You Deserve to have the Travel Business you desire..

The last couple of years in Travel have been about Survival.

Doing what we could to get through. 

At times having the heavy, hard conversations with clients, juggling refunds, credits and expectations. 

Wondering if this business will ever survive, questioning what to do financially as well as career wise. Feeling so frustrated about COVID-19 that literally stopped the world and traveling in its tracks. 

It has been hard. 


You may have worked to find solutions and continued to trade. 

You may have learnt new skills and maintained client relationships. Vowing to do things differently when things turned around. 

It hasn't been easy, but we are strong and we will get through this together.

You are NOT alone

Over the last few years we've been working with Travel Advisors around the world to come through this time. 

With specific resources, trainings, workshops, podcasts, and opportunities to meet up that has formed not only new friendships, but also a collective of experts who are supporting one another and working alongside one another to rebuild their travel businesses. 

We are in this together and here to support you as you begin to navigate the travel industry taking off again. 

Imagine if you could... 

Find out how to:

  • Build a Travel Business that gave you the flexibility and freedom to travel, spend time with family, deal with clients that you want to create travel memories for... 
  • Work with the clients that value you and your experience. They know how hard you work, how great you are at what you do and you LOVE working with them! 
  • Being the go to expert that your clients love, want to work with and trust you to create memories and travel experiences that will last a lifetime...   
This is possible and now more than ever you have the opportunity to start FRESH. 


The opportunity to DESIGN your travel business and the way you work.


This time only comes around once.


Are you ready to design and work in your travel business the way you want? 


Get Set to Soar JUNE 2022! 


It's time to increase your confidence, get back out there, work with the clients that you LOVE, get noticed and seen and use proven strategies to rebuild your travel business. 


Be the Face of Your Business

Melinda Hird is on hand on Monday 20th to get your NEW photos taken! No more selfies or bad lighting shots. These are professional photos on our own 'Travel Shoot!' Use these professional images easily for your social media, marketing and business documents!  


Christina Lenkowski, our publicity expert will be giving you the exact steps and help you come up with your own plan to get noticed and be valued by the exact clients you want to work with on a platform that you don't need to leave home for!


Maree Kirkpatrick will help you tailor a sales process that converts for your business, so that you are working with more of your ideal clients. You will also get clarity on how you and your business can stand out in the travel industry. 


Together, including myself, we will also be working on the value you provide, YOUR OWN pricing packages and coming up with your Sales and Marketing Plan for the next 6 months. 


Lets put together a plan for your business to move you out of overwhelm and stress into ease, fun and enjoyment. 

Spend the day with us to work on your business to move it forward with all the support you need in a beautiful 5 Star location! 

It's time to get specific about WHAT you want to achieve and determine the EXACT steps, tools and ways you CAN propel your travel business forward much faster and with a scaleable approach than you have done previously. 

You Can come through this time and be stronger than ever. Let's build the Travel Business you have always wanted. 

Work with EXPERTS to increase confidence and take action with proven strategies for your travel business.

Christina Lenkowski

International Publicity Expert working with you to come up with your unique story, pitch and plan.

Maree Kirkpatrick

Helping you to put together your own Sales Strategy that suits your goals and lifestyle.

Melinda Hird

Have an iconic photoshoot in Sydney's most idyllic location with an incredible Brand Photographer.

Secure your space for Tuesday 21st June 2022 AND.....


Join Virtually - $175AUD

The Virtual Experience will help you:

  • Understand your ideal clients. Who (now more than ever) YOU want to work with. 
  • Establish and curate your 'travel story' in a way that the media and your ideal clients can relate to.  
  • Determine where and how to find 'pitching' opportunities that are full of your ideal clients.
  • Write your 'pitch' and have the opportunity to submit it for review or suggestions
  • Design a Sales process to convert more of your Ideal Clients
  • Define the Unique Selling Points of your service offering to help you stand out from the crowd and to talk about these!
  • Come up with your Value Proposition, Pricing that suits you and a plan to get paid for the service you offer.
  • Set sales goals and put together an action plan to achieve YOUR targets. 
  • Digital Workbook to add your notes
  • Recording of the day so you can come back and review later  

Other Incredible Travel Professionals talking about their experience with Ros & Travel Agent Achievers


Encouragement and Support


When COVID Hit over 2 years ago now, I immediately put plans into place to secure our travel business future. My team stepped up to 'do what it takes' even when they went into lockdown themselves. But that wasn't enough for me. 

I'm someone who works well under pressure, can assess and act on situations quickly and would give the shirt off my back to help someone else in need. (Yes - I am one of those people that if there is an emergency you want me in your corner.) 

I saw the industry (that I love and have been a part of my whole career in many facets) start to crumble and I intrinsically wanted to help. Travel Agent Achievers had been around for a while, but I knew that I could help SO many more industry professionals with the skills and professional background I had. 

So, I stepped up.

I created more podcasts to assist, educate, encourage and inspire those that wanted to hang in there.  Got on hundreds of coaching calls. Provided a ton of free resources and zoom calls to take off the burden of knowing what to do next for so many people all over the world.


Together we have created an incredible community of extraordinary individuals. Our Zoom sessions have included tears, laughter, stories and education.

SO NOW - I want to bring not only our mastermind members together, but the wider community that haven't had a chance to see others and take action to work ON their business to move forward. EVEN when at times the feelings of hope can't be found or you are lost. 

You are not alone, you can get through this and I firmly believe that when we put action behind our plans success will follow.

This event I created to bring you the best. You get access to experts that you would normally pay THOUSANDS of $ per month to work with. You get the opportunity to sit 1:1 with them, ask them specific questions about your own business and develop a clear strategy for yourself and your business moving forward. 

My goal is to help YOU come up with the plan and strategy specifically for YOU and YOUR business. 

I believe you CAN build the travel business you deserve and desire and I am right here with you.