Episode 61:

 Uncertain, Cautiously Optimistic or Ready to go? Which is you in your travel business at the moment?

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We've just received the best news this week here in Australia and I couldn't help but feel so excited and happy! 

Finally, after two years, we are reopening our shores to international visitors again! Whoo-hoo! A part of this brings a lot of joy but there's also a part of me that has a bit of anxiety rising. 

With the world opening up, there's also a shift in our clients and how they're feeling. 

Yes, we are all happy but what we’ve noticed is that there is also this level and feeling of uncertainty. There are so many questions going on in our clients' heads about the 'NEW' kind of traveling. 

Are you ready to take these questions on? 

Are you ready to stand up as the expert in your own field of genius and be the travel advisor that your clients need?

In this episode, I wanted to reflect with you on a couple of things that I've learned over the last few weeks, as well as give you some ideas on things that you can be doing right now to prepare your travel agent business as the world starts to open. 

This is the perfect time to be connecting with your clients. Let them know about the recent news updates, what's happening in the travel world and how you can help them. Continue to build those relationships. 

There are tons of ways to show up as an expert in our area. I talked about these in this episode as well. But one of the most popular ways to connect with our clients is through social media.  

If you feel like you haven't been visible on social media lately and you need the structure and system to consistently show up in front of your ideal clients, join us in our FREE 5-Day Live Training starting next Monday, 14th of February 2022.  

Together, with a bunch of amazing travel professionals, we are going to work on our structure in order to be visible again. 

Get excited. I know it's been hard, but you're coming through this time. We believe in you.

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Quotes from this Episode

“Do less and Obssess” - Suzy Dafnis

“But when we really focus on what lights us up and gives us energy, and we take care of the clients that give us life, that's where the passion and the enthusiasm and the excitement really shine through on the work that we do and the work that we produce.” - Roslyn Ranse

“It's not just doing all the things for the sake of doing all the things. It's about building a life, building the business of our dreams.”  - Roslyn Ranse

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Show Transcription: 

Announcer: Welcome to Travel Agent Achievers. The place to learn how to grow your travel business and have fun with it. Join Roslyn and her guests as they walk you through proven steps to a fulfilling and profitable business.


Ros: Well hello there Travel Agent Achievers. Welcome back to yet another episode. I think I need a new intro like that. Yeah. Anyhow, guys, it's Ros here. I'm so glad that you're here. And you're joining me again. Wow, what a week it has been. We are already in February 2022. I feel like January has just disappeared. Kids are back to school. We've received amazing news in the last couple of days where Australia's borders are going to be reopening very, very soon welcoming back international guests to our shores. 


I am absolutely delighted, excited. You know, the elation I think when I saw the emails and the messages and the press releases all come out was just for me, pure joy. And also over the last couple of weeks, I've been talking with a number of advisors, as well as hundreds of clients, reconnecting with them, and also meeting in person at different stages. And the feeling and the vibe that I'm currently getting is one of hope, and excitement. I was talking with a client and friend only recently and she was telling me how her first trip back internationally was to Fiji. And she said she was a blubbering mess. Walking down the plane, you know, Gangplank thing I know I'm using a boat form for words for a better word, but walking down to get onto the plane. 


And she said she was just crying. And it was like this massive release that once again, she was allowed to do something that had been taken away from her in the last few years. And she got on the plane, she landed in Fiji, she got out to the island, she said I couldn't believe the emotions that I was feeling. How I was so excited and happy to once again, experience new things. 


And she said it just gave her a new sense of life and also gave her the ability to breathe. That really resonated with me because as a Travel Advisor myself, like you guys, you know, I hope and I dream that my clients get some beautiful feelings and emotions as they travel that I get. 


And it's from the heart that they get to experience this incredible planet that we live on. And just to hear of her journey just brought so much joy to my life as well. 


So there's, I've certainly seen that there's a big shift in our clients and how they're feeling. I still think that there's a little bit of trepidation with rules, and what can we do? What half do we have to do? Do we need to be vaccinated or not next vaccinated, what testing, there's still a lot to continue to navigate. And that's where I encourage you as professional travel advisors to make sure you check in with yourself and see how you're feeling about taking on any new clients or these trips. 


But right now, I'm excited, the borders are opening, it's like I want to shout that from the rooftops. And, you know, part of that, you know, brings a lot of joy. But there is also a part of that that reminds me there is still so much work to do. 


