Episode 49:

The 6 Reasons Why Having a Plan and Strategy is important for your Travel Business

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Overwhelm is real! When we don’t have direction, a plan or strategies in place, we can be led astray and feel like we have to do ‘all the things.’ 


Whilst coaching and mentoring Travel Professionals and other business industry professionals, I have seen over and over again, how we can be learning and listening, see or hear of a NEW thing we ‘should’ be doing and then jumping onto it. It can be exciting to work like this, but it isn’t sustainable in my experience. 


On the other hand, I have worked with many different business owners that have a vision, a plan and stay focused and experience tremendous growth. BUT - they also know that every plan can be amended. New things come up and they can be implemented if it fits or when the timing is right. 


There is no magic pill or rescue service in business. We all have our own path, yet can also get support and guidance if and when it works for you. As travel business owners, my hope and wish for you is that you do build the travel business of your dreams and one of the BEST ways I have learnt over the years to get this is to have a plan and strategy in place and work with it consistently to move forward. 


At Travel Agent Achievers, it has always been our aim to ensure that as a community, we are here to empower, assist, guide, provide insight and encouragement as well as offer the tools to help you build the business that you deserve. However, without planning, you will not be able to maximise the full potential of these tools, resources, and tips that we provide. 


If you're still not convinced as to WHY you need to have a solid PLAN and clear strategies for your business, listen to this episode. This week, we are going to share with you 5 reasons that we always keep in mind to remind ourselves as to WHY we need a plan and strategy IF we want our business to move forward. 


Are you ready to rebuild your travel business? Are you ready to tackle all challenges and dive into them because you love it? 


A strategy, a plan and a community of like-minded people that are working towards building the travel businesses of their dreams. Collaboration and sharing of ideas. 


Do you want this for you? If yes, then join us in our upcoming In-Person Planning Session in Sydney! Together with awesome members of our Achievers Mastermind, let's set up a plan for your business and strategize for the coming months ahead. 


You will walk away with not only the plan, but realistic and actionable steps for you to follow to move your business forward. 


The planning day has finished. The next best place to grab your travel business plan and to move forward is with our "Achievers Mastermind".


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The Achievers Mastermind 

In-person Planning Session in SYD! 

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Your Vision Document 


Quotes from this Episode

A successful business isn’t a fluke. Being in business isn’t a game. You need to have Sales to have a business. - Roslyn Ranse 


It takes hard work, determination, grit, tenacity and the willingness to often go above and beyond to ensure that your business remains afloat. - Roslyn Ranse 


Community. It is a powerful and impactful thing to have in your life. - Roslyn Ranse 


The travel industry needs professionals like YOU. You can do hard things. You can build the travel business of your dreams and you absolutely deserve every success when you put your mind to it, you learn, implement and take massive action. - Roslyn Ranse

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Show Transcription: 

Announcer: Welcome to Travel Agent Achievers, the place to learn how to grow your travel business and have fun with it. Join Roslyn and her guests as they walk you through proven steps to a fulfilling and profitable business. 


Ros: Hello, hello. Hello there Travel Agent Achievers. Welcome back to another episode of the podcast. I'm Ros, and I am your host for today, I just wanted to before we get started, a huge shout out. Firstly, to all of our Achievers Members in the mastermind. We had our catch up on Thursday and ran through some new things that can help them inside their business. And I just wanted to reach out and say thank you to all of you, you are awesome. I am so glad that you are part of the community. And I look forward to seeing your continued success.


You're amazing. And on the second note, a huge shout out to let's go 2020 who reviewed the podcast inside Apple podcasts. So she says great podcast and resource for any season found rose in late 2020. And I wish I had sooner the natural conversation, the honesty and the truth shared on this podcast for our industry as special. And the guidance is an amazing gift. Let's go 2020. 


You made my day when I read this. So thank you so much for putting in the effort and reviewing the podcast and just sharing your words with everybody else. It means the world to me, and I sincerely appreciate you and look forward to getting to know you a little bit better. As time goes on as well. Make sure you hear that by email, direct message. 


Let us know what you think of the podcast. And of course, if you can share the Word send us a review. I would love to read them and hear what you think about the travel agent achievers podcast as well.


