is the past 12 months or prior, being able to be there to grow and strengthen relationships, this is our business. 


If we don’t have clients, we don’t have a business. 


So even if all your existing business looks like right now is a pile of credit vouchers and deferred travel plans, I am going to walk you through some different ways we can connect and rebuild those relationships that are so important to us now and also in the future. 


Travel WILL come back! You just need to be ready for it. Are you? 


Let’s start with our Ideal clients. Who are they, where are they and what does your business even look like moving forward. 


In Episode 31 of the TAA podcast, How Do You Describe Your Ideal Client,  I went through in detail all the different ways we could come up with our Ideal Client, your AVATAR. Looking at those clients in the past we have loved to work with and WHO we want to work with in the future. 

You get to choose. Did you know that? You don’t have to work with people if you don’t want to. It’s your business, YOU decide. I know I have fired some ex-clients this past 12 months, because of our values. We weren’t in alignment. Oh and I also don’t like being told that my business will fail. They obviously don’t me. 


Back to YOU and your ideal clients. 


You may have decided on a niche. A niche is a speciality. If you try and talk to everyone, you will talk to no one. 


When assessing your client database and also looking at your own values, have a think about what you would like to Niche, or specialise in. Is it an experience? A destination or a group of people. Whomever and whatever it is, you decide. The choice is yours. 


I recommend you look at this to start with because the clearer you are on who you want to work with, the more clearer your marketing and messaging can be and hopefully will be moving forward. 


You know what I mean here right? If you are an African Safari specialist and you talk about Safaris, the destination, the culture, your own travels there, testimonials from your clients that have travelled there and all the wonderful things about Africa.. But then all of a sudden, you get this incredible special to cruise around Australia and you post it on Social media and email your database… Well…. Is this the right message that you want to send to your clients? It can confuse them. They start to think, why would I book an Australia cruise, when I am interested in Africa? This is a simple example of messaging and when you know who your ideal client is, you can adjust your communication to speak directly to them. Now they may very well be interested in an Australian cruise, but what I am saying is really have a look at who you want to work with and get clear as it will help every other area of your business moving forward. 


If you haven’t already, check out Episode 31 -How Do You Describe Your Ideal Client. WE also have a Free download for this particular episode, which is on our website. I will also add a link in the show notes for you. If you log into www.travelagentachievers.com you will find it under podcasts as well. :-) 


Starting with who you want to work with may feel a little scary. 

What if I can’t attract those clients? 

What if no one can find me? 

How will people find me?

How will people know that’s what I want to book? 


By putting all these questions out there, you are coming up with excuses. There, I said it. 


Coming from a place of scarcity. Scarcity that you won’t get anyone. But on the contrary. When you put out to the universe who you want to look after and you start talking to this type of client, the more you will see they will be attracted to you as well. The laws of attraction right?


This process may take a while, but as you become clearer so will your messaging. 

Remember there are billions of people that live on this planet. I am sure that there are at least 100 that are WHO you want to work with. Let’s just work together to find them. 


Let’s bring it back right now though to your existing clients. Those that are already on your books, those that have booked with you and may have credits with you, or are still waiting to re-book or receive a refund. The existing clients that you have already resolved their past travel bookings and are now no longer financially connected to you and your business. 


Depending on how you are feeling, I believe that if you haven’t connected with any of your clients in the last 30-60 days, it’s time to reconnect with them. 

Even if they did get a Christmas card… It’s time to reconnect with them as well and show them, share with them where you are at and encourage them to reach out to you too. 


If you don’t tell them that you are open for business or what your situation is, they may likely go elsewhere and ‘not want to bother you’.  


I have heard this so much and even our own clients have said to us, Oh we know you are so busy, we didn’t want to bother you. That's the worst feeling in the world as it has or could mean a potential lost sale. I know I am not alone in this as I have heard it from our Achiever community too. 


So my question to you is. What are you doing right now to connect or communicate with your clients? 

This isn’t a one off set and forget, start now and finish later thing. It’s an ongoing part of our business that we need to commit to. 


So as you set your new year resolutions, your goals for the year, I’d love for you to add to that - how often you commit to connecting with your clients. 


