Episode 37:

How a high performing Travel Manager has faced COVID and what she’s done

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Over the last 6 months, I have shared my journey with you. How my team and I have worked through the struggles, challenges and moments we faced. As a team and also individuals. 


I want to show you that you are not alone. 


With support and guidance, you will come through this time stronger and more resilient than ever. 


The roller-coaster that has been will come to an end and hopefully, you will have hung in there and be ready to prosper, even if a little wary. 


I know that you want to hear from others… SO -  This week we have another special guest with her own story. 


The voice of a consultant - who has lost her “biggest year yet” worth of bookings, but has used the last couple of months to work on her business, once she worked through the initial pain. 


Annette Fyfe is just like you in the travel industry. She was caught off-guard with the pandemic, has taken a big hit more than once yet chose to take action.


She has a mobile (work from home) travel business called “Thai the Knot Weddings” which has a unique niche itself. She helps Aussie brides have amazing destination weddings in Thailand!


"2020 was going to be our biggest year for weddings in Thailand", she said. 


Even though her business ground to a halt, when the shock and main activity subsided, she did not let emotion and challenges bring her down. 


She has worked on what resonated with her and has taken action working ON her business. Given the greatest gift of time to get organised. 


Annette is also part of our 6-Week Rebuild Your Business Program. I have seen her grow, learn and implement her training. I know that with the solid foundations she is putting in place, her business will soar when we are once again allowed to travel.


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Connect with Annette

Instagram Page - @thaitheknotweddings

Facebook Page - Thai the Knot Weddings 



Quotes from this Episode

“With travel, there's always bumps in the road and we've always managed to get through it.” - Annette Fyfe


“I think once you're in travel, it's something you really love and are passionate about. I don't think there's anything out there now that I would enjoy doing.” - Annette Fyfe


There are many agents worldwide that are feeling the same things that you're feeling.  That are going through the same situation, and that are actually taking action and doing something right now for themselves and for their business for their future.” - Roslyn Ranse

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Show Transcription: 


Announcer: Welcome to Travel Agent Achievers! The place to learn how to grow your travel business and have fun with it. Join Roslyn and her guests as they walk you through proven steps to a fulfilling and profitable business. 

Ros: Hi, everybody. Welcome back to the Travel Agent Achievers podcast. I'm Ros, your host. And I'm very excited today because I have a special guest with me. I have Annette Fyfe who is the owner and director of Thai the Knot Weddings. It's an award winning Australian based travel agency specialising in destination weddings in Thailand.

Annette is just like you and me. She has her own travel business. And she's been in the business for over 10 years, she created a highly successful and profitable niche, which is offering destination weddings, specifically in Thailand now and that travels frequently to Thailand, or did pre COVID.

She oversees each and every wedding and event personally and is in constant contact with every hand-picked preferred local supplier. And I'm sure that it'll tell us a little bit about this information you know about these local suppliers and why she's chosen them throughout the podcast episode. So with an overwhelming popularity of these wedding packages, and that now has couples from all over the world, wanting to get married in Thailand.

Last year, she was invited to speak at an international wedding trade show by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. She was a key panellist and did a fantastic job, I am sure with over 100 results represented throughout Thailand.

And they were all eager to increase their event business. So she is very well sought after and she has a highly successful business.

And not only that in 2019. So last year, she was awarded the prestigious success in marketing award by travel agent, sorry, by Travel Managers Australia. So that's her host agency here in Australia Travel Managers. And there are over 600 individually work from home mobile agents under this brand.

She won this award for her work in the conception, design and implementation of her all-inclusive wedding packages throughout Thailand.

So welcome Annette, I have you here with me because you are just like us. You have a travel business you've been affected by COVID. I appreciate your time and coming on to share your story in your journey with our listeners who are all over the world. So thank you very much for being here. I really appreciate your time, and also sharing all of your knowledge and everything with this as well.

Annette: Hi everyone.

Ros: All right, let's kick this off with can you tell us a little bit about your personal journey. So when you got into travel, why you got into travel? And then of course finding the niche destination weddings, but not just destination weddings globally? destination weddings in Thailand? Why did you choose that and how did this all come about?

Annette: Sure. Well, a little bit about me is I grew up in East Gippsland in Victoria in Australia. And you know, when you're going through school, you're not sure what you want to do when you grow up. And I decided that I would, after 12. Move down to Melbourne and complete the Diploma in travel and tourism. And that kind of got my foot in the door with the fees and travel but then when of course a little bit enjoyed a bank.