Today's episode,I am talking about the five reasons why having a plan and a strategy is important for your travel business. Sounds like a real mouthful, huh?


Yeah, I know. It's one that we put together. But I wanted to talk about this. Because a successful business. And when you look at any business, right, not just for the travel industry, but a successful business isn't a fluke, being in business isn't a game, it's not a game of chess, it's not a game of, you know, you know, or anything like that, you do need to also have sales in order to have a business. 


Now I say these things over and over again. And I wanted to really sink in, because having a plan and a strategy is crucial. And I use these things. So as successful business isn't a fluke, being in business isn't the game and you need to have sales in order to have a business. I use these sayings, because they remind myself and also our Travel Agent, Achiever community, in addition to many business owners that I mentor, that it is something we need to be mindful of that this isn't just, you know, we're not just in this for the fun. 


We actually are in this for a lifestyle. And being in business or owning your own business isn't something for everyone. And I'm constantly reminded of this. It takes hard work, determination, grit, tenacity, and the willingness to often go above and beyond. And that's just to ensure that your business remains afloat. Nobody ever told me that being a business will be easy. No was I told that I could potentially find myself working weekends after hours, and sometimes even sacrificing holidays, to ensure that my business stayed open, that my clients were taken care of.


And the business continued to improve or grow. Nobody told me that it would be easy. I thought it would be fun. Now there's also no magic pill, no one can save your rescue you. You can learn all the things. And this is one thing that one of my mentors, Dana Talbott, she says we just do all the things right? All the things and she says it often.


But if we don't implement what we learn, and we don't track what tested or try something new, we're never going to know just how good things can be. And that's around having action as well. Now I share with you on this podcast, all the things that we do in our travel business, I share the wins, I share the challenges, what works and what doesn't work for us. Now, for us, it might be something different for you. 


So your business is different to mine. But I know that sharing the strategies that we have the tools, the things that we learn, I share those with you because I want to be saw, I want you to have the travel business that you absolutely deserve. And I say that, because I care.


One thing that I've learned over the years is I do have import other people before myself. And I care way too much I'm told about other people's businesses, but it's because I see the potential. So why is it that is travel professionals, and recently, I've been hearing this a lot more that set up a travel business, I mean, we do it because we don't just want it to be a business, right? I regularly receive emails from New advisors, people that are just coming into the industry, which I love. 


Now, they've just started out the business as a side hustle, or they say it's something that I can do in my spare time. But I also have conversations and regular connections with others that have been in the industry for years. And that struggling in some form, whether it's too much work or not enough work or looking for direction. Now mentoring, advising supporting others is something that I love to do. And I cared deeply about other people. 


For as long as I can remember, helping other people is just come naturally to me, and sometimes to my own detriment and often where I myself might have been taken advantage of in different ways. But life isn't easy.


And running a business isn't easy. Now I say this because one of the goals that I have with travel agent achievers is to ensure that as a community, we are there to support one another. Now I'm here to empower you, to assist you, guide you, provide insight and encouragement, as well as offer the tools to help you whether you might be new or a seasoned professional, globally, build the business that you deserve. I want to see you succeed. 


And part of that is to actually have a plan and a strategy. Now, if right now you're wanting to build or rebuild your business, and I hope you are I hope you're ready for the future. No matter what's going on, we can always be working on our business, we can always be working towards our goals. It isn't a straight line to success. And even though I know you want it to be there is a windy road and a path ahead. 


That's going to have many twists and turns and sometimes like a roller coaster, you know that this adventure will give you life. It certainly gives me life. And running a travel business, for me is life giving. And I want it to be the same for you. I want it to be life giving, not life taking. So sometimes we have to question ourselves and we'll be thinking about planning and strategy. We have to question where we really are right now. 


And are you ready to build or rebuild your travel business? Are you ready to tackle the challenges ahead and dive into this? Because if you are and if you're ready, and if that's you, I am with you 100% I recently read that here in Australia, the actor Chairman Tom manwaring, said our sector has already shrunk from 40,000 travel professionals to 25,000 people, even with federal government support. Now this, it crushed me. 