So today, I wanted to reflect with you on a couple of things that I've learned over the last few weeks, as well as give you some ideas on things that you can be doing right now. As the world starts to open up. What are some of the reminders that we need in order to connect with our clients and show them that we are the travel experts, but also what you can do for yourself to take care of yourself during this time, and to plug into the communities that really support and get you and move forward. We are moving forward. I've been saying for the last couple of years that I am here to help you get through this time. And I am certainly seeing a lot of hope. Cautiously optimistic was a word that I was using towards the end of last year because I could see the potential. And I firmly believe that we are all going to be able to see each other together in person. We'll be able to continue to assist our clients and friends and family to reunite with their loved ones and also experience this incredible planet. So let's just jump straight into you know something that I have learned and I'm really taking to heart this year.


I was at a conference last week where I was co hosting the experience. If you received my emails, you'll know that there will be some degi dancing coming out. I was stepping out of my comfort zone. And I was trying to bring the energy to the online community in hosting that virtual experience. We had over 200 people that were online, and the feedback was amazing that I received from it. But one of the things that I took away, and I'm normally in the room during these experiences was from an incredible speaker, Suzi Dafnis, who runs a business called Her Business. And she works with women all over the world. 


She is also an incredible powerhouse herself in business, she was part of a team for her and her partner PJ who bought Robert Kiyosaki. And if you know the books, or you've heard of the books, or your parents have spoken about the books, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, back in the 90s, she bought him out to Australia. And she was then the publisher, I believe, and the event coordinator and promoter to work with him for a number of years. And she's gone on to do incredible things in business. And I admire her greatly. She was one of the speakers at the event. And I've known Suzi for a while. And I've been a not a part of her programmes, but I've been around her and connected with her in person on a number of occasions. 


And one thing that she said during her presentation was to do less, and obsess. Now, last year, one of the things that I was saying, and I have a T shirt around this as well, of all the things, because I feel like as business owners, we do tend to do all of the things we are in, especially as travel business owners, not only are we responsible for booking our clients and ensuring that you know, we're sending them to Sydney, Australia, S Y D, instead of Sydney, Canada, we are making sure that the details are accurate, our clients are really well taken care of. 


We are doing all the things from that point as a Travel Advisor and consultant. But we are also business owners. And part of that is that we are the financial controller where the marketing expert we are PR, we are the sales manager where the administration person and we take care of all of the things right that to do with business. 


So we have this, you know, multi, not personality, but all these different hats that we have to wear. And then also, we have families to take care of their children as part of a number of our lives. There's our friends, and we want to be able to connect and catch up with all of these different people that make us up as one whole person. But one thing that Suzi said was do less and obsess. 


And now the reason she was talking about that was that as business owners, yes, we can be doing so many different things. And I related this to being in travel as well, where as travel business owners, often we have clients that come to us and you know, we'll be quite happy to take the booking and do what needs to get done. But when we really focus in on what lights us up, and gives us energy, and we take care of the clients that give us life, that's where the passion and the enthusiasm and the excitement really shines through on the work that we do and the work that we produce. 


So the more that we can do that is going to that obsession, so we're doing less, we're working with less people, or we're working with, you know, our ideal clients, and we obsess over that, then that's where our businesses can become quite profitable, but also give us life. It's not just doing all the things for the sake of doing all the things. It's about building a life building a business of our dreams. And the expectations that we have on ourselves can be quite well defined. So the shift that I really found myself thinking about was, how can I do less and obsess over my clients? How can I do less in the travel business but obsess over the things that we do really, really well? And hone in on that even more so.


But how can I also do that for myself? How can I do less and obsess over the things that give me joy. So one of the things that I'm going to be doing this year is I am incredibly focused. And I'm going to continue to check in with my gut, I am going to say no to the things that don't give me joy. But I'm also going to make sure that I am providing incredible value for our clients. And that is in certainly our travel business, but also with Travel Agent Achievers, my heart, and my passion has always been around business and helping people. I said, on the weekend to one of my business coaches, you know, I've always been a people pleaser. I'm the good girl. And looking back on my life, I have always wanted the best for everybody else. I've always been the people's champion, where I love to see people succeed. And I want other people and I tend to elevate and champion others. Now that that is intrinsically me. And for me this year, it's about ensuring that I am in alignment with who I am and what I believe in. 


