5-Days of FREE LIVE Training


As borders open, are you in a position to be seen and heard with the exact clients you want to attract and work with moving forward this year?

Right now is a time to re-ignite your connection strategies across different channels.

Let's work together to prepare, structure and systemise - and then revitalize your marketing messages in 5 days! 

Join us in our 5-Day Challenge starting on the 14th of February at 9AM Sydney Time! 

PS: We hate spam and junk emails too. We never share your details and you can be removed from the reminder emails at any time. 

Does this sound like you? 


The stop start feeling and mixed messages about WHEN we can travel is time consuming, confusing, gut wrenching and to be honest you just feel like it's all too hard.

Timing and the global situation is exhausting and to be honest has been weird.  Often we question ourselves....

🤔 Do we promote travel?

🤔 Do we book travel?

🤔 Are we ready to take bookings?

🤔 Can we take bookings?

🤔 What will our clients expect from us? 

There have been so many questions, but one thing remains true - we need to SHOW our clients that we are still in business. 

But showing up can be difficult too at times. I get it. 

Which is why we wanted to do this LIVE FREE training to help you


Help you to come up with a plan that you can easily execute as it is exactly what works for YOU. 

You are the Expert when it comes to taking care of your clients for their travel needs. AND I don't want you to also be the world's best kept secret. 


Over the 5 days we are going to cover: 

✔️ Why its important to be present and visible

✔️ What can we do to achieve this

✔️ How to find the assets you need to promote yourself and the tools to use

✔️ Set up tracking and how to measure your success

✔️ Writing Copy for your audience

✔️ Preparing the assets to promote your services


Let's get consistent and be visible together! Sign up now! 


Here's what some of our previous Challenge Participants have said: 

Let's get consistent and be visible together! Sign up now! 

HI! I'm Ros from Travel Agent Achievers. 

I'm so glad you are here.

Now, more than ever I feel it's important to be surrounded by people that 'get' you. Understand where you are at and can relate to what you have been through over the last 2 years.

It isn't easy running a travel business in a global pandemic, but I believe you can get through this. 

You have a Travel Business, because I hope like me, you love what you do. You love to travel, you love the industry and it gives you great joy when you create magical experiences for people whom share your passion for travel too.

These LIVE sessions are not only to give you some ideas and education around your travel business, but also a  chance for you to connect with other travel advisors from around the world.

Share your wins, goals, where you are at the moment, and how you are feeling. Be part of a community that supports YOU. 

My passion for business and helping others is why I created Travel Agent Achievers. To support and encourage you when you need it. 

To give you tips, tools, resources and a gentle nudge when you need it. 

These 5 Days of FREE live Training are to help, support and encourage you to get out there and build your travel business.

This is the start of your journey again in an industry you love and the timing could not be better as the world begins to open up. 

It's time to re-ignite, re-engage and rebuild your travel business in a way that works for YOU. 

I can't wait to see you, I look forward to getting to know you and helping you grow your travel business, 

Ros xo