And it is standard me in some ways, but it also didn't surprise me and others because within 12 months and think about this within 12 months here in Australia, we've lost almost half of the travel professionals working in the industry pre COVID just like that thinking almost half. Now this isn't an easy job, nor is it an easy industry to work in. But it did tell me and remind me that those Good is still here. 


And here for many reasons. And one that I know is because they love those that are in the industry. And this is you as well, you love what you do, you love your job, and you love what you can create as a travel professional for other people. 


You also love to travel yourself like I don't doubt that for a second. And I was on another side. I was talking with a travel advisor yesterday. And we were sharing how exciting it is sometimes to be handed a tip. Now I know work in Australia, you know, tipping isn't very common compared to the States and other places around the world.


Now, she has taken on an additional job during this time. And she was gifted money for doing a great job. Somebody said thank you. Right? And that we were celebrating go wow, isn't that amazing? Like somebody handed you cash and just said thank you for the great work that you've done. Nothing expected in return. 


And she was doing exactly what she loves to do helping other people get on the other side, she got home, received a call and had clients wanting you know, $25, or something in commission that she made a doing a tonne of work on booking somebody else's trip. It was crazy. But when we put it into perspective, customer service, client relationships, expectations from other people, and also looking at we want what we want in the future, like who do we want to work with? What did that business look like? Is that the people that we want to work with? 


That I'm grateful for the work that we do our professionalism, our experience and expertise that are willing to pay for that? Or is it the people that, you know, say to us, I want I want that $25 commission back because I didn't take that trip? 


Now think about that. And I think that when I hear the stats of how many people have left, the travel and tourism industry and how many travel professionals have decided to go into different industries or different careers, it breaks my heart because I know the passion that those people have had. But I also look at it from the other side. 


And I think the business opportunity, that those that are hanging in here now is extraordinary. And I share these stories with you, as they're not an ordinary, they aren't the exception. It's something that as business owners, we need to define who we work with, as I said, why we do what we do, determining the work that we want to do, and then putting a plan together to actually making it happen. It won't just come to you. It is a process and it is something that we all need to work on. 


Now I go back to when I first started my business, I was absolutely pumped. I like a puppy. I was so excited to share my dreams. I was excited to help others with their travel plans. You know, I was jumping up and down whenever I go to booking I was chasing knowledge like it was my next meal. I was all in it was crazy, but I loved it.


I loved that I was learning something new. I was helping other people I was really passionate about it. For me, it was a new challenge. I was also home. And I could define the life that I wanted, and not have somebody else tell me what I couldn't, couldn't do, what time and needed to do that work and finish. And I dreamt up all of these grand plans for travelling the world and working. 


Now I've been very lucky over the years to be able to take my business on the road. When my husband Clint has been touring the world with major bands, I've been able to go and have my little roadie summer camp. And I've been able to do that because of the work that I've put in. But a few years into my business. A good friend of mine, Alex suggested that I come along with him to a free business seminar. No, I was thinking at the time, why do I need business coaching? 


I've got a background in business. I didn't really think that this was going to be of use to me, but I went anyway. And it was for a business coaching programme. And I sat there in order. Sure, I knew sales and marketing. I understood my numbers. I knew about goals, and I could write and do administrative tasks. But what was missing? 


For me what was missing was having that plan. I knew how to write better those plans and you had a right marketing plan. But it was the strategy and the plan because I was so caught up in the doing, I was so caught up in planning other people's holidays, booking trips during the administration work. And what I was missing was also a community of like minded people that were also working towards their dreams. 


They would collaborate collaborating, and they were sharing ideas, and it blew me away, coming from the corporate world. That's where it was, educate, do the work, educate, do the work. And I had friends around me that, you know, I absolutely loved it. And I still do. But I didn't have at that time people that really got or understood what I was doing. And I didn't have people around me that I couldn't necessarily have business conversations with, you know, the the, the saying, you know, you hang around the five, most people and you end up like them or something get. 


Anyhow, I wasn't hanging out with business owners at that time. Those people that could share the excitement and celebrate the wins with me, but also share insight and knowledge and advice when things got tough. Or I could get into a space that I didn't know how to work through it from a business side of things. 