This year, I am committing to share more, connect more and reach out to our community, not just in the travel business but also to you here in the industry to help you get through. 


Sometimes we don’t know what to say, and that's ok. I often feel stuck, searching for clarity, finding the right words for you. And that’s ok. I’d love to hear more from you, so once again, please reach out. Getting to know you is one of my favourite things. 


Today, I am giving you 3 ways you can connect with your clients right now to ensure that you are taking a positive step to build or rebuild your business and those relationships that are also the potential sales opportunities for you now and in the future. 


  1. Phone, Messages, Cards

One of the most powerful tools for connecting with others is often right in our own hands. 

Your mobile phone has the opportunity to connect with others so quickly and easily. Here’s a few ways we use our phones. 

  • Bonjoros (private video messages of a minute or two saying hi and checking in) 
  • Using communication apps like What’s App, Voxer
  • IG & FB
  • CALLING the clients! You don't have to spend all your time on the phone, but you could set aside 30mins or an hour a week to reach out and just connect with your clients. Ask them how they are. 
  • I LOVE personal hand written cards and notes. Costing very little, these can have a high touch value. You have taken the time to write something and post it! Who receives mail these days that isn’t a bill! Or who receives MAIL full stop! It is something I use to love collecting as a kid and even today, getting a delivery or mail is still exciting. I know our clients really appreciate anything we send them as it is rarely done these day. 


  1. Your marketing Messages - Content delivered
  • Social media is a great form of content marketing, though most use it as a one way street - putting something out there and hoping your audience will like it. Well - I hate to tell you, but if you don’t ENGAGE with others on these platforms, you won’t get the love in return. 
  • We have just run a 5 Day Social Media Engagement Challenge focusing not only the message and getting yourself out there, but also building engagement and learning about ways to connect with your audience and others. (Check out the 5 Day Challenge on the TAA website for more information). I expect we will be running one of these again in the next couple of months, as they are great fun and an awesome way to get to know others too. 
  • When was the last time you sent a newsletter or update out to your audience. Connecting with personal updates is a great way to connect. 
  • Do you have a content marketing plan? Do you know what content your clients want and need to make informed decisions about whether to work with you or someone else? Do you give them a reason to connect? 


Content planning, working out the right things to share and when is one of the key components of marketing. Getting the right content and right message to someone is what its all about. How consistent are you with your marketing? Have a look at this and really assess where you could do better for the year ahead. 


  1. Referrals, repeat business and asking for feedback

I had a great chat on one of our podcast episodes with Rebecca Wiles, Customer Loyalty and Easy Ways to Gain Referrals. Episode 08. 

Bec is not only a wonderful person, but she is also an incredible trainer on Customer Service and human behaviours. 

  • Referrals and repeat business is one of the best ways to build your business. It can be free and often overlooked. 
  • Connecting with your existing customers right now could be as simple as sending them a survey asking what they are looking forward to seeing, doing once they are able to. Asking if they are looking to travel in the future. We did this exercise with our “Achievers” and the results were amazing. As a collective the group learnt that their clients would absolutely be ok with being charged a service fee in the future. They LOVE their consultants and want to book with them. They gave insight as to where they are at and what they want in the future. If you don’t ask, you won’t know and you will only assume. Which when broken down, we know doesn’t help us in business at all and can only end up with us doing what we want, without listening to the clients we love and want to take care of in the future. 


This is just 3 things you can do in your business right now. 


3 things that don’t cost a lot of money and things that can help you get your mojo back, give you insight into what your clients want, help you define who you want to work with and help you reconnect with and strengthen those relationships with the clients you love and want to work with in the future. 


Which ones do you think you will do and how are you going to connect with your clients and also make the commitment to them moving forward. Let me know, send me a message and let’s connect and work through where you are at and how you can add a ton of value and strengthen those client relationships for now and in the future. 


If you would like more information on THE ACHIEVERS Mastermind and how you can join in, log onto the www.travelagentachievers.com/theachievers and check it out. If you have any questions, please let me know. I am here for you and looking forward to working with you and helping you build the travel business of your dreams. 


See you soon





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