Episode 58:

2022 - Starting the New Year like we're starting a NEW Travel Business

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A New year is always a great place to start with thinking fresh, getting yourself organised, cleaning your office, tidying up old emails, and a FRESH start. I absolutely think we all need that this year. 2021 was just another crazy year we all had to experience. 

If you felt like the end of last year was another kick in the guts, I understand. If you are questioning yourself and your business right now, I understand. You are not alone. Myself and my team have also faced many struggles both in business and in our personal lives towards the end of 2021. We all needed a break from everything. 

As we start 2022,  It's a great opportunity to start again as we welcome a new year! 

I share this as business is like climbing the mountain. There will always be obstacles, challenges and then when you are prepared and you take action you will also be surrounded by people who want you to succeed and also those that can help lead the way and clear the path for you. 

That’s exactly what I believe this year will be about. 

Grounding, Momentum, Action and Fearlessness.

As we kick off our work year, I’d like to suggest that this year, we take it as an opportunity to build a 'NEW' travel business. Asking yourself, what can we do differently this year to make sure that not only will we get through the year, but business is going to soar to new heights. 

In this very first podcast episode of the year 2022, I share with you the things I do to prepare my business for an entire new year and also tools I use to assess my travel business. 

Planning, forecasting, knowing what to promote or sell, setting sales targets, being involved in a community- these are just some of the things that you can do right now for your travel business. 

In this episode, I mentioned a lot more ideas and things that I know you can use to have a clearer mindset, vision and focus as we navigate through this year. 

My goal is to take action with you and implement those dreams, plans and goals. Are you ready? 

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Quotes from this Episode

“We've only got one life, make sure you live it to the best of your ability” - Tina Tower

“We just need to make progress. Progress is better than perfection” - Roslyn Ranse

“Business is like climbing a mountain. There will always be obstacles, challenges and then when you are prepared and take action you will also be surrounded by people who want you to succeed and also those that can help lead the way and clear the path for you.” - Roslyn Ranse 

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Show Transcription: 

Announcer:  Welcome to Travel Agent Achievers, the place to learn how to grow your travel business and have fun with it. Join Roslyn and her guests as they walk you through proven steps to a fulfilling and profitable business.


Ros:  Hey there Travel Agent Achievers. Welcome back to 2022, our first podcast of the year, oh my goodness, have you had a break? Have you been able to switch off or if you've been doing I want to hear at all I am loving, loving, loving, seeing so many of you know, travel advisors around the world actually traveling over this Christmas break. 


And using this as an opportunity to get out there and explore it is so good to see. 


So Happy New Year to you. I hope you are well. I'm looking forward to 2022 and the adventures and excitement that it can bring, you know me, I'm always positive. And today I wanted to talk about, you know, one of our most popular podcast episodes, but also something that I think is really important that we continually assess. And as we're starting a new year, let's look at this, like our travel business is brand new, I'm going to encourage you to do that today. And as you listen to this, just think about some of the things that I suggest and that I share with you. Because as you know, it has been a new time for us. And we've come through so much over the last couple of years. 


So this year, I want you to think if you know about your travel business, even if it is your first year, you know how you are going to treat it. My challenge for you over the coming weeks is to be ready, you know, or open your mind to new things that could present themselves. But also, are you ready? 


Are you ready to treat your travel business? Like it's its first year, and a new year is always a great place to start with thinking fresh, getting yourself organized, you know, are you cleaning the office, so you're tidying up all the emails, a fresh start, and gee, don't we all need it, we all need it this year, I am really looking forward to all the things that we might be able to do that we can be doing now. 


And restrictions easing, like I would love to see so many more of us, no choosing to get out and re explore the world again. So after a few days of myself being shut off from the world, I did take some time to go out for myself, you know, but I really feel something new is brewing. And there is a sense of freshness. Now, at the end of last year, there was so much craziness going on. Once again, I was planning out our content for 2022 for travel agent achievers, our amazing mastermind members, we had to move a few things around. We also did this for our own travel business as well. 