Now community was, and it still is very important to me. I choose to surround myself with people who give me life, and not those that take life. As my mom would say, I choose to hang around with positive people over negative people. I don't get into a spiral or if I see myself spiralling into negative conversation or the doom and gloom, I will pull myself up. And I chose to hang out with people that also aligned with my own values. 


And let's share the excitement that I have when something awesome happens. I do have a bell sitting on my desk and one of my mentors, Tina tower, and girlfriends as well. She sent me one for Christmas last year because I saw that she had a cowbell. And it is the best thing that I think I've received, I received two for Christmas one from my husband and one from Tina. 


Because it's important that we celebrate things. And it's important that we have a bit of fun as well. I was saying on a coaching call the other day, I was able to ring my bell for them exciting news that had happened to one of my clients. And I said I wish I had some pompoms because I am the biggest cheerleader for other people when, you know I'm excited for them, and it gives me life. 


So I do choose a community of people that make me laugh, and that I can laugh with, I can smile and giggle and I can do silly things. And I can also be myself.


I choose positivity over negatively 100% of the time. I also choose which conversations I have with certain people in my life. Now it isn't excluding anyone. It's just you know that some people get the whole business thing and others don't. 


Some people value and believe in me, sometimes more than myself, and others are just happy to ensure that I do what they want me to do. I choose carefully what I share with different people. But at the same time, I'm still me, I don't change. And part of having my plans and strategy for my business is to ensure that I have those right people and community around me. So have a think about this. Do you surround yourself with the people that light you up that are there to encourage and support you? Because it's certainly been one of the things that's been incredibly powerful and important in my business journey, and a life lesson that I've learned. And I continue to learn, particularly when you get burned by something. 


Now, I always do think the best of people until they prove me wrong. This isn't something that everyone does. But I personally believe that people are genuinely good people. I love people. Why wouldn't I believe them. And over the years, I've learned to trust my gut a lot more. And I hope that you also back yourself and your decisions to with who you surround yourself with.


It is constant learning and I encourage you to be with the people that support you and that are going to help you through the tough times as well. So community it's a powerful and impact thing to have in your life. Now speaking of community, our Achievers Mastermind group caught up together. 


As I said, this week, we had a tonne of questions. And at the end of it, one of the members said, Wow, are we up to an hour already, this time goes so fast, and I love hanging around with you. So I agree, even though we're learning, we're having a lot of fun. We're implementing taking action, setting goals, knowing exactly what needs to be done next. 


Now, from somebody who has run multi million dollar businesses, and worked in sales and marketing, and had my own successful travel business as a mobile consultant, working through a host provider for the last, I think it's now 13 or 14 years. 


I feel like it's forever. It's never ever been an article for me to think of my travel business as a business. Yes, I'm at work through a host agency, yes, they might process the commission for me, but you know, what, I do all the sales and marketing myself, I am the one that's connecting with the consumers and the clients. And I'm the one building my client base. 


So yes, I've got a business and I believe you do, too. Now, when I first started, I, I personally chose to make a full leap. I didn't go half in, I bet on myself, and I took a risk. But I also did, what I knew would make me successful.


And that was to join the business coaching programme. It was to surround myself with people who would inspire me, encourage me and support me with my dreams. And I was there to listen to those that had walked the path before me. They weren't necessarily in travel. But they were in business. 


And I knew that by having business coaches, mentors, the people around me the community that got business, and be able to work on the travel thing. But I think it's important now that we also have people in our corner that understand our industry to because it does have its nuances. 


And I knew it would also be important to have continued education, to continue to build my knowledge, and be surrounded with the people that would be there for me and have my back instead of dragging me down. 


Now, as I said before, over the years, I've trusted my gut, I've leaned on people who believed in me when I haven't been able to believe in myself. And I've been continuously challenged in my business journey. And I don't think that that's a bad thing. I actually think it's a good thing. 


When I talk about believing in myself, sometimes I listen to the people that say, this isn't gonna work, it's not going to be the right thing. Don't do this. And even though my gut has said, do this, I've had to listen to the people that have said, Rajiv got this, you know what you're doing Go for it, we are here for you, we will catch you, we will support you, we will encourage you, and do whatever you need to do. 