Ros: Oh my gosh, that's so different to being in travel.

Annette: Yeah. Yeah, still, um, you know, the bank still has a, you know, foreign side of it.

So I still sort of had my foot in the air and I always knew I wanted to come back to travel one day. Um, 2005 was a messy view for us. We decided my boyfriend at the time decided we would get our work visa and head to the UK for a year on our working holiday.

So we had to get the visa before you were 30. Because then after that you can't get it anymore. So we Yeah, be packed up. You know, I came home from working at the bank one day and said, I think we should go to London only for a year. And my boyfriend was like, Scott, like what are you talking about?

But I convinced him and off we went. And you know that 12 months was just the greatest time period because we're in the UK and it was so easy to access Europe and travel and go to Berlin for the weekend if you wanted to or go to Spain for a long weekend.

So, um, we did a lot of travel while we were living away and then we came home. On the way Scott proposed in Thailand on the way home, so that's a little bit exciting. Yeah. And so, you know, we've always, Thailand's always had that sort of special place for us.

And then my sister got engaged 10 years ago, and she had an idea that she wanted to get married in Thailand.

So we started to plan a wedding. And because we're a bit worried, if we send money over to these, you know, people in a foreign country, are they going to take our money? Are they going to turn up to the wedding book for someone for their makeup actually going to show up?

Ros: Oh, my gosh, and that's a big thing with a bride. So in general, that's a big fear, but to manage this internationally as well. And so you did what, like, how did you find all these people?

Annette: Well, you know, we, we had to have gone over there and pleased to say that it was all fine, and everything worked out.

So that sort of got me thinking that there are other couples here in Australia that want to go overseas and get married, but don't know where to start. So that's how we started Thai the Knot Wedding.

I just wanted to make it a stress free experience for couples to know if they're going to be paying money that it's safe. And I knew that if we make the right packages and have the right price point, people would go overseas to get married.

Because Thailand, it's a fraction of the cost of what we would pay for a wedding here in Australia. Ros: And it's a holiday and a wedding and a big party. You don't just have it a day, you get to celebrate for a week or two.  

Yes, exactly. In Thailand, being sort of in the middle of the world, if you've got family in the UK, and you're in Australia, it's sort of a halfway meeting point. So you're not having your family have to come all the way to Australia, which is you know, so far, for people to travel.

So, Thailand was the perfect middle meeting point. So you can have, you know, a week with your family and friends. Um, you know, spending time with your family, you know, now we've learned that that's so important.

And then have your wedding. And, you know, it's, it's just the best week, no one's ever and not going to say, I wish I didn't do that. We've still got brides that are posting pictures on Facebook from their wedding. That was six years ago. And their guests still comment, that was the best week we ever had away.

Ros: So you went over there, like you still would travel with your family. And you started building out your supply network, right?

Annette: Yeah, the family holidays turned into, you know, let's find great restaurants to eat at. So we can recommend these and cocktail bars. And let's meet hair and makeup, get to know our suppliers, DJs photographers, everything we needed for a wedding.

So we found people that we trusted who we wanted to work with, and also ones that we knew were going to do a really good job. Um, because, you know, in Australia, we have a certain level of expectation of hair and makeup. So, you know, ones that are prepared to you know, maybe give you a trial or, you know, know, our hair and all that kind of stuff.

Ros: And everybody's so different. So the diversity. Absolutely, yeah.

Annette: Yeah. So we spent a lot of time, you know, getting to know different suppliers, and now they've just become really great friends. And they kind of like my Thai family now, because we've worked with them so often. I think that's the hardest thing in COVID is, you know, missing them as well, because they also have no business.

Ros: Yeah. And it's like families, you know, as part of your business, they have become family members and the support that you've both given each other and the level of trust that you've, you know, built over the last 10 years.

It's not just the brides or the weddings, that you're organising and the guests and the travel side of things. It's also the relationships that you've got with these suppliers and the impact that COVID has had on them as well. Which brings me to that now. I mean, the last six, eight months have been crap, to say it nicely.

And I don't swear on the show, but you know me that I can if I need to, you know, it's been a shocker for absolutely everybody. So how has COVID impacted you and your business? Because you're just like us, you've got to travel business.