Now I've got a track record in business myself, I'm here to help and serve you and our community of travel advisors all over the world. But I want to ensure that you are getting the most out of it so that I can champion you and your success. And part of that comes with the podcast here as well. I want to make sure that we are bringing in the best possible guests to give you the most value. And I think every guest that I've had on the podcast, and there are many so far, everyone has come to the podcast with incredible value, and providing insight and tools and resources and information to help you succeed as a business owner. 


So plug into that community, make sure that you've subscribed to the podcast and you get notified when the episodes come out. But more so than that, make sure you plug into the travel agent achievers community, we have so much happening this year that I'm here to ensure that you get everything that you need to make your travel business a success. 


So I am committed to doing less of all the things and obsessing over the things that I'm really good at. And making sure that my team is also really well supported to do the things that they are exceptional at as well. And you know that I have a team around me. So this wouldn't even be possible without the team, the podcast and getting all the information out to you as well. 


So those are the things that I'm going to focus on. And I was looking at our to do list in our action list this week as a team as our travel for our travel business. And as the news came out, saying you know that the world is starting to open up, I really wanted to just jump straight on and get this podcast out there to you because I think that there are some really timely things that we can be doing. And I wanted to remind you of those so that you can take action straight away this week if necessary. Because there are certain things that as this news hits, we need to get that information out to our clients. Now one thing that's happening next week is we have a Travel Agent Achievers Five days of Live Training. So from Monday to Friday, I will be going live inside zoom, we've got a special links and all the rest of it set up for you. So all you need to do is just jump onto our website and find the five day challenge where we're going to help you get your content ready, get systemized and organised, find out where you can find things so that you don't have to always wonder what's next. What do I need to come up with? What are the ideas? What are my clients looking for? Where do I find things? So that's next week that's happening from the 14th of February. It is free live training just for you because I want to see you succeed. And by implementing some of the strategies that I'll talk about each day, you are going to be able to take a breath and not feel as though you have to do all the things. But you can focus on the things that are going to serve you and your business really well. So do less and obsess is certainly a mantra that I'm going to be thinking about. 


But five things that we can be doing right now. As news comes out as information is ready. I know last year we were talking about how in the states were In America started to open up the passports to get your passport renewed or get a brand new passport, those timelines just blew out. And I said at the time, make sure that your Australian clients as well, when the borders open, they are going to need to be ready. And if they're ready to travel, they're going to need to have their passports all up to date. And that was just one thing, one little throwaway comment that I made, because it was what we were doing was encouraging our clients to get organised and to be pulling out their passports, dusting them off, getting them ready, and renewing them if necessary. 


And what happened in the US is also now happened here in Australia, it used to be only a couple of weeks, and you could get your brand new passport. But now that timeline is starting to blow out. So one quick tip for you is connect with your clients, remind them to get their passports updated. And just share that information because it's going to save a lot of headache. And especially if it blows out to three or four months that, you know we have seen in other countries, you want to ensure that your clients are ready for when they're ready to travel. 


So five things that we can be doing right now. The first thing is your content planning. So if you haven't done this already, I know I spoke about it towards the end of last year that we were getting organised, we knew what we wanted to talk about this year. If you haven't put together your content plan, I recommend you do so now. Now part of that is if you join our challenge, or five days of live training next week, you will be able to start working on this. 


So putting together the content plan, why do we even do it? Well, it just takes the load off your brain. So you don't have to think about what you want to be saying at different times of the year. We all know in travel, that from past history, there are certain times and themes that we would generally be booking things in advance. 


So if you haven't got your content plan sorted, or at least some ideas for things that you can be talking about every month, then get that into place. Right now. We just ran through this for those that attended our live training in Sydney, and also online in our virtual experience, which was our planning and strategy day. So I know that everybody there has got at least six months worth of ideas that they're going to be executing, and they've taken out out of their heads, they don't need to think about what the theme is for that month. 


So content planning is absolutely crucial to help you just stay focused. If you need different ideas around this, then definitely make sure you tune in next week for our live training. The second thing to do right now is to get visible. Right? You might be thinking, okay, but Ros, I'm on social media. And now I'm doing this and doing that. And that's great. If your clients aren't on social media, then what are you doing? 