And I've set the financial goals and targets the things that you know, we could be achieving for 2022 Putting the opportunities out there. And you know, I believe that if I do the work, and I look at all these bigger goals, then things can happen. But once you actually put the idea out there, it makes it so much easier to take action on it. So we've planned out our content for 2022. I've achieved my financial goals. As I said, I've set those targets. We'll be having our big team meetings over the next week as our team will return to work. We've also looked at and I spent some time looking at what had worked in 2021. I want to get rid of what I enjoy doing, and also who I want to continue to work with now and also in the future, especially in our travel business. So the year though, didn't end, you know, the way that we were hoping it would, where we could take a massive time out where we're all able to celebrate Christmas with loved ones. The year actually ended with a huge typhoon hitting our gorgeous team members, Mayette, Diana and their hometown. 


It took out the power water internet and to be honest, I felt really powerless. You know I was crushed. Just before we went into the Christmas break and our team, we were very positive. We are always dry. For the next thing and continuously working, and we're very accountable to each other, however, it was just this opportunity and we all broke down, you know, me included, I just went, we need to release all of this and just, you know, say, It's okay. It's okay to be sad, it's okay to feel powerless at different times, you know, and I am someone who can look at a situation, see what can be done, I can assess things, I can put strategies and plans in place. 


And I can ensure that wherever possible, we have the best possible outcome, though, when the typhoon hit, and my team and their families were impacted, it really hit like it was the icing on the cake, and not in a good way, because we are like a cry, and we all needed that break, and we're all really looking forward to it. 


So our climb clients as well, they were intending to travel over the Christmas break and a number of them canceled. And, you know, gratefully, everything went off for us without a hitch. And thank goodness, everybody is safe. And well. And, you know, I am sending out my heartfelt thoughts and much love to everybody around the world that has, you know, come down with COVID over the last couple of years, that have lost friends loved ones, but also those of you that, you know, have just felt as though it's all too much. 


And you know what, it's okay. It's okay to be feeling like that. And I share, you know, what has happened for us over the last few weeks, just to let you know that you're not alone. You know, if you've been in isolation, if you've, you know, not been able to see people or you've wanted to do things and you haven't been able to, then I get it, you know, we're all in the same situation. We are all here trying to do the best that we possibly can. And you are not alone. So if you felt like the end of the year was just another kick in the guts, or the universe trying to tell you something, I absolutely get it. And I do understand if you've been questioning yourself, your dreams, your business, you know, what do I do? 


Do I actually stick with it? Do I leave the travel industry now that I think that we all have so many different ideas. And it reminds me of a story that I once heard of the conference. Now the story is stuck with me. And I often say that no one ever told me that owning your own business would be easy. It's not right. The grass may look greener on the other side for some people, especially as an employee. But I have to say that owning a business is one of the most challenging and yet exciting things that I have ever done. starting my own business, though, it's not always easy. And that is well. There's just always something to be done. And you can't just take a break when you want to. It's not like having the designated time off and those sorts of things. Anyhow, let me get back to this.


I don't I don't remember the background of it. I don't know whether it's a philosophical one or the references that come with it. But bear with me as I draw the picture for you. So we're talking about being in business, right? 


And let me suggest you're walking along a path. You see this gorgeous, amazing, incredible mountain before you. You look at the mountain and you tell yourself, you're gonna climb it one day, you are absolutely going to do it. And then you decide, hey, I might just do it right now. So you set off, you get a few hours into the climb, and it rains, like so you decide that it would be safer, you know, with muddy puddles and slipping and all the rest of it just to return home. So you go home, you buy some boots, and then you return to the mountain the following week. Now you set off this time, and the path is a little muddy and it's slippery, and there's a bit of damage. 