And it is with those people, I am able to certainly Ring my bell with dance up and down, run around the office like a crazy woman, it is just who I am. Now I have I'm so glad that I made the decision to go out on my own. I'm so glad that I chose to surround myself with people that have believed in me, and also give me the opportunity to grow. 


I'm so glad that I built the business that I wanted to build. And I was no longer dictated by the office hours or what I needed to do in my role or job. And I had an opportunity to build something that I'm incredibly proud of.


And you know what, I get to work with the people that light me up day after day, my choice has been my own. And we all know that a lot has happened over the last 10 years, even over the last 12 months. 


So I come back to why it's important to have a plan and a strategy in place, and why it's important in business to help you keep moving forward. And I'm going to give you a few strategies here. I've talked about six different things. 


But I want to say that whatever you are doing wherever you are now, you can work through this time, you can build a business. But there are a few things that we need to start with that we often don't really want to do. 


So it's important to have a plan and strategy for direction looking towards the future, having a vision so you don't go around in circles or you question self without any turn. It feels weird, I get that to write this stuff down to write a vision. 


But it also helps you get a lot out of your head. And I know that we have something that we can also give you one of our resources about writing out your vision, just so that you can get clear. What is it that you want out of your business? Why have you chosen to go into travel? And why are you wanting to build your travel business? look towards the future? What is it for you that you want? In 12 months, three years, five years? Goodness, if you want to look at 10 years down the track, go for it? I often find it a little bit hard. And I think I've struggled with this over the years to think about the vision and what is it that I want to achieve? I know back in my 20s when I would write this out and be like, Yes, I want this house. And yes, when I want this car and you know, by 23 I want to have kids and I still want to have the massive corporate career. Yeah, well, you know, things change, life change. 


I didn't have Jackson until I was a lot older. But I look at the vision now. And look at what's important to me. And I think, yeah, I can I can do this. I don't need the multimillion dollar houses and bank accounts and cars and those sorts of things. I want to live a life that is purposeful for me. 


So how to think about this. And as you come up with your plans and your strategy, think about the direction, it's important to have this so that you know where you're going in the future. Now, once you've got your direction, the second reason that I have is been focused.


When you've got your direction, you can then set focused intention, you can understand the things that you need to do to move forward. And I think no bright, shiny object, or the bright shiny object syndrome, because I know myself, I can get distracted. 


And I get really excited if I see somebody else doing something. And we see it on social media, we read it in magazines and newspapers, and you know, see it online or you get an email about something, we often might also see the competition. 


So you might look at any of your competitors, or those people around you that are working doing similar things, they might be trying something out. It can be a real side track railroad, whatever you want to call it, it can throw you off your own path. Now, if it's something that you would love to investigate, my suggestion is to park it, add it to a notebook or an app or notes or something in your phone, you can get several of these things like notes just on your iPhone, Evernote is another great one, you could record it in otter and just have it sitting in your otter account, whatever it is, keep it simple focus. 


So it's important to have your plan so that you know what to focus on, so that you know what direction you're moving in, and you can move with intention. The third reason is to have goals, narrowing down the big picture and then turning it into achievable and reasonable goals. 


Now, one step at a time, I always say, and in our business, we work on 90 day goals. So every three months, we come together and we look at the plan that we previously had, how did it work out, but we look at what we could be doing in the next three months. And when I say to you park the bright shiny object thing, this is where we revisit them. 


So every 90 days, if it's not on that 90 days, then look at adding to it the next 90 days. So within our 90 day objective objective, so every three months, we look at up to five areas in our business that we can focus on and break it down. We plan out what needs to be accomplished and the tools that we need and the focus we need to get there. We can always add stretch project if we really want to, but I don't think it's necessary.


I think if you've got three things to focus on. It's achievable. Now, we always always have sales as one of our goals. As we do our yearly planning. Every year, around November, we put our plans into place to know what our yearly goals are financial content, the themes, what we want for our clients, what groups we're going to focus on what areas of opportunity we have, we do all of that then, but as we look at our 90 days and we break that down, it's important to always have the sales as well. 


And we do have Have a sales booking tracker sheet that you can grab straight off our website, travelagentachievers.com. For me, I keep things simple, I don't want to have to go into a whole lot of different tools out. Sales tracking, booking calm is a Google Sheet. It is a document that we can see what's happened in our business over the last 12 months, two years, three years, however long you're tracking it for. 


