Episode 31:

How Do You Describe Your Ideal Client?

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Imagine working with your favourite people. People who become your biggest advocate in business. Those who time after time make your life easier, more enjoyable and are less stressful than others. 


Knowing and understanding our IDEAL clients helps get more leads and more business. 




Because once you understand whom they are, you can ‘talk’ to them much easier than someone that you know nothing about. 


Understanding who they are is the key to giving them great service. The way you then take care of these clients will develop and build stronger relationships. It can also lead to more referrals, more repeat business and a stronger bottom line financially for you too. 


The purpose of a business is to create a customer who creates customers, right? However, the question is do you really know WHO your customers are? 


Those clients who love you and you love working with. Those who can see your value and are considered as the right people to talk to. They are your best clients, your favourite ones, avatar, or to me, your IDEAL clients. 


Do you already know who they are? How do you describe them? 


You all know I am all about creating value, having systems and processes and also being real and vulnerable with your clients. Being honest and creating incredible memories for them, so today we are going to dive deeper into what is the best client for you to work with in your own business and why you should identify them. 


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Show Transcription: 

Announcer: Welcome to Travel Agent Achievers! The place to learn how to grow your travel business and have fun with it. Join Roslyn and her guests as they walk you through proven steps to a fulfilling and profitable business. 


Ros:  Hello there, Travel Agent Achievers. So good to have you here once again for Episode 31. Welcome to our new listeners, welcome back to you!  I know that you've subscribed and if you haven't, make sure that you do so that you get information on when the podcast actually hit iTunes and all of the other places.

But I also wanted just to say welcome back. And, you know, I'm Ros and I'm host for the Travel Agent Achievers Podcast. But you already know that. Now before we get started today, I wanted to give a quick shout out to Carol from Born for Travel.

Thank you, Carol for your beautiful review. In her message. She says I really have been enjoying your podcast. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and being an inspiration.

Carol, thank you so much for this. It really means a lot to me. And I have to say that you are also an inspiration for me as well. I love what you're doing on social media. And so yeah, thank you for listening.

Talk about speaking to the right people, you guys and you listening right now are my people. And I'm so fortunate to have such a bunch of Rockstar listeners that know that they want to grow their travel business. Yes, that is you and I wanted to say thank you for listening.

And this brings me to today's topic, which is about finding the people that you want to work with in your travel business and serve them, how to find and describe your ideal client. Today we're going to talk about describing your ideal clients.


Now you know that I'm all about creating value, having systems and processes and also just being real and being honest and creating incredible memories for your clients. I know you do that, and I want to do the same for my clients. And my clients are in my travel business, but it's also you.

So today, I'm diving a little bit deeper into what is the best client for you to work with, and why you should choose them. I have also a free download to go with this podcast, which will help you identify this person with a bunch of questions. And space to write more notes.

So, if you'd like it, go to travelagentachievers.com/episode31 that’s travelagentachievers.com/episode31. I will link to this on the podcast page of our website which is just travelagentachievers.com and also the link in our social media channels and in the show notes so that you can access it everywhere that you need to.

Coming to our topic about describing our ideal client, let's have a look at why. So why do I think that we need to find our favorite clients. There are so many reasons for this.

The first one is that it makes work seem easy. When you know who you need to talk to. You will find it really easy to come up with the specials or the deals or creating value for them. connecting them with you. So, you connecting and clients, your ideal client to other suppliers or connect with them on social media and talk to them. It's also really enjoyable and it will make you happy as well because you can now understand and really like this person.

And when I say it'll be easy and work things easy because you know these guys so well, you're doing your favorite things and your favorite parts of travel.

You'll also feel a little less stressed, you'll be able to bring more profit into your business, and I can guarantee that the referrals and repeat business will grow. So why do I say that and why do I think you need to find your favorite clients? Because guys, this is our business and we want to make it work. We want it to be a fun thing.

You created your travel business to get away from the rat race or working with other people. So why not have fun with it? And why not work with the people that you really, really like? And I know that this makes sense. And I'm sure, for me, it makes sense. I hope it makes sense for you as well.

We all want a more profitable business. So, ask yourself, does that make more sense to work with the people that you like? For me? I say this. Absolutely, yes. It makes complete sense to me to have a business that I enjoy with my clients and working with them and creating incredible experiences.


But it also comes down to the bottom line. And I think we in in travel, we need to be conscious of this and particularly at the moment during COVID, which is when this podcast is being recorded. We need to understand our clients so well. That yes, we want to take care of them. But at the end of the day, you want to be able to have a business, a business that is able to go through the tough times.

And we also want to make sure that you're able to take an income from it, and that it is profitable at the end of the day. And I understand that things are tough right now. And you may look at it and go, this isn't even a profitable business. I feel like I'm going backwards. But don't worry, I am here to help you. And I want you to come through this time.