But you persevere until the past seems to disappear and you feel like you've lost away like where am I going. So you hit back down the mountain. But you don't have to travel very far. This is a store and you're going to buy some equipment and you get some advice and you decide to take it back up again. So you set off and this time, you're much more prepared. As you go through the muddy puddles. You hit the brush area that you find really challenging to get through so you're digging and you're slashing your way through the scrub and apart the piece and you like are cool, you make further progress. And then a storm hits. Ah man, the wind blows and that rock starts coming down from who knows where and this time you feel so beaten down that you know that you've already come so far. you question yourself, could you just push through that little bit more or do you go back down? 


And you talk yourself into this, you know, you've got this little person sitting on your shoulder that says, Now you can't do and then you've got somebody else that's sitting on the other shoulder saying, yes, you can. And as you continue to face the challenges, even though you may take two steps back at times, you also take a step forward, you know, that this mountain can be climbed, as you've heard of other people doing it before you. Now you continue to climb, you make that choice, you stick with it, and it hurts at times. And there are moments that you just want to sit down and take a rest.


But then you finally see a field, towards the top of the mountain, the sun comes out, you see a creek where you can get fresh water, and there are others, right there on the top of that mountain, live in the path cheering you on, you can do this, eventually, you achieve the goal that you set out for yourself. Now I share this with you, as businesses are a little bit like climbing a mountain, you know, there will always be obstacles, there will always be challenges. And then, you know, when you're prepared, and you take action, and you surround yourself with people who want you to succeed, the path gets that little bit clearer for you. You take one step backwards, then you take two steps forwards. That's exactly what I believe this year will be about grounding, momentum, action, fearlessness, as we hit 2022. And we slowly start awakening our laptops, yours, you may have already done it, you may not be wanting to just yet. 


But I want to share with you the process that I take each year, and walk you through it as well as ensure that this is going to be a year of action for you. And great things will come to you. Now, if you were to look back at when you started your own travel business, you know what to do then? Did you do any planning or, you know, strategizing? Did you spend the time marketing and looking at all your content? Or know what social media to focus on? Or did you have some systems in place? Or was it just all in and say, I'm going to do this and I'm going to make it happen? Is it a little bit like my friends, Christina and Alison and I, we all share together and say, you know, let's get a bit scrappy, if we need to. 


We just need to make progress. Progress is better than perfection. And that's one of my mentors, Dale Beaumont says that, to me if you know, progress is better than perfection. Now I know when I started out I want to say it's about 13 or 14 years ago now. It's honestly gone so fast. In my travel business. Now I did it because of a desire to be more present in my everyday life.


My background, you know, I was the Director of Sales and Marketing for large international colleges and universities around Australia. I managed multi million dollar budgets, I had huge multimillion dollar sales targets. I had teams of staff in Australia as well as internationally. But my desire was to come home and be more present in my everyday life, I felt as though life was slipping away from me. Now I did it because I also wanted to prove a point. 


I know I am a little arrogant, but the overarching reason why I started my travel business was to help others explore this incredible planet that we live on and see the world just as I had. I wanted to share the knowledge and my love of travel, and the tourism and hotel industry with those that also wanted to be inspired as well. And this is where, you know, travel agent achievers also came from a place of sharing my background and my knowledge in business. You know, sales and marketing, I had to understand the numbers, I needed to understand finance, I needed to get our systems and processes and operations in place to ensure that, you know, I was a part of a team that was able to make business successful. 


So even though I started out with, you know, Mike, travel business, reading all the business books, running multi million dollar companies and running other people's businesses, it was so much more different doing it for myself. And I'm sure that this is like you. One thing I knew, though, is that if I want to make it a success, I would need to surround myself with others that had also walked the business path before me but also travel before me as well. And I'm not silly, you know I need to. I knew that I needed to understand the systems I needed to be trained up on Galileo and tomato and saber and Amadeus and all those sorts of things. I'm not a shadow The event. But I also knew that I had what it takes. And I knew that I had the grit and the determination. And I wanted it so badly. 