And it keeps it really simple. So we can just have a look at it and say, Oh, yeah, last match. We saw this month, this match. So what can we do this match, for instance, now over this quarter, this was our target this was reached, this is why we did it. How we got there, what could we do this year. 


So setting goals is really important. Because you then know, again, what your focus is the direction that you are moving in. So 90 day goal, I suggest that you have a look into that, or look at this as part of your planning and strategy. The fourth reason why it's important to have a plan and strategy in place to help you move forward is community. And not just community as in surrounding yourself with the right people that encourage you and support you, but also for accountability. I'm going to talk about this in an upcoming episode, as well as Travel Agent Achievers all around accountability. Because sometimes, we need people in our life that are going to call you out that are going to embrace change with you.


And with us within five Travel Agent Achievers, I don't want to leave anyone behind. So if anybody out there is wanting to make it work inside the travel industry, then check in to a group join the achievers in travel accountability group, when we ask for what are you focusing on this week, date, what you're going to focus on, let's keep you accountable to actually achieve those goals. 


Because I believe if you're around action takers, and people who are consistently moving forward, and all those that want to succeed, it's important while it's actually something that's infectious. But you also get that enthusiasm and excitement and all types rise together. Being part of a group that shares the journey. The excitement is there, we celebrate our wins inside our Achievers Mastermind. We get excited when we see somebody else, you know, make certain booking, or they're on a podcast or they get publicity for their business, whatever it might be. We celebrate that. And I want you to think about the community that you are surrounding yourself with. And do you have the accountability there. Because having these plans and these strategies in place can really help you move forward. really help you take action. I started out very early on with two guys, Andy and Alex, who I loved dearly. 


And we had our own little accountability group and we met every second Tuesday. We'd meet up together and I tell you what, Andy would show up, he would have his list and he would take action. I would sit there and initially dumbfounded. I was like, Whoa, how does he get so much done? Because I'm in the business just doing doing doing?


I can't find the time to be working on the business. Now, I like them. Andy and I we met up every second Tuesday for a few years. And that was really important to me, because I don't think that I would have moved as quickly in my travel business. As I would have had I not have had those guys. They would call me out. 


They call me out on my numbers. We used to call bs on each other if we thought that somebody was, you know, fudging the numbers or wasn't accurate. And I see that now with accountability that I hear people say when I'm doing coaching calls in lots of different industries. Oh yes, we've had 100% growth in something. Now 100% growth. That's awesome. But let me look at the real numbers here. So last week, you started off with zero people on Instagram. Following you this week. 


You've got 10 Let's celebrate Those numbers, because that's what I can get excited about. You may have sold $1,000 last month, and now you're selling $2,000. Let's celebrate those numbers. Because when I hear we had 100% increase in our sales, that could mean anything, I can't get excited over that. So give me the real numbers because I want to share, and I want to celebrate. And I want to jump up and down with you, because that is the big deal when you see those actual numbers. 


So our Achievers Mastermind, this is what we do. And the mastermind is there for you. If you want to join it, we've got the tools. it's specific to our industry. We help you stay accountable. We gather support, and we are there to move forward. Yes, there are challenges. And yes, there are times that we just, you know, want me to support one another, there's been something tough that's gone on, sometimes people just need to take a break. And that's okay, as well. I don't think it's realistic to be on all the time to be Go go go and really, you know, achieving consistently now, yes, it is possible. 


But it is also essential to take care of ourselves. And if we have too many expectations or the pressure is they can often implode as well. So what else is important to having a plan or a strategy in place for your business? consistent change? When COVID here, I immediately went to my plan. And I looked at what we needed to do in the short term, what can I do to switch things up, I needed to look at cash flow forecasting, I had to look at our expenses, I had to work out what our clients needed, we knew that we needed to really connect and communicate and be at the forefront and just be open to everyone. But having that plan and strategy g in place is great. But it also has to have some sort of flexibility. If we stay too rigid, then nothing can change. And I've had conversations with travel professionals that say, Well, no, this is what I'm going to do. And they did it. And I asked the question, what happens if I do you have the flexibility to pivot to a different area to add in additional income streams to be there to support your clients, if you're going to go and get additional work, it's having that strategy in that plan, but also the flexibility to move things around if you need to. 