It's not just organising an event or a destination wedding, you actually booked the travel for the guests as well as the bride and groom and they're like, what 50 mini events that you run a year for these brides in these groups? So how has COVID impacted your business?

Annette: Well, going to have one of the biggest years 2020 was, you know, going to be great until what's happened. I think I’m still in shock, um, you know, six, that last one, he was on the 15th of March. And that that was the last event that we had.

And then we had another wedding party, bride and groom were live all over there in Phuket for their wedding on the 21st of March. So between the 15th and the 25th, the whole travel industry just stopped. Yeah, just overnight.

When you know, Prime Minister ScoMo, we call him in Australia, right? He had him on the media and told everyone, it's time to come home. We had our group in Phuket who were there ready, family from the UK, Australia, she was ready to have a wedding on the 23rd, the day before, they had to pack up everything and come home, because Singapore airport closed at midnight. And they came through that night to get back to Australia.

Ros: The tears are welling up in my eyes, because that is right in the thick of it, like we were given? Was it 24 hours’ notice that we were pretty much given before our borders were going to close and you had to go into a hotel lockdown, and all of these crazy things that were happening, and it's not just us in Australia impacted everybody globally.

But you had somebody who was getting married the next day in Thailand and could not get married.

Annette: Yeah, yeah, it was just, you know, cancelling travel and back to cancel your event, your wedding that you've planned. I mean, we start planning these weddings over a year out. So yeah, um, so just pack it all up and come home and didn't even get to have your wedding. It was you know, it was just devastating for everybody.

Back in March, we're thinking, Oh, just reschedule everything. October, everything will be fine by then. April, May, you know, brides are ringing emailing. And that'll be fine. October, let's just have a massive wedding month in October. And here we are a week out from October. And we really still have no idea what when the world is going to open.

Ros: Yeah, that's right. So not only did you postpone and move flights and wedding bookings. And it's not just a hotel, as we've spoken about, it's all these additional suppliers. So for you, it was really changed at once, you know, for no extra fee, but then changing it twice now.

So I guess it's been absolutely massive and that's an understatement to say it, you know, an emotional roller coaster that you've personally been on. So how has that impacted you, personally, or your family and your business, like the emotional roller coaster, the ups and the downs, the positivity that we're trying to maintain yet we’re kicked in the guts that comes daily, when we can't do something? So how has it affected you personally?

Annette: Oh, sometimes I just feel like we've all been hit by a bus. You know, there were days where it's just like, what, how are we going to get through this? And I mean, with travel, there's always bumps in the road. And we've always managed to get through it.

But you know, sometimes you just feel like, this is a mountain that we're just having to overcome. Yeah, um, but you know, we kind of, we always want to be here to help the guests that were travelling and it was a bit of a shock at the start, you know, applying for flight refunds and being told it's going to take 180 days, six months to get anything back and just having those conversations with the guests.

And I think it was really important just to keep them updated with what's going on.

Ros: Hmm, um, I know that we did as well as the video updates. So you and I, I know that you're part of the Travel Agent community and listening to some of the things but I know for me, I just wanted to help as many people as I possibly could and I was encouraging you all to go out there and just get visible.

What's the biggest impact that you can have right now to speak to as many people as fast as you can, which was to do a video, right? Put it on your social media pages, send it out to your email list and just let everybody know where things are at and that you will get back to them because there was so much fear and panic initially that, you know, we couldn't handle the volumes. And I know that you've got a large travel business as I do as well.

And just to try and manage the phone calls and the emails, it was like this massive onslaught.

So for you, you were dealing with all of that as well, what happened in your family, you know, you just went into your office pretty much.

Annette: Yeah, I've got an office at home, which I can close the door. And I would just say, look, you know, I've got to put a couple hours in today to, you know, replying and getting some stuff sorted. I think it was really hard at the start because the kids were being it was the homeschooling thing as well and trying to work and you know, service all the clients expectations and homeschool kids and I had started off with one in the office with me, and that probably lasted a week

Ros: I didn't last a day. How old are your kids?

Annette: I've got a 13 year old who's in year seven. So he was fine because 13 he could just be in each room and do his work. But I've also got a daughter who's nine and she's in grade four. So they still need that assistance that they got through that I'm luckily up here in Brisbane, the kids are able to go back to school after the Easter break.