I wanted to come home, I wanted to prove people prove to people that said to me, you know, what are you doing this for? Why? Why are you starting this business, I wanted to prove to those people that you know what? Anybody, you know, if you have a love for travel, and a passion for the industry, you can make it work for you. So, I got into it, because I wanted to help other people travel. And I've been doing that for over, you know, 10 years now and over a decade, because I absolutely love it. And reflecting even over the last couple of weeks, and the last couple of months, I thought, why why not? And that's what I want to talk to you about today is why couldn't we or why don't we right now, coming into this new year? Why don't we treat our travel business? Like it's brand new?


Why don't we have a look with a little bit of excitement and enthusiasm and fresh eyes, look at our travel business and say, what is it that I want? And as I was setting sales targets, you know, I do this, every year, we keep track of all our numbers. And as I was setting these sales targets, I asked myself, if I could start again, what would I do differently? What could I change to make things smoother, and have faster results. 


Starting out, is starting out with a fresh or a clean slate. You may have already learned from your mistakes in the past, you may have built a business that ran you. And you may not be just a business owner, you might be a person who does everything. And everyone relies on you, you make it a 24/7 job. And I'm not immune to that either. I was exactly the same. My business ran me. And I don't want you to go back to what things were like pre COVID. 


If you were in a position where your business was running you, let's change it up. If you have joined the industry over the last couple of years, I am so excited for you as well. Because this isn't just a job, it's a lifestyle. And being part of the travel industry is something that is so exciting, and rewarding. Now, if you feel like 2022 is going to be a great year, you're in for a real treat. 


Because I also believe that it is going to be a great one. Just like climbing the mountain, there are still going to be hurdles that are going to happen day in and day out for all of us. But I've put together a brand new workshop. And this is designed to give you clarity, set the goals and work out the steps that you need to take to make 2022 your best year yet in your travel business. I want to use the principles that have yielded results, my years of experience and also share with you the tenacity to keep going. This I absolutely believe is going to be your year two. 


So if we are going to start 2022 off and treat your travel business, like it's when you're just starting out, here are a few things that I would recommend doing. First up putting together a vision. So what is it that you want to achieve? Is it something that you remind us of why you even got into travel in the first place? And what is it that you want for your life? A number of people now I'm saying even on social media, putting together their vision boards, and I love this, I love seeing the images, I love the creativity, you can easily create these on Canva. 


I saw something the other day about downloading some images from Pinterest or, you know, grabbing some photos out of your phone and adding them to a collage on Canva. Like how cool is that? Setting it as a desktop picture now that's what I love. But what is the vision? What is it that you want to achieve? Whether it's in your business in your life? Where do you see yourself going? And I've often thought about this and sometimes, you know, I used to say this is so hard because I don't know where I want to go. And if this is you, then I'd love for you to take some time right now to sit with it and say well, what is it that I want out of life? We've kind of got the one so what do you want to do?


And then looking at, you know, this is your business? Who do you want to work with? Who are your ideal clients? We've got a fantastic podcast episode, Episode 31, which I'll link to in the show notes. 


And it comes with an amazing download of a resource for you with a whole bunch of questions to ask yourself, Who are the people that light you up? Who are the people that you want to work with? Now, this is your own business. So you can design it however you want? Is it that you want to focus on the destination? Do you want to focus on a particular group of people? Are you looking at an experience? But who do you want to work with? Ask yourself these questions, grab the worksheets and the resources that I've got for you. They're all absolutely free, and then put that into play. 


So what do you want to promote? What do you want to sell? What do you want to book? Are you more passion, passionate about one thing, and the reason why I say this, so once you've worked out who your ideal client is, when you know what you want to promote, and sell, when you become more passionate about it, and it's really easy for you, it'll make it really easy for you to also book it. 


So sell it, put it all together. And I remember this even myself, and I still come up against it at times, because I'm a people pleaser. And I never want to let anybody down. And I never want to say no sometimes that booking trips that I don't necessarily get enjoyment out of are often the last ones that I know that the ones that I want to process. 