You know, what, what are you doing to connect with them? And when I say get visible, I'm encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone, encouraging you to really connect with your clients. If that now means that you can meet with them one on one, you can go and have a coffee, fantastic. If you want to be putting together some sort of a presentation night or seminar or experience that you can bring your clients together to showcase your expertise or something that you might have coming up, then do that. But it's time to get visible. If you haven't been on social media, reintroduce yourself know or if you've got new followers, or if you want some sort of consistency. Again, join in next week, because we're going to run through all of this. But I'm encouraging you really just for right now to get visible.


If you have done any work around publicity or PR, then tap back into that. If you're looking to become a guest on a podcast, then I recommend you go back through our podcasts and have a listen to the one with Christina Lenkowski . She's amazing at podcast pitching I know that she's got some free training coming up, we will link to that in the show notes as well, so that you can get some of your strategies for this year with publicity or becoming more known or getting your expertise out to the world for a particular area or industry or your ideal client. Jump onto these things because the more you learn, and the more that you elevate yourself, your business is going to come with you. And I was hearing this as well. And it was a great reminder because it's not something that we often think about. If we stay the same and we don't learn any more than your business is going to stay the same. 


However, if you do some work on yourself, you learn new things, you are interacting with people who really encourage and support you and want the best for you, then your business is also going to elevate as well. And it's going to grow. Because you're thinking differently, you're learning new things. And you are also being reminded of things that you may know, or you may have done in the past that you haven't implemented or you haven't put into action. 


So education is a really, it's a, it's been a big deal for me in my life. And it's certainly helped me, but it's something that I want to encourage you to also explore this year. So getting visible, getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. For those, if you haven't done a live video yet to share with your clients, you know that you're still here, then put your face out there, record videos so that you're still here. 


This is the news of what's happening for you right now and what you're doing in your travel business, and encourage them to come and have a chat with you about any future travel experiences that they're looking forward to as well. So getting visible is really important. Right now, especially as the world starts to open up, you want clients to come to you, instead of choosing somebody else, or you want the right clients to come to you. The third thing that we're doing in our travel business as well is, you know, we often forget that the written word, and connecting with clients on a more personal level or through emails can, you know, can get lost, and it's time consuming. 


So what we do is have a consistent schedule of newsletters. Now, I'm not saying we send a newsletter every week, we don't. It is possible, though, if that's suitable for your market, but it's not for ours. But the way that we connect with our clients, and we ensure that we deliver the right information to them, is by sending a timely newsletter when it's right for them. Now, the reason why we don't do this every week is because we sent out a survey to our clients. And we've done this a few times over the last couple of years just asking them how they want information delivered to them. And when do they want it delivered to them? And if you haven't done a survey like this before, then we'll add some links in our show notes to how you can do your own survey and to be doing it for free just to find out what your clients want. But the reason, or one of the things that came back for us was the majority of our clients said Rsz, we love your content. We want to hear from you. And we open your emails when there is something that's timely. Now, I know that we all get emails from suppliers, we all get emails from people that we've signed up to newsletters for, and sometimes you may just open it and delete it. There'll be times where you open things, you read every word, you click on every link, you see what's going on, and then you move on. But there are also times that just by receiving an email your clients, it gives them the opportunity to connect and engage with you. But it also gives them the opportunity to make a decision. And if they've been sitting on the fence about something you are then top of mind. So consistency is important. But it also needs to be when it's right for your audience. 


So if your audience comes back to you, and they say, you know, when there is something of importance, please send it to us because you have really high open rates when you do send something, or they come back to you and say yeah, once a month is fine. If they ask for things weekly, then send something weekly, there might be a lot of information that you receive about your area of expertise. And you may need to consistently send emails, that's totally fine. Just do whatever works for you. 


But I do recommend newsletters are great, especially if they have just one call to action or they have one message in them. If you send a newsletter that has 20 different things in them, you're almost like a news source. It can get lost. So especially if you've got something really important that you need to get across to your clients. If you are sending an email, just see if you can send with one. One thing, one thing, one action, one thing that is important for them. 


So with regards to connecting on a more human and personal level, we're also doing a lot of outreach with our clients via phone following up with regards to credits that they've got making sure that we're sending timely email to say, hey, don't forget, you've still got this credit. And now that the world's opening up, we're really looking forward to bookings on. So for you. Now, it's been a couple of years. So some people may come back and ask for alternatives. Or they may say they're not ready yet. But the thing is, they are connecting with you, you are connecting with them. And you are top of mind. So personalised individual emails, phone calls, they are crucial to building relationships. And this is an opportunity for you right now, even over the next couple of weeks, just to be preparing for your top 10 clients, or you know, those that you haven't spoken to in a while. And keeping a list of this. So you can come back around and you can re-check in on these people, you know, a couple of months down the track if they don't reply to you, or you don't hear from you. 


But continuing to build those relationships, because I know that we all have clients that we love working with. And the stronger those relationships, the more you are there for them, the more they're going to be there for you. And then any individual cards are you sending? Have you made the decision this year to send birthday cards to your clients? Once a month? That's what we do in our travel business is we look at who our clients are that have birthdays this month, and send an individualised personal handwritten birthday card. Via the post. Yes, it's very old school. But I mean, when was the last time you received a birthday card? 


Realistically, and I'm not saying you know, it's one of those ones that pop up on your, your email, or you get a Facebook message, or something, you know, all those Facebook comments. The reality is that if you send something hard, so piece of mail, for instance, that will be more remembered, and even sending it a couple of days before the person's birthday. So it's not actually on their birthday. If you are one of the first to wish someone a happy birthday, one of your clients, then you're going to be remembered stronger or more well known than those that send a Facebook message or comment on Facebook, for instance. 


So it's building those relationships, really strengthening them and continuing to build. Because business isn't just a transaction. Yes, you might get a customer initially. So a customer might be a first purchase. But you want them to turn into clients, people that you respect you love looking after. And this is certainly just a few ways that you can continue to do that.


 So the things that we're doing right now is I want to encourage you to look at your content planning, I want you to get visible send a video, if you know, I love bonjoro. So send out a bonjoro message. That's a video message, you can have that on your phone or on your computer. If you go to travelagentachievers.com/Bonjoro , you'll get all the information there. And it's a great way just to connect with your clients and friends as well by sending them a quick video message. The next thing that I have, so as we're connecting with people, we're getting visible, we're sending video messages, we're writing newsletters, putting together your cards and individual emails. But it's also forward thinking.


So right now we are talking about what's coming up this year. And we have already done, you know, all of our planning for the groups and the experiences that we want to encourage people to join us on for 2022. And also thinking about 2023. So what can you do to encourage your clients to look forward to something? Can you create a community of a group of clients that are all interested in the same thing, or even have a community on Facebook or somewhere that your clients can all connect together, you are able to share information, but it's bringing everyone along for that similar journey. We're also talking about our as I said, you know our group trips and experiences as well. 


So it's the forward planning and looking towards the future. So if you have groups that you want to get off the ground that you are excited about that you want people to join in and travel with you or it's for a different experience. Start talking about that now because that builds excitement, and energy and enthusiasm and momentum and those group experiences or the group trips can be a lot of fun too. I know in our achievers programme this year. So that's our motto. mastermind a mentoring programme. 


In the next few months, we are going to have a masterclass in a whole, you know, month just on groups, how they can, how you can build them, where to find the people, how to make them profitable. Looking at all your costings, there's a whole lot of fun stuff there. But that's, yeah, for our mastermind members. And they're the Achievers. So I know they're really looking forward to that as am I, because it's an area in our business that we specialise in. And I want to ensure that anything that you create, is going to make you money. Now, I've created experiences that have lost money, I've done them to the detriment of my own health. And because I'm a people pleaser, I just go over the top in delivering value, and, you know, extras, you know, extra this extra that more and more and more. But I've learned from those mistakes. And now, when we are putting together our group experiences, there's a lot of work that goes into them, but they are for a reason. And, you know, our clients have amazing, amazing times, and I want to share that with you all as well as to how you can do that. 


But creating the community and giving your clients something to look forward to. And forward thinking forward bookings, we love those, right? Anything that's a forwards, you might hear that terminology forwards or forward bookings or future commission, anything that you can do the work on now and reap the benefits later. It's just all filling that pipeline, that funnel, you're getting more leads in the top of your funnel, if you think of it, you know, like that. And people will go through that experience, and you will have people join your groups, but it's all about that funnel and the marketing and the sales that go with it. 


So they're a really cool thing to do, and just getting your clients to look forward to something is going to bring a whole lot of new energy as well. And then lastly, the other thing that I Oh, the last thing that I want to encourage you to do is think about you, you are the expert, you provide incredible value for your clients. And, you know, I said earlier that my thing this year is to do less than obsess, and I'm really going to check in with myself. But it's also about saying, saying no to things. And we have put in, you know, new things into our business for 2022 as well. And you know, everything's a learning experience. But it's also for you to really realise that you are the expert clients come to you for your expertise and your knowledge, the value that you provide, they know that you're going to take great care of them. 


So how are you feeling about yourself? Do you value yourself? Or have you had the last couple of years which have been incredibly tough for everyone? Have you just been taking the hit, hit after hit after hit. And the conversations over the last couple of years, which continue to break my heart, are of professional advisors who I know are exceptional, who have wanted to do what's right for them and their clients to the detriment of themselves, and they've gone backwards. 


And things have been a struggle. I know of many agents who have either left the industry or have had to go and get a different job, a second job a part time job or something a few days a week or even full time, they've had to leave the industry for a short period of time because they needed to do what they needed to do to get through. 


And I just want to encourage you I mean, if you're out there right now and you're feeling as though it's so hard, and your self worth is your doubting, you know whether this is the right thing for you, or you know, whether you've got what it takes to keep going I just want to encourage the that you do. And the reason you do is because when you look inside yourself and you come back to why you even started a travel business, I can guarantee that there is so much heart and love there and passion for travel and the industry and the people and your clients that if you give up on that there the joy of you know people like me seeing that expertise just disappear. It's really sad, but in saying that You know, you need to do what's right for you right now. 


But I will encourage you to really look at yourself and the self worth that you have, and do an assessment, I really check in on it realistically, because I know you provide incredible value, you go above and beyond, I know that my heart tells me that my gut tells me that the stories that I hear, they're the conversations that I have, it's, I know that you do everything to help your clients. 


But I also know that you can't do what you were doing previously. In order to be a success. You need to improve yourself or level up yourself or learn new skills, so that you can continue to thrive. And you can rebuild the travel business that I know you either had before you want to have again. So if you know finding the value, and charging your worth, or even looking at how to implement any sort of professional fee for your services, your time, your expertise, and to acknowledge all the things that you do, I really want to encourage you to check out episode 51 of the travel agent achievers podcast, there's a free resource that goes with it, we'll link to the episode in the show notes. 


But go back and listen to Episode 51. Because you are the travel expert. Clients need you. We need you, the industry needs you. And I want to see you absolutely thrive 2022-2023. You know, we are already looking down on 2024 At the moment, and even talking to some advisors in the last few weeks, you know, they've booked 2024 cruises, for instance, and we've got clients that have done the same thing. 


So what is it that you can look forward to? And how can you position yourself, work with the people that you want to work with, and have fun doing it and bring more joy and laughter back into your life without having to do all the things to do less than obsess to track and measure and really look at your business like a business so that you can move forward with confidence and regrow, rebuild, you know, reignite your passion for travel. 


But you are the expert. And I just want to encourage you today to have a think about that. Have a think about yourself. The shift in mindset, you know where you're sitting at the moment, check in with your gut, look to see if you need to be saying no. Or if this is the year that you say yes, you say yes to opportunities that come up, you try new things you experiment, you look at different ways to do business, you know, may even try working with different sorts of clients or in a different area or niche or whatever is going to be the right thing for you. I just encourage you today to really think about that. 


Get excited, you know, once again, I know it's been hard, but you're coming through this time. And you're still here. And I believe in you and I will continue to believe in you and who you believe in yourself.


I am here for you. I honestly mean that as the people's champion. Now I will be thinking about that and thinking about what more we can do to help you as we go through this year together. 


And so I implore you to check in. I encourage you to reach out. I hope to see you next week on our live training and know that we are here to support you and encourage you to provide you with the education that will help you in your travel business over the next few months. 12 months whatever it is, but know that we are here for you. Have an amazing weekend ahead. Go treat yourself. 


The borders are opening. You know the birds are singing and for once it's actually not raining outside. Alright guys, thank you for listening. I look forward to chatting with you and hopefully seeing you next week. Bye for now


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