So I just you know Melbourne’s been in lockdown for so long. And you know, that's where our families down there. So it's been hard in family, family not being able to go and see them and I think everyone's dismissing family and friends to hell.

Ros: Absolutely. I think we all are and being in travel as well. I know amongst the Travel Agent Community, we're missing travel, and our clients are wanting to travel. I know that conversations that we've had and amongst others as well that there are clients that still want to travel.

I think were more nervous, though, to be booking travel and you know, rebooking things for even the end of this year, early next year at this stage.

So I know that there's some hesitancy there, but when did you decide that you need to do something about your business and just get back on track because the negativity can wear down on you personally, emotionally, physically, mentally, but when did you decide right I need to do something about this and I need to take care of my business because I don't want to go under?

Annette: And that's what I started to say in my videos was I'm still going to be here I'm not going anywhere because I think a lot of troubles out there a quite worried because you know shop fronts are closing and some you know, we're no longer around anymore so I think there was a couple of months ago you know, I'd updated my website I kind of done all the things I'd one to do.

And then I was like looking. I've done a few mapping webinars workshops but none of them were really specific to the travel industry.

They were sort of a broader marketing to ALL types of business. Then I found podcasts, which I've never listened to a podcast before March in my life.

Ros: Yeah. It is quite a quite a new platform. I don't think many people really got me into it. We listen to Spotify and you know music is an excellent platform for learning and free education.

Annette: Yeah, but everyone was saying you know when you're going out for a walk put a podcast on I'm like, Oh, okay. Yep, can do that and then started listening to some different podcasts and then I guess I guess the thing about podcasting you start listening to you know, something in trouble that then will tell you you might be interested in this and Travel Agent Achievers podcast popped up so I started started off with the first one and started listening and then I was kind of like a binge watcher.

Yeah. So I listened to all the podcasts and then because actually related to our industry, and what was going on at the moment.  And, you know, I'm all up for a free worksheet. So I was like, Oh, this is great. Like, there's tools here that somebody else has already made up that I can, you know, download and save and use.

And then the six-week, Travel Agent Achievers Rebuild Programme came out. And then that came and went, and I didn't join. And I don't think I was ready the first time I was just, you know, in still dealing with trouble and winning groups and things.

Yeah. And then it came up again. And I, one of my colleagues had done and I asked her about it, like, what do you think? And she was like, yeah, just do it. But that was six weeks ago.

Ros: I know. That's right. Yeah. So that was six weeks ago now. But before we even get into, you know where you're at now, I just want to ask you, what made you decide to do something and stick in this for the long haul? What made you decide to hang in there, rather than leave the industry or go and get another job? Like, what was the reasoning behind all of that?

Annette: I think once you're in travel, it's something you really love and are passionate about. I don't think there's anything out there now that I would enjoy doing.

I remember when the kids were born, and everyone used to say, Oh, there goes your days of travelling. And I never really understood that. Because whenever we go away, we've been overseas, we just take the kids with us.

They love it, they love it as much as we do. And I think whether you're a family or a single, or, you know, a couples out there, you're always going to want to have a break and go away, whether that's a weekend away, or eventually a trip overseas.

That is something that we've always been able to do.

Ros: So travel is your heart, like there was never anything that came up for you to say, Well, I'm going to go and get another job. If everyone could see Annette’s face right now, you probably have a laugh, and I wish I could take a screenshot of it.

But it's this, like, not, not well didn't even come across my line. Nope, I'm all in like, this is my career. This is my path, this is what I want to do. So there wasn't I lost, you know, we're our own boss, as well.

Annette: So if we want to, you know, take a long weekend, you know, because we're home based agents, we can do that. So true, you know, we do this job for a lifestyle. And mine was always to be home for my kids after school, I didn't want to be, you know, stuck working nine to six at night, and then doing meetings after that.

And, um, you know, when the travel industries, when it's placed in the sky, this is really great. Sometimes things happen, and we just have to get through it. And we'll travel again, we just have to, you know, wait this out.

Ros: We'll just wait, exactly, just hang in there. And while things are quiet, and you can't necessarily book travel, or have your clients travelling to the capacity that you had before, and I was even talking with some agents yesterday that felt like, you know, December last year, and they've got big businesses as well.

And there are others that have got small businesses, but they just felt at the end of last year, one of them was saying to me, Ros, I was crumble, you know, in tears on the floor, wondering how am I going to process so much travel? And how am I going to deal with this business without having a structure and systems in place?