So don't make that mistake, do what lights you up, and sales are going to come so much easier. I know now when I focus on this, and when I really think about the people that I love working with, and the trips and experiences that I love to book, my heart starts to race, I get really excited. 


No, my voice changes the passions there, I come up with all these different ideas and brainstorm. And that's what, you know, my clients also see, they see that passion and enthusiasm, and they then also become part of that experience. It makes that wholesales process. Really natural for me, because it's true. It's where my heart is. So do what lights you up, sales will come a whole lot easier. I share this with you and I suggest this to you because I have an experience just on knees. Eeep know the other week that I had some friends say oh Ros, can you just book this for us? And I actually said, You know what? No. Because it's not what I would specifically normally book now, yes, I could do it. But what is it that's gonna light me up in 2022? 


Is this something that I really want to be working for people? And you know, when I share this, it also, you know, it says to me, those that are a part of our community. 


So our Achievers Mastermind, for instance, over the last month or so, I've had people come to me and say, Hey, Ros, could you book this for me? Or do you know somebody that books this particular style of person or this destination, and when I know, somebody in my circle, that books, something I am happy to refer people on, because I believe in those that do the work, and those that are specializing and finding their ideal client and their niche and their speciality. Those are the ones that are going to make the most money, but they're also going to enjoy what they do so much more. 


So do what lights you up in the sales that are going to come for you as well. So what do you want to promote? What do you want to promote? Sell and book is my third tip for you now? Moving on to number four is getting to know your suppliers, wholesalers and other contexts. What resources can you get? What training can you do on the things that you absolutely love? There is so much training out there. 


And you know, towards the end of the last quarter of 2021 I think as Australia started to see borders opening, I was seeing so many suppliers come out and say hey, you need to do this training and get updated with this. And I had to be really intentional with where I spent my time because honestly I mean looking back as if this was your first year in your travel business.


There. You could be spending all day training. Honestly, there are so many suppliers, so many wholesalers, so many hotels, you would be surprised how much there is to do. And if you don't draw the boundaries on this and you don't say look, I will do that training when I need to or I will come back to that later. Then you may just be accumulating different statuses or different pieces of paper from suppliers saying that, Oh, you are now a specialist in this purely for the fact of getting that piece of paper, it may not serve you in other ways. 


So think about who you want to work with, and the suppliers and wholesalers and hotels and different people, because that training is there. And, you know, if you do focus on one, you might be pleasantly surprised how many times your suppliers then also come to you. So you do the training on a particular thing. And you start to book that, whatever, you know, that product, that hotel, that destination, you establish, and you build relationships with the business development managers, or sales managers and reservations team, you show that company that you are keen to sell, and you are booking their products. 


Now, the amount of doors that using this strategy has opened for me is something that I also want for you. And it may be that you focus on one supplier, you might be focused on one destination, you might be focused on a hotel chain, and the more that you actually increase your knowledge, buy sell those products and you are quite focused in what you do, the more doors that and opportunities will be open for you. 


So I'm happy to dive into this Adelaida at any time and speak with different suppliers about this and building those relationships. If that's what you want, let me know, send me a DM because I am here for you. And I want to share all of this with you so that you can also make decisions for yourself and see where you want to go as well. So now that we know, you know where you want to go, who do you want to work with what you want to promote and sell, you know, your suppliers and the different deals and things you might be able to get setting yourself a goal, a sales target, writing it, writing it out, breaking it down, is going to give you something to work towards now starting out in your first year. And if you are treating this as though you're flying fresh slate and no, this is something completely new for you then just have a stab in the dark, you know, think about what is it that you would like to do. Over the years, I've got to know so many travel advisors. 


And sometimes they don't even know what they sell. So go back through your stats, go back through your systems, have a think about the clients that you've booked over the last few years and just write it down, pick a number if you need to, and then break it down. Breaking it down by month helps you actually look at what you could potentially achieve. There is a whole process here with setting these goals and then working out what you need to do in order to achieve it. 