So, we find these people through several different ways. And we're not going to talk about that today. But I want you when you are coming up with who your ideal client or your avatar or your best client is. For me, I'm going to keep it really simple.

So, let's just call it your ideal client because it's relatable, and Avatar, I just think of the movie and the blue person. So, let's talk about your ideal client. And when you want to connect with this person, you will need to understand where they are.  But right now, we're going to find out who they are.

When you first started out in business, and this goes for me as well, you may have to work with anyone and everyone, all of your contacts and connections just to get the business in. It may seem counterintuitive; however, I get it, you need to get money in the door, and you have to make ends meet.

You may be doing things right now that you hadn't even thought of or imagined you might have had to pivot your business to look at a different market or a different niche and something that you weren't used to or you weren't really wanting to do, but you need to get money in the door and you have to make ends meet.

It may not be the ideal choice or you may even feel limited right now. However, don't despair, these bookings will help you in the future. And right now, the work that you are doing, you can start designing your ideal client, even with these first bookings.

So, whether you are new to the industry, new travel, new to your own travel business or whether you are rebuilding your travel business right now, you can start designing who your ideal client is with these first bookings.

So, you'll find the clients that you absolutely love dealing with. You'll find the clients that frustrate you to no end and you'll also find the clients that you are looking at as your dream clients. Now, however, that looks for you in your business. That's okay.


You'll be able to start categorizing these clients as you start booking travel for them. This episode isn't about finding a niche that, as I said, is for another time. However, I do think that we need to specialize to an extent.

In my business, I don't niche to a very specific thing to cut off my nose to spite my face. I'm sure that that's the thing I know it sounds weird, but I don't turn away business because it doesn't exactly fit with what my business specializes in.

Why do you ask?  So, you might say to me, but Ros, I specialize in Italy. So why would I sell a trip to Germany? Guys, is because you are looking for that ideal client. For me. It's because I still need money in the bank.

My clients are going to be contacting me and connecting with me and that then turns into a confirmed booking. It still comes back to relationship management; it still comes back to building your contact list. And people over time will either continue to work with you or they won't.

When I first started out in travel, and this month, I am on next week. Next week actually, I am 10 years with my same host provider, and I love them dearly. But when I first started out with another agency, I did everything. I didn't know suppliers, but I knew how to research.

I knew how to ask questions and find the right deal or the right fit for my clients. And I started with the clients. It for me it was about making sure that the client was happy. And if it was a trip to Africa, okay, great. I booked it. It was a Disney holiday. Okay, I booked it. I learned as much as I could, I dug in so that I could make those clients love. And I say that, you know, with capital letters LOVE every moment of their trip, it may have been extra work and it delays sometimes piecing together a trick, because I don't do them all the time.

However, those happy clients, and we know all of these happy clients, they lead to more thermals and repeat business.

So, if I have to step out of my niche from time to time, I'm okay with that. Because happy clients lead to more referrals and repeat business and I want to build my business. So, I don't say no.

However, there are times that I do say no, because I know that those clients aren't my ideal clients and if I can recommend them on to somebody else that I know that is their market, then I am more than willing to do that.

Now as my business has grown, referrals and repeat clients have grown, I have been able to look deeper into my own statistics and details and see what has worked for me in my business.

This is why looking into your own statistics, your own details, who you currently work with, or who you have worked with in the past, is really important. This is something that we dive into quite deeply in our six week build or rebuild your travel business program, because it's really important that you know your numbers, but you also know and understand who you work with and who you want to work with.

So, I'm going to give you a few questions that I asked myself. I've asked my clients and I put together who is the ideal client for me and my business. So, these are the questions that I also want you to ask yourself.

So, grab the free resource and our PDF guide, which is on our website, travelagentachievers.com./episode31. Or you'll just find it if you go to travelagentachievers.com and into our podcast section. But grab these guides so that you can then have a look and ask yourself these questions.

Now over the last few months, you will have worked with some people that you love. And there will also be some people that you regret having ever booked their travel for. I get it and guys; I have been in the same situation. I'll give you a little story.

So, I have booked and you know beautiful business class travel for clients and an incredible experience. Somebody who is very well off with a lot of money and was a dream to deal with. Now COVID 19 hit and this client, I'm not going to mention any names, but has driven myself and my team crazy.

I have been so surprised by their reaction, their tenacity, their willingness to knock anybody else over in order to get a solution that they want without thinking of anybody else. And this has really surprised me because of their initial interaction with us. And I say that because I've been, I've been hurt, and, you know, been around because this client who, you know, I thought would be great moving forward, doesn't care about anybody else but themselves.

And that is not me acting in my own integrity. And it's really shown me that I care for other people. And the clients that I want to deal with are also of that same nature. Now this is for me and my business, you might have your own stories around clients during COVID and the impact that it's had on your business.