Now, we as travel advisors, and especially work from home, you know, mobile or, you know, location based or wherever you might be booking travel, a lot of us get into it, because we love it. And we get into it, because we want to be at home and support family and be there for kids. And we've all got our own reasons why but a lot of it is around the lifestyle.

So even just talking to other consultants, and I know this is with you as well, it's now an opportunity for us to think what can I do to work on the business and really take care of those clients that have trusted me over the years that have allowed me to build a business that I'm really proud of and that I love so that I'm not crumbling in a heap on the bathroom floor, wondering how I'm going to get through working 60 hours working 80 hours just to try and process that's not the lifestyle that we signed up for.

It's not the lifestyle that you got into becoming a mobile consultant for. So now that you've come through the Six Week Rebuild Programme, and yesterday was a little bit sad, it's like, what is this? Is that last life cold together like, Oh my gosh, what's next?

But now that you've come through it, and you'll be continuing the membership programme with me, what are some of the things that you didn't know about before that have changed your mindset that have changed your business, and you've now got some additional tools to move forward. So this is all foundational stuff, it's not going out there and saying, right, go and get this particular image and put it on Facebook.

We're looking at the foundations and really building a solid footwork so that you can build or rebuild the business that you had before. But do it even bigger and better as soon as those borders open again. So now that you through it, you know, what, what have you learned?

Annette: I, that's what I think COVID has just given us time, to time work on all this stuff, this stuff that we never, you know, we're so busy doing bookings, and all the stuff that comes along with booking travel, that we never actually had time to work on all this other stuff.

But, um, you know, now we do and, and I've learned so much over the last six weeks, um, Instagram, like, I really, I knew how to put a picture on and that was about it. I never knew about hashtags and linktree things. And having that set up now, just by following the steps.

You know, last week, I got an inquiry from a bride who's in the UK. He's interested in having a wedding in Thailand in 2022. So I've kind of learned the social media side of things is really important if we can get that right.

Ros: So you said to me yesterday, who would have thought that I could actually make a booking from Instagram, and that was sent to you? Oh, my gosh, hang on, you just did. There is an inquiry that's coming from somebody on the other side of the world that is not, you know, living next door to you or heard about you through a referral or a friend, but this is somebody on the other side of the world that saw your profile, saw your niche and your speciality and looked at, you know, who you are and learnt about you and then reached out and said, hey, you're the specialist here. I really want to book with you for my destination wedding in 2022. Can you help me out? That's gold.

Annette: Um, yeah, the other thing I was really interested in with the six week course was the project, project management system side of things. You know, I still have actual folders on my desk, physical files, and I love my physical files. And I, you know, love to have them on my desk.

But it's really not practical when you're travelling. And you know, you need to call your husband and say, Hey, can you run into my office and grab this person's wedding file, I need to check something.

So learning about systems and I had your 67 steps for a booking and where to put that and how to get organised.

That's been a game changer.

Ros: Absolutely. And that's also allowing you to increase your business with getting support and help and that not necessarily having somebody sitting next to you, but you'll be able to have somebody who could be anywhere in the world look at the same information as you know exactly where you're at and what needs to be done next.

So I applaud you for really running with the 67 steps and setting up teamwork and your project management system. These are going to make your life so much easier in the future and you took action on it. Any other things.

Annette: Um, one of the weeks we did was building stronger relationships with our clients. So for other 2020 brides that have had to postpone reschedule their weddings. I went through the merch that I have here, and I mean, I've got so slowly coffee cups, candles, all kinds of things that I collect from Thailand.

I made a little gift boxes and sent them out with a handwritten card. And the feedback on that has just been amazing. And I just put it on this, you know, I'm here thinking of you. If there's any, if you need to chat, give us a call and set the boxes off. And that being received really well.

Ros: And that's a low cost item, because we don't necessarily have a lot of income coming in. So allowing the resources that you've already gotten the relationships and the suppliers to put together something and send that to your clients like that's, that's huge.

They appreciate it so much the fact that you've taken the time and the effort to put something together specifically for them, I just see this as an opportunity that's going to grow and be gold for you.

And it's also now something that you've put into your systems, right, that you're looking at and going well, I can do this in the future as well for my brides as an extra form of customer love, and customer engagement and retention and those sorts of things, right?