This is something that we go through in our planning and strategy days where we look at three or six months and say, what is it that I want to do? What is that number? And then how are we going to achieve it by writing out all of the different things, those steps, those action items, the people that you need to connect with, in order to reach those sales targets. 


Now, if you don't have a goal, and if you don't have something to work towards, then you may not end up actually chasing something down. And I know for me, you know we're looking at a sales target. And my team used to say to me, Rose, please don't give me a target, it's too heavy almost. But as business owners, if we don't have sales, you don't have a business. So you need to set this number and even if it is your first year, and we're treating it like that now, set a number.


And then get to know your numbers. We've got a fantastic, really super simple sales tracker in a Google Sheet, grab something that works for you. Now look at the results that you could potentially achieve. Understand the numbers, look at your expenses, track those, know what commission you earn, and also how much time you end up booking something. Because you might spend two or three hours or four hours or five hours for something that you know you're only earning maybe $100 for. 


So think about what you're actually promoting. And look at your expenses, track them. They're back through your MYOB or zero or whatever accounting software that you use that shows the commission that you've earned and then know your expenses as well because being in business, we're taking this seriously so we need to have an accounting or software system to track all of this. But get to know your numbers. Start simple. 


Talk to your accountant, we had some fantastic, you know, financial people on this podcast. So have a look at the areas of growth for yourself. And, you know, track down those episodes. 


Episode Four was Know Your Numbers with Jeff banks. And we have great resources there, which is one of our sales trackers. And then there's also some other things about knowing your worth and how to calculate that episode has a great spreadsheet for that, but also Episode 47, which was about cash flow, and working out your cash flow with Louise Delaney of Cash Flows for you. So there are a couple of awesome episodes there. 


The next step is seeking out areas of growth for yourself. Now, if you aren't even sure of something, how to do it in your business, perhaps something even scares you. You may, you know, look at what you do and say, Well, I'm not good at that. 


So why don't we surround yourself with people who are good at that, you know, those that can take the tasks off your plate, or have a think about what training you need this year to undertake to get to know, you know, your own level that you can either let things go or you can move forward without having the analysis paralysis. 


You know, when you feel as though I don't know what that is, I don't know how to move forward, you may just not even take action on it at all. So seek areas of growth for yourself, because the better you are in business, the better your business will be. And then finally, community people. I absolutely love this. And I think when anybody is starting a business they know what I wish people actually didn't, I'm pretty good with it. 


But I think one of the things that my mom would say to me is surrounding yourself with people that give you life, you know, those that actually get you and that understand you and they're with you for this absolutely crazy ride, you're on this business owner. 


So even to this day, I spend most of my time surrounded by those that inspire me, that encourage me and also share life in a positive way with me. I don't, I don't have time anymore. And I do remember the days when I thought it was absolutely okay and normal to grumble and catastrophize the problems of life and just wish things away. I don't recognize that girl anymore. She only lasted for a very short period of time inside me when I was younger.


But I've had my own challenges as well. Before the maturity of my life, I've been that positive person, always wanting to help those around me and lift their game and lift their spirits. I'm a solutions oriented person, I see opportunities. When I work with someone I spend time with people who give me life, I can see things shift. 


So I want you to ask yourself, Who do you spend most of your time with? Do you have other business owners in your corner? Are you walking the same journey as you? Do you spend time with other travel advisors who can be there when things are tough and help you through or vice versa without judgment? Now what about those that believe in you, that want you to be the best that you can be, that want you to have every success and reach for every goal you dream up? Think about it, look at your community. 


See who gives you life. This is an absolute game changer in business these days, I believe. And there is a saying around surrounding yourself with the five. Most you know, five people that or you're the average of the five people you surround yourself with, I think anyhow, how to think about it. Community is really important. And the people that you spend your time with, just make sure that they are the ones that are going to give you life.