And that's why I say now is a really good time to be looking at who you have loved dealing with, some of the clients that you thought How did I even book their travel in the first place? And who you want more of in the future?


So, some questions to ask yourself. And I, I come to you with, you know, just a bunch of things because you will come up with your own list as well. You will come up with some extra things but this is just a guide to give you an insight into some questions that you should be asking.

And it doesn't have to be the same person every single time. You don't have to just purely market to this one individual. You might be working with families. But this will give you an idea and an indication of who works best in your business and who you work really well.

With and for because you are serving the industry, you are serving your clients and you are taking care of them. But these people will be the ones that you want more of. So, the questions that I'm going to ask you to ask yourself, you might look at and go, why would I even answer that Ros?

I can assure you though, that as you design this ideal client, it will be who speaks to you the most and it will be Who are your ideal clients and we all have different people that we work with. And I think that that's okay.

And one thing that I have said to you time and again before is there is enough business to go around. So, as you design this ideal client and the people that you want to work with, the person that is sitting down the road from you're in another city or in another state or in another country, they are going to work with somebody else.

And that's okay, because we are all different, as long as we all are there to support and encourage one another. And I think in this industry, and what I've certainly seen over the last few months is we are there to take care of each other and we are there to support one another.

It's just sometimes we don't work with the same people and that's, that's okay. Because you will be able to specialize in one industry or one particular topic, whereas somebody else doesn't. And if we can all take care of each other and support one another. These will be a much stronger industry as we move forward.

So, some of the questions that I want you to ask yourself and think about in designing this ideal client, going through even your files.

So, let's look at an age to start with, is it a? Is it a male or a female? That you would normally book travel for? Who is the decision maker? When you are looking at your clients? Is it a specific age? Are you looking at school levels? And those that are going on a gap year or a holiday for a younger demographic?


Is it the single or young couples? Is it a family? Is it a retiree? When I asked you to look at the age, I'm not being, you know, wrong in any way, it's just Who do you relate to the most? The second question is

You know, what sort of salary do they earn? And again, it's not about you going out and saying, I'm only working with the high end of town or those that are going on luxury holidays, it's hurting you relate to who do you feel as though you can take care of the most?

And if you don't want to answer any of these questions, that's okay. I'm just putting it out there so that you can think about who you want to take care of, and also, what clients are attracted to you. What's the persona that you also put off to other people?

More questions. How many times do they travel? Are they regular travelers? Do they go three or four times a year on a holiday or a trip of a business travel is always somebody who travels economy business or first class.

When I say how many times they travel, this can open up a whole can of worms because they might do you know, business travel and they regularly do specific routes, you know, Sydney-LA, they might be doing that five or six times a year. It could be that they're school leavers. And so, they go on one gap trip in their lifetime.

There is no wrong answer in this. How do you want to help this person? So, looking at their fears, their needs, their desires, their feelings? What do they really want out of their travel?

Now I say that what do they really want? And what somebody comes to you and asks, and I know that you will have had this, somebody will come to you and they'll ask for a five-star trip. And that's what they're admitting that they want. But what they secretly need is something different, and that's okay.

So, asking yourself and these questions, you might need to sit with this for a period of time. It's not something you will be able to come up with all in one sitting or in five minutes, because over time, this will evolve.

And the people that you work with may change. As I started out with, I know for myself, I worked with so many different people. And that was to get money through the door.

And that was to earn a commission, put food on the table and ensure that I had a business. And then over time, I have worked out where my sweet spot is, who is it that I'm really passionate about taking care of and their travels and their experiences?

Because when I show more passion and excitement, in what I'm booking, I know that that will resonate with my clients, and everybody is different, so you're not going to have the same person that I do and that's okay.

So, working this ideal question. Now is really just about asking yourself a series of questions. You might look back on your booking files, for instance, and say, okay, the, the clients that I really enjoy booking are going on, you know, one $5,000 holiday a year, and that's okay.

Because it's your client and you speak to them. And you know that year after year, they're going to come back to you, because you will always be providing value and service and excitement and really taking care of this one person.

And I can guarantee that that one person that you take care of, will know somebody else who is like them, and that extra person will then tell other people as well. So, there are a ton of things you can find out about your ideal client. And I want you to ask yourself these questions. I want you to have a think about who you like working with and from there, over time, this person will come to you as you are able to talk more clearly to them as time passes.

Alright guys, thank you so much for listening today. It's really good to have you here on this podcast. I appreciate you and I look forward to connecting with you very soon.

Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast, download our free resources and know that I am here for you.

We have our Travel Agent Achievers, Achievers in Travel group that I'd love you to be a part of on Facebook as well as our upcoming five-day challenge. Keep an eye out for it.

Keep in touch and know that I am here for you. You will get through the time and you will be able to design the business of your dreams.




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