Annette: Yeah, we've got boxes here ready to go. So things start coming in again.

Ros: Oh, awesome. Look, she's already prepared everybody. Now you've also had more ideas, more inspiring information, and new opportunities potentially come up for you. And I'm not going to go into it now. But I just wanted to say, you know, over the last six weeks working with you a lot closer and I know we will continue our journey together, you have grown, you've implemented. And I personally have really seen the shift in you from when you first started to where you're at now. It's like there's this extra form of hope. And there's more opportunities that are going to come your way and your business. As we're able to open the doors again, will absolutely take off. I'm so proud of you.

Annette: Thank you. Yeah, I just cannot wait to get on a plane.

Ros: That's right. Absolutely. Well, thank you, Annette for being here and sharing your story and sharing your journey with us. If anybody wants to connect with you? What's the best social media platform? And where do you hang out the most?

Annette: Um, we have the website. So that's some thaitheknotweddings.com.au. And there's contact pages through there, or we're on Instagram, @thaitheknotweddings. And we also have a Facebook page, which is Thai the Knot Weddings.

And you'll also come up, let's go check out the Instagram page now because it's all very exciting. It's holding your world.

Ros: Yeah, absolutely. Look, there's so much more to learn and not know all the different platforms. They're forever changing. I'm really glad that you've chosen the one that you're going to focus on, you've already seen results. And your clients are just going to love on you for years to come.

As you said, you know, ones that have got anniversaries and things you're able to still connect with them. And they will be a huge source of referrals and repeat business for you over the years. You never know that you might branch into exclusive family travel is, you know, all these baby moons and things that may come up there are I think there'll be a lot of babies in lockdown.

Oh, that's right. Awesome. Well, thank you so much for being part of the podcast and that it's an absolute honour and a pleasure to have you here and for sharing your journey. I know that there are many consultants globally that will really relate to you and your story and where you've come from, and also where you're at now. So thank you so much for sharing.

Annette: Thanks, it's been great.

Ros: Well, what an awesome episode this has been for you, I hope that you really enjoyed it. And you've taken some, you know, extra things out of there as well to let you know that you are not alone, that this industry is going to be here for the long haul.

And at the end of the day, there are people just like you, it's not just me talking to you that there are many other agents worldwide that are feeling the same things that you're feeling that are going through the same situation, and that are actually taking action and doing something right now for themselves and for their business as they continue into the future.

So I just wanted to add here that I also spoke to another agent this morning in Colorado. So massive shout out to Amy from Compass 32 Travel. I know that she loves the podcast, and she said to me Ros, I want more. I want more episodes. Can you do more than just once a week?

So hopefully over the next couple of weeks, I will be putting together some additional bonus episodes for you to give you more insight and information on things that you can do right now working with some experts or just diving into one particular topic.

And if there are things that you would love to know, please reach out to me on social media, all you need to do is go to Instagram, Facebook and put in a hashtag #travelagentachievers or the at symbol and Travel Agent Achievers and you will find me and send me a DM, what do you want to know about what's going to help you right now in your travel business to take the next step.

If you want to send us an email, you can always do that [email protected]. But lastly, I just want to finish off with saying thank you so much for being here for listening.

If you're interested in joining the Six Week Rebuild your Travel Business Foundations Programme, it does only go for six weeks, there is so much that I could continue to add to it we could extend it out but I want something short and sharp to help you take action right now. We will be starting the next round of this programme.

I will be running it live on the 13th of October which is a Tuesday here in Australia or Monday for those of you in the US to make it a little bit easier for you. If you join our VIP waitlist, you're going to get so many more exclusive bonuses.

So go to travelagentachievers.com/rebuildrunway. That's travelagentachievers.com/rebuildrunway, sign up for the waitlist and over the next couple of weeks, you will get exclusive access VIP bonuses and all the red carpet treatment to ensure that you can take your business to the next level.

Thank you so much for being here. Thank you for subscribing, reviewing the podcast. If you haven't done that already. Make sure you do on your favourite platform, send us a review and take a screenshot of it and just send it to me.

Let me know that you're listening. I love hearing from you. I appreciate your feedback. And you know what can we do to help serve you during this time and help you get back on track with your travel business.

Thanks for being here. Thanks for listening. I look forward to talking with you next week. Have a great weekend. Bye for now.




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