If you're looking for a community like that, make sure you join the achievers in travel Facebook group, join our mastermind and attend one of our training sessions. The members that are in these groups are absolutely incredible. I'm so proud of the community that we've built over the last few years here as Travel Agent Achievers, the people are inspiring. I've seen so much growth and opportunities present themselves to those that are in these groups that really plugin that take action and I am thrilled and I love celebrating the wins with each and every one of them. 


And if you're one of those people, I am so grateful that you are here. Now as we kick into gear for 2022. What is the intention that you're going to set for you and your travel business? If it was your first year in travel, or your first year in your own business, what would you tell yourself? 


What is the intention that you would Want to set for yourself? Have you got a word or something that you're putting everywhere? Are you writing up your goals and dreams and putting images and details of these things around you? These things help with focus, and we want to get to them. So what are you planning? 


What are you committing to do for your personal health, your family, your business, as my good friend and mentor, Tina tower always says, you know, we've only got one life, make sure you live it to the best of your ability. And there's always so many things that, you know, get added to our to do list. And I think even though this year I was taking some time off, mine started to grow as well, thinking of all the things that I really wanted to achieve for 2022. 


But I'm going to encourage you to make you and your business something that really gets attention this year. I want you to prioritize where you can and set aside time for you to work on your business, instead of always working on it. 


Chasing to eliminate that ever increasing to do list is a challenge. But if we set aside some time to focus, to plan to dream big, and get the action steps to move forward and really cut down on this to-do list. It will help you, it'll give you clarity, and the opportunity to chase down those dreams because you know what needs to be done to get there. 


And I'd absolutely love for you to take action this year. I want you to join me to implement those dreams, those goals and those plans. If it was your first year in your travel business, what are you going to tell yourself, one of the things that you're going to do differently, to make sure that you show up, that you're there for your business for yourself, for your family, your friends around you. What are you going to do differently this year to make sure that it's going to be the best year for you? 


And make sure you do check out and join me either live in person in Sydney or virtually anywhere around the world for our upcoming planning and strategy workshops. Now I've got my printed workbooks there ready to go. If you join virtually, you'll get these shipped to you along with a bunch of other surprises. I am thrilled and so excited to be seeing many of you in person in Sydney as well. So keep an eye out, check out the travel agent achievers.com forward slash planning day for all the details. And I am super excited not only for our live events, but also this year. 


This year, the training our programs and more events. Keep up to date with everything on our websites and join in for any of the sessions. I'm bringing back coffee connections and coaching live sessions every month, which is a great way for you to just ask me anything, but also just to connect and join other travel professionals around the world as we have a coffee once a month, on a Friday morning and bring your coffee or bring your glass of wine wherever you are in the world for those sessions. 


They're absolutely free. And they are some of my most fun things to do as well. Now, in addition to our small group coaching programs, those that are in our Travel Business Foundation program, or that joined this year, we've added more to it. So I'm super excited, we've got a ton of take action challenges happening. 


We've got four of those sort of reopening this year in four different areas of your business. So make sure that you check out all of those as they come up. And of course, our Mastermind program achievers. So the Achievers Mastermind is where I spend most of my time. If you're interested in joining or you want to know more about it, just send me a DM on socials @travelagentachievers. Now those that are part of any of our programs, and also our special mastermind experience has seen tremendous growth, new opportunities presented to them in the last 12 months. I'm opening up the programs very, very shortly. So keep your eye out for that.


But for now, it's kicking off a brand new year. I'm so excited. And if this was your first year in your travel business, what would you tell yourself? And what are the things that you would do differently? Or one of the things that you're going to implement or take action on this year? Because it's going to be a great one. 


Well, guys, wherever you are, please stay safe, keep smiling and know that no matter what, I am here with you and walk the same path as you in our own travel business. I believe in you and I'm so grateful and love that you have allowed me into your life to share this business journey with you. 


I know and firmly believe that with the right people and the training that you undertake in your business this year, that you are going to be on the right track to absolutely soar in 20 22 and beyond. I'll see you soon. 


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