And lastly, number six, have fun, it's empowering to have a plan and a strategy in place. There's no more floundering or sense of being lost. It's one of the most powerful feelings in business. Like you can have a sense of control, even when things get out of control. I know now, I can look at my plan, and the strategies that we have in place. And it brings me back to my centre brings me back to my core. And when I feel like things are getting out of control, there's too much going on, I can look at that and say, No, this is the plan, stay to the course. Dig in to our community, speak to the people around you that know more than you do. be there to support others where they need support to. 


So it's about having a bit of fun as well in your business. Now, I really hope that this has helped you think about having a plan or a strategy for your travel business moving forward. Because over the years, we run workshops to help travel business owners come up with different plans and strategies, workshops that have helped you with your content marketing, with your social media, rebuilding or building your travel business. 


No, we'll finally and I'm super excited to say this, we are able to come together in person here in Australia in the first instance, don't worry to those of you that are listening around the world. I will be coming to you when we can leave out Ireland. But now our very first in person event post COVID. Now our achievers mastermind members, they're incredible. 


They're supportive. They're action takers, they listen and learn but they also implement. They've got big dreams and over the last 12 months. I have been so impressed by the incredible milestones that they've made in their Even during the hard times, they are all still working in their travel business to ensure that their clients know that they're there. 


They're willing to help when bookings come in, and it's certainly one of my favourite places to hang out with them. And now we're also opening the doors to welcome you in as well. Even if you're not an achievers mastermind member, you are welcome to come to our in person event. So Mark your calendar and book the daily and they will be here before we know it Thursday, the 24th of June 2021. I am hosting a one day in person live event to travel business owners to work on a planning strategy for their travel business in Sydney, Australia. 


Now, it isn't just a normal planning day, it's specific to the travel and tourism industry. I'm going to be leaving it myself. We're going to brainstorm, we're going to write out the ideas we're going to reflect on the past, we will put the strategies and plans in place for what you want to accomplish in your travel business. In the next three months. For the next 90 days in the next six, nine or 12 months, you get to decide, but looking at what can be done, and also what you want to achieve. Where is it that you want to go. 


And we all have different businesses, we all have different goals. And I want to encourage you to come along if you can participate and see the work that you can do in a day, just one day to really help you move your travel business forward. Now all of these details can be found at travel agent achievers.com. forward slash planning day, I want to encourage you to go and check it out travelagentachievers.com/planningday. But all of the information on what's happening on Thursday the 24th of June in Sydney. 


Now if you can't make it, it's absolutely okay. I've got you still now be you, you'll be able to access all the recordings we are getting it professionally recorded, you'll get the workbook and any other items sent to you via post. And in addition, because you can't be there, you will get an individual coaching session with me to go through your plan and ensure that you are set up for the next steps to take your business forward. 


It will be realistic, it will be fun and actionable as well. The accountability is there, the team and the community will be there. And I can't wait to see you. the travel industry does need professionals like you. You can do hard things. You can build the travel business of your dreams. And you absolutely deserve every success. When you put your mind to it. When you learn. you implement and you take massive action. 


I know that the sky's the limit. I can't wait to see you. So make sure that you grab all the details at travel agent achievers.com forward slash planning day. My question at the end of the session now. 


What action Are you going to take? What strategies can you use to make sure that your business continues to grow? You got to put that vision into place. Set those goals. Let me know. Send me a DM via social media comments in the Achievers in Travel Facebook group or send us an email. I'm here for you. 


I can't wait to see you. Have an awesome week ahead. Keep smiling and I'll talk to you soon. Thank you for listening to this episode of travel agent achievers. If you love it, please share it on Instagram or Facebook. 


Make sure you tag us too so that we can shout and share with you as well to your friends and colleagues. We are here to help as many travel professionals as we possibly can. Don't forget to check out the travelagentachievers.com website, the loads of resources we choose to help you grow your travel business. we'd love it if you shared a review and you subscribe to the podcast so that you don't miss an episode in the future. Now I truly hope this podcast value and ideas to help you build the incredible